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Jail Sentences For 7 Muslims Who Kicked Dutch Referee To Death

June 17, 2013

Jail Sentences Up To Six Years In Death Of Referee

Six footballers and a football father El- Hassan D. received jail sentences in the death of referee Richard Nieuwenhuizen in December in Almere. A court in Lelystad sentenced the football father to 6 years in jail. The footballers received a sentence of 2 years. All the minors received a probation of 2 years and a mandatory supervision by the youth care.

Yassin D. received 12 months juvenile detention of which 2 are conditional. Fady F. (16), Ibrahim C. (16), Othman K. (16), Soufyan B. (17) and Mohamed K.(18) received 24 months juvenile detention, whereby 6 months conditional. Daveryon B. was aquitted on charges of being an accomplice to murder. He received 30 days for public violence.

Celstraffen tot 6 jaar voor dood grensrechter

Zes voetballers en voetbalvader El-Hassan D. hebben celstraffen gekregen voor de dood van grensrechter Richard Nieuwenhuizen in december in Almere. De rechtbank in Lelystad veroordeelde de 51-jarige voetbalvader tot 6 jaar celstraf. De voetballers kregen straffen tot 2 jaar. Alle minderjarigen krijgen een proeftijd van 2 jaar en moeten zich verplicht laten begeleiden door jeugdzorg.

Yassin D. krijgt 12 maanden jeugddetentie, waarvan 2 voorwaardelijk. Fady F. (16), Ibrahim C. (16), Othman K. (16), Soufyan B. (17) en Mohamed K. (18) krijgen 24 maanden jeugddetentie, waarvan 6 maanden voorwaardelijk. Daveryon B. werd vrijgesproken van het medeplegen van doodslag. Hij kreeg 30 dagen voor openlijk geweld...

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"Dutch politics and the media are in a total state of denial. In the wake of the death of a referee there is talk about a football problem while that hides the real problem. "It is not an exclusive football problem but a Moroccan problem which plays out in the street, in school, in shopping centers and on the football field etc. 65 procent of the Moroccan youths have already been arrested by the police. Why does no one dare to honestly point out the facts? Above all the Moroccan violence is pure racism because the victims are seldom or never Moroccan or Muslilms" according to fraction chairman Geert Wilders."

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