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Theo van Gogh: "How Come"- post 9/11 warning about political correctness vs. the "Fifth column of goat fuckers...who believe Holland should be wiped off the face of the earth"

December 18, 2004

Image: Theo van Gogh.

MIM: "How Come" is an article from Theo van Gogh's book "Allah Weet Het Beter" - 'Allah Knows Best" which Theo van Gogh wrote 2 weeks after the 9/11 attacks. He decried the Muslim perceptions that the attacks were "permissible" and cited personal experiences of harassment of native Dutch by Muslim Moroccans and how he permitted his son to play with Moroccan boys living on their block. The tragic irony is that his murder by a Moroccan Muslim was the culmination of the violence which he warned that their increasingly brazen and unchallenged assaults against the native Dutch were leading.

Theo mentions the two Moroccan boys on his block came with his son to play Nintendo at their house which brings to mind reports that Theo van Gogh's killer was told that he had left his home by a Moroccan accomplice who was painting a house on the same street. Even more chilling is to think that Theo van Gogh's killers might have been connected to the families of the Moroccan children who had come with his son to play in their home.


How Come?

by Theo van Gogh

Translated by Beila Rabinowitz - director MIM

September 25, 2001

A recent survey revealed that 22 procent of the Moroccans living in Holland believe that the attack on America was permissible. Every side is reassuring us that these statistics should be seen as quite positive,since that means that three quarters think differently about this.

I don't want to always be the spoilsport but, still I have a nagging doubt.Even with this politically correct research which was done with blinders, reveals that there are thousands of Moroccan countrymen, who without blinking an eye, are prepared to sacrifice yours and my children for the sake of Allah.

It is to be expected that the scammers such as our Minister for the capitol city management- you know who- the one who got the Tara Singh Varma prize -which it was first named-and then not -and our Minister of Internal Affairs are trying to convince the people tha Pim Fortuyn was is a scandalous person if he talks about the 'cold war against Islam'. But could it be that the professor was right after all ?*

What is this 'cold war' really like? My son plays with two nice Moroccan boys who live in our street.They sometimes come to our house to play Nintendo. "Can Lieuw come to play over at your house?" I ask them.

"No", says Hamsa (9). "My mother wants to keep the house clean." A statement which is not devoid of symbolic meaning. Should I forbid my son to associate with them?

Should I remind him of the two Moroccan youths about 15 years old who asked to look at his Pokemon album and then took off with it? Should I remind him about how his mother was continually cursed at by Moroccan girls and called a 'Dutch whore' ?

Should I remind him of the dyed in the wool, no prejudices against anyone, Green Left neighbor, who very soon after the events in New York, had a friend over to visit who told her, "I came to you by bicycle".On the corner there were several Moroccan youths of about fourteen or fifteen. One biked next to me and said ; "What do you think we can do with you, whore?"

Should I remind him of the bicycle repairman on the corner who was stabbed by a Moroccan because the preparation of a flat tire was taking too long, according to his thinking?

No, I am not at all allowed to do that. Above all I must not "stigmatise".There is a fifth column of goat fuckers in this country,who who despise and trample on the native born Dutch.They hate our freedom. And even though there is nothing standing in their way on a material or cultural level, it is their conviction that godless Holland must be wiped off the face of the earth.

There is apparently nothing which can be done against this. I fear that Fortuyn's 'cold war' deserves the benefit of the doubt. Except , am I going tell my son that he can't play with the Moroccan boys on the street? I wouldn't even consider it.

Twenty years of the political correctness mode - the reporting of neighborhoods by discrimination registration centers, the openly manifested hate against homosexuals, the harassment of Dutch ' whores' -has brought us to this point.

Allah is grinning.


MIM: Muslim comments on this article can be read in Dutch by clicking the url below : Several of the comments called for a fatwa against Theo Van Gogh claiming his article 'goes too far'.

* MIM: Pim Fortuyn was a Dutch politician and former university professor who wrote a book called "The Islamisation of our Culture" -' Dutch identity as fundamental', who warned against the dangers of unlimited Muslim immigration into Holland. He was murdered by an "animal rights terrorist" in 2002 who said he did it "to protect Muslims"

* MIM:Tara Singh Varma, a Dutch female member of parliament of Surinaamse and Hindustani origins, is a glaring example of political correctness run amok. A member of the extreme left -Groen Links (Green Left) party, she feigned cancer to win sympathy so she would not have to pay her debt. Before her deception was revealed a prize was named after her by politically correct politicans. No one ever dared to challenge her exaggerated manifestations of sickness for fear of being called a racist. She cynically played on the official political correctness policy and her 'minority' status. Paul Rosemoller, the leader of Green Left, stood behind her, and 'Migrant TV ' the channel for foreigners, facilitated her charade. When she finally admitted the hoax, Rosenmoller lamely claimed that he "felt betrayed".

Even more ironic is that the prize which was named after her, was intended for "people or organisations which had worked to further the position of the minority woman". Singh Varma had also been head of a commission which investigated the claims made by people who were affected by an EL AL cargo plane crash which had hit an apartment building in a largely immigrant suburb. It was later uncovered that many of the people who had filed damage claims had not even lived in the buildings and this scandal was downplayed because of politicians fears of being labelled 'racists'.Even more cynically, Singh Varma claimed that she had been so personally touched by the disaster that the mental strain had lead to her lying about having cancer, when in fact it was to deflect attention from her debts.

Singh Varma then went on Dutch television to apologise to cancer patients. She called the public outcry over her deception " a witchhunt".


Translated by Beila Rabinowitz MIM

Hi 8 interview with Tara Singh Varma

Tara Singh Varma, in a unique interview with 'Migrant TV' after is was revealed that she had faked her illness to avoid paying off her debts.According to pyschiatrists she is suffering from "Pseudologia Phantastica" which is a euphemism for pathological lying.Her lawyer is laying the blame on "post traumatic stress disorder ". Also he had to admit that "her illnesses can be cured". In a fragment from the show Varma is lying on a couch, moaning, too tired to talk.

Although Groen Links (Green Left) stood behind Singh Varma, Paul Rosenmoller recently stated that he befelt "betrayed" by Singh Varma. A prize which was named after her has in the meantime been revised.One of the organisations to which Singh Varma promised money has initiated legal proceedings against her. Her house has been put up for sale.


MIM: After his death, Theo van Gogh was vilified for his remarks about House member Varma and Groen Links leader Rosenmoller , which were maliciously taken out of context. Theo had ridiculed Paul Rosenmoller saying "he should get cancer in his head" which referred to the fake illness of Varma,and mocked Rosenmoller's role in perpetuating Varma's deception that she was soon going die, by saying: "And we can piss on his grave".His enemies distorted his statements to counter the public outrage which was generated when an Imam who was a Dutch convert to Islam, proclaimed on Dutch television that "he felt happy when he heard about the murder of Theo van Gogh".

HI 8 Inteview met Tara Singh Varma

Tara Singh Varma in een uniek interview voor de Amsterdamse Migrantentelevisie, nadat bekend werd dat zij haar dodelijke ziekte veinst om onder haar schulden uit te komen. Volgens psychiaters leidt zij aan 'Pseudologia Phantastica', een mooi woord voor een pathologisch liegen. Haar advocaat houdt het op een post-traumatische stress stoornis. Ook hij moest toegeven dat "haar ziektes te genezen zijn". In het fragment ligt Singh Varma kreunend op de bank, te vermoeid om te praten.
Hoewel Groen Links eerst achter Singh Varma bleef staan, verklaarde Paul Rosem÷ller onlangs dat hij zich belazerd voelt door Singh Varma. Een prijs die naar haar genoemd was heeft inmiddels een naamswijziging ondergaan. Een van de organisaties aan wie Singh Varma geld had beloofd is een procedure tegen haar begonnen. Haar huis is te koop aangeboden.


MIM: Theo Van Gogh's prophetic words are echoed in this December 19, 2004 article about the danger of Turkey joining the EU. The article seems to echo Theo's words and cites his murder as an argument against Muslim immigration into Europe.


Do we want the Turkish peasantry here?
(Filed: 19/12/2004)

It's hard not to feel some pleasure that Turkey next year will finally begin talks towards gaining full membership of the European Union. After all, since the declaration of the republic in 1924, Ankara has stoutly opposed Islamic fundamentalism.

Fairness would demand that Turkey now be fully allowed into the EU - but alas, post 9/11, the issue is no longer fairness but the survival of European values of democracy, tolerance and freedom of speech.

Such an observation would have seemed hysterical and unreasonable only half a decade ago. Not any more. Across Western Europe, governments are increasingly worried about the mood among their sizeable Muslim minorities.

In the Netherlands, following the murder of the film-maker Theo van Gogh by Islamic terrorists, disillusionment with multiculturalism has reached crisis levels. More people are now leaving than entering the country. The incomers are Turkish and Moroccan Muslims; the emigrants white Dutch Christians. Rotterdam will soon become the first European city with a Muslim majority. The once liberal, contented Dutch are now the fretting, neurotic Dutch, as their country becomes an overcrowded hell of mounting intolerance, Islamic and anti-Islamic.

Within the EU, Sweden and Germany have received most Turkish immigrants - and most of them are not the cosmopolitan sophisticates of Istanbul, but are from the relatively backward communities of Anatolia.

Young Swedes and Germans of Turkish extraction usually marry back into their ancestral homelands, bringing their brides home to Europe to reinforce the creation of an Anatolia in exile. In both countries, new dialects are emerging: Turko-Swedish and Turko-German, linguistic reflections of the changes of identity that are taking permanent root there.

A bien-pensant arrogance has transformed cities in almost every country in Europe. Immigration was held to be a good thing: to question it was racist. Provided that the host society was tolerant enough, it was assumed that the incomers would inevitably become integrated, adopting indigenous values. But the opposite happened: many European children are being raised to embrace loyalties wholly antithetical to the values of the states they live in.

They are not cuckoos in the nest, for cuckoos ultimately leave: the millions of Muslim immigrants who have poured into Europe are staying.

Moreover, with a religious culture that generally disdains contraception, abortion and women's "rights", the Muslim population will almost certainly grow disproportionately. Bernard Lewis, the pre-eminent British scholar of Islam, predicts that by the end of this century, Europe will be predominantly Muslim.

Even saying this would cause me to be shunned at a dinner party in Islington. For one of the symptoms of the chronic immigration syndrome is that the intelligentsia of the host-country refuses to discuss, or even permit discussion, of its long-term consequences. Instead there is much witless, liberal maundering about the unassailable virtues of a multicultural, multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multi-ethos society.

Well, my little liberal friends, it hasn't turned out like that. Opinion polls show that 11 per cent of Britain's two million Muslims approved of the attacks of 9/11, and 40 per cent support Osama Bin Laden. Nearly 1,200 British Muslims have been trained in terror camps in Afghanistan; three British Muslims have become suicide bombers. British police are - finally - investigating 122 possible "honour killings" of women in immigrant communities.

Large-scale immigration is not a matter of the gentle cross-pollination of cultures, but often of major transformations of demographics and loyalty. My country of Ireland looks as if it is the last in Europe to undergo mass immigration and, like every country so far, it apparently intends to suspend common sense until it is too late.

The apparent sticking point for Turkey's entering negotiations to join the EU was the demand that Ankara recognises the government of Cyprus. But in reality, the real problem lay - and still lies - elsewhere: in the possible freedom of movement of 73 million Turks, many of whom are illiterate, pre-Enlightenment peasants. To allow millions of such people to pour into the Europe would be cultural suicide.

Yet the conditions being demanded of Turkey for EU membership might make it an even less suitable candidate than it already is - for example, that the military steps back from power. But the army is the primary reason why Turkey has remained secular. To remove its influence might well unleash the ferocious demotic power of the mullahs on Turkish institutions.

Worse still, some deranged Euro-fantasists in Brussels see Ankara's armed forces not as the shield of Turkish secularism, but as potentially the main military arm of an EU superstate. This is not just drivel; it is extremely dangerous drivel.

We need a stable neighbour on our eastern flank. Turkey should accordingly be given associate membership of the EU, with unfettered access to EU markets, and grants to build its infrastructure. It should be given consultancy rights on issues close to its national interests. But its population simply cannot be allowed free movement into the EU. Why not? Common sense. End of argument.

3 November 2004[News]: Film-maker killed in Islamic revenge


MIM: Instead of fighting the scourge of militant Islam the Dutch have decided to pay diverse groups to "research into the support which radical Islam has in the Muslim population " .One of the bureaus which will participating in the survey is similiar to the group which was headed by the above mentioned scammer Tara Singh Varma and is called 'The ethnic and migrant studies Institute'. The multi cultural 'Forum' was asked to participate in the research but the director Sadik Harchauoi refused on the grounds that "We want to remain neutral on the subject of Islam"(!). Reading Theo van Gogh's article above would have saved them the time and money, since it was already determined that at least 22% of the Muslim population in the Netherlands are convinced that "godless Holland must be wiped off the face of the earth".

Steun radicale islam onderzocht
Van onze verslaggeefster Janny Groen

AMSTERDAM - Het ministerie van Justitie laat met spoed onderzoeken hoe groot het draagvlak is onder de Nederlandse moslimbevolking voor de radicale islam. Tegelijkertijd wordt gekeken naar de weerbaarheid van moslims tegen extremisme en rekrutering. Het onderzoek, dat door islamdeskundigen wordt omschreven als uiterst gevoelig, moet binnen een jaar zijn afgerond.

Na de moord op cineast Theo van Gogh in november stuurde het ministerie het voorstel naar diverse onderzoeksbureaus, waaronder Motivaction, het Verwey-Jonker Instituut, het Instituut voor Migratie- en Etnische Studies (IMES) en het Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau.

Naar verluidt gaat de opdracht naar IMES en zal het project onder leiding staan van politicoloog Frank Buijs, die ook onderzoek verricht naar het islamitisch radicalisme in West-Europa. Het ministerie van Justitie wil de keuze nog niet bevestigen, omdat de bureaus die afvallen nog niet zijn ingelicht.

Het SCP is uit zichzelf afgehaakt. Het spoedeisend karakter van de opdracht botste volgens het planbureau met 'de complexe materie'. Bovendien, zegt een woordvoerder, 'staan we te dicht bij de overheid en dan is de kans op een grote response gering'.

Het multicultureel instituut Forum is door diverse bureaus gevraagd medewerking te verlenen aan het onderzoek, maar wil niet meedoen. 'Op het terrein van de islam willen we neutraal en onafhankelijk blijven', reageert directeur Sadik Harchaoui.


Rise of radical Islam was long ignored

zaterdag 18 december 2004 uur.
Opkomst radicale islam lang miskend
Van onze verslaggeefster Janny Groen

AMSTERDAM - Al voor 11-9-2001 hoopten de signalen zich op dat jonge moslims radicaliseerden. Maar er werd niets mee gedaan. De toenmalige BVD zocht een nieuwe vijand, heette het.

Na de moord op Theo van Gogh heeft het ministerie van Justitie diverse onderzoeksbureaus benaderd voor een spoedopdracht. De regering wil snel laten onderzoeken hoe groot het draagvlak is in de moslimgemeenschap voor de radicale islam.

Haast is geboden, want de radicalisering onder moslimjongeren voltrekt zich kennelijk snel. Dat beseffen ook minister Verdonk voor Vreemdelingenzaken en Integratie en vertegenwoordigers van een aantal moslimorganisaties, zoals het Contactorgaan Moslims en Overheid (CMO).

Deze groepen gaven een week na de moord gezamenlijk de verklaring uit dat ze 'alles in het werk zullen stellen om de dreigende polarisatie tussen moslims en andere Nederlanders te voorkomen'. De islamitische organisaties kondigden aan moslims te zullen wijzen op de gevaren van radicalisme.

Verdonk zegde 'een breed plan van aanpak' toe, dat ze medio februari naar de Kamer zal sturen.

Robuuste verklaringen, maar ze komen rijkelijk laat. Radicalisering van moslimjongeren is immers geen nieuw fenomeen. De BVD (voorloper van de AIVD) wees al eind jaren negentig op het gevaar van radicalisering van Nederlandse jongeren en hun rekrutering voor de jihad. Die boodschap werd destijds collectief genegeerd. De algemene reactie was dat de geheime dienst, na het einde van de Koude Oorlog, amechtig op zoek was naar nieuwe vijanden.

Toch waren er ook andere aanwijzingen dat Nederlandse moslimjongeren gevoelig waren voor de boodschap van moslimextremisten. Radicale jongeren klopten bijvoorbeeld, al ver voor de aanslagen van 11 september 2001, bij de Syrische imam Fawaz Jneid aan van de omstreden Haagse As Soennah-moskee. Ze vertelden sjeik Fawaz, zo bekende deze begin december in een vraaggesprek met de Volkskrant, dat ze wilden strijden aan de zijde van hun onderdrukte moslimbroeders in Afghanistan en TsjetsjeniŰ.

Jongerenwerker Romboud Meines, die werkte met Mohammed B., vertelde op 9 november bij Barend en Van Dorp een soortgelijk verhaal. Meines was eind jaren negentig bij een radicale jongere geroepen, die klaar was voor de jihad en die hij daarna nooit meer in Amsterdam-West had gezien .

Die incidenten konden nog worden gebagatelliseerd. Maar na 11 september stapelden de signalen zich op. De AIVD waarschuwde in mei 2002 (in haar jaarverslag) opnieuw voor radicalisering en bracht in december van dat jaar het rapport Recrutering voor de jihad in Nederland: van incident naar trend uit. AIVD-directeur Van Hulst riep de moslimgemeenschap op tot weerbaarheid tegen extremisme.

Daarop kwam het Marokkaans-Nederlands Interactieteam Jeugd (MNIT Jeugd) in actie. In juni 2002 belegden verontruste sleutelfiguren uit de Marokkaanse gemeenschap een 'reflectiebijeenkomst'. Een maand later stuurde het MNIT brandbrieven naar de toenmalige minister voor Grote Steden- en Integratiebeleid Van Boxtel en staatssecretaris van Justitie Kalsbeek. De radicaliseringstendensen in de Marokkaanse gemeenschap zijn 'zeer schadelijk' voor de Nederlandse samenleving, met inbegrip van Marokkaanse jongeren, schreven ze.

Ze analyseerden dat de Marokkaanse gemeenschap zelf te zwak is om op eigen kracht voldoende weerstand te bieden aan de strategisch opererende extremisten. In de brief werd aangedrongen op hulp bij het opzetten van een bewustwordings- en vormingsprogramma gericht op moslimjongeren, op vergroting van de professionaliteit van Marokkaanse zelforganisaties en het tegengaan van uitsluiting.

Er volgde, in de zomer van 2002, een expertmeeting tussen Marokkaanse sleutelfiguren en de AIVD. Gesproken werd over de opzet van een soort monitoringssysteem met islamitische 'oren en ogen' in wijken en op scholen. Maar daarna bleef het van overheidswege stil. Gericht beleid bleef uit.

Dat ergerde Sadik Harchaoui, destijds voorzitter van het MNIT en nu directeur van het multicultureel instituut Forum. Samen met Frank Buijs, die is verbonden aan het onderzoeksbureau IMES en het islamisme in West-Europa onderzoekt, schreef hij voorjaar 2003 een alarmerend artikel over radicalisering voor Proces, tijdschrift voor berechting en reclassering. Harchaoui en Buijs concludeerden dat rekrutering 'een symptoom is van sluipende innesteling van gewelddadige radicaal-islamitische stromingen in Nederland'. Die verontrustende conclusie, stelden de auteurs, 'vindt opvallend genoeg geen weerklank in de politiek'. Er is wel oog voor de strijd tegen het terrorisme, maar niet voor het indammen van radicalisering.

Van Boxtel herinnert zich de brandbrief van het MNIT Jeugd, een interventieteam dat door hemzelf is ge´nstalleerd. Hij zegt dat hij zich tijdens het laatste jaar van zijn ministerschap serieus zorgen maakte over de radicalisering. 'Na 11 september bezocht ik, samen met premier Kok, een moskee in Amsterdam. Ik trof daar lieden die een ongelooflijk harde taal uitsloegen.'

Het gevoel van urgentie ontstond toen twee Eindhovense jongens, volgens de AIVD gerekruteerd voor de jihad, in januari 2002 dood werden aangetroffen in Kashmir. Van Boxtel: 'Ik besefte toen pas echt dat er iets moest gebeuren en riep het MNIT in het leven. Dat interventieteam kwam in juli 2002 met een eerste reactie, vlak voor mijn aftreden. Daarna zat ik er niet meer bij.'

De politiek, zowel Balkenende I als II, reageerde traag. In maart 2004, na de aanslagen op de metro in Madrid, vroeg het CMO aandacht van minister Verdonk voor het radicaliseringsprobleem. Het CMO wilde dringend praten over extremisme, maar de brief werd niet beantwoord. Van Boxtel: 'Er zijn dure jaren verloren gegaan.'

Ella Kalsbeek (PvdA) zegt de brandbrief van het MNIT nooit zelf onder ogen te hebben gehad. 'De brief is op 12 juli 2002 gedateerd, de paraaf van 22 juli was niet van mij. Ik was toen met vakantie.'

Toch heeft ook haar fractie de afgelopen twee jaar nooit op gericht antiradicaliseringsbeleid aangedrongen. Pas in de eerste week van december, een maand na de moord op Van Gogh, zat de PvdA met de AIVD om de tafel. Kalsbeek: 'Aanvankelijk was het beeld dat vooral slecht ge´ntegreerde jongeren ontvankelijk zijn voor de jihad. Maar het zijn juist hoogopgeleide, goed ge´ntegreerde jongeren. Van de AIVD wilden we weten waarop we moeten letten.'


MIM: Instead of doing surveys about why nearly a third of the Muslim population in Holland applauded the attacks of 9/11 the Dutch would be well advised to study the sayings of Ayatollah Khomeiny regarding Islamic 'cultural' practices.

Here is an excerpt from the book quoted in a book review for "Islam exposed" on Besides the fact that religously santioned pedofilia and bestiality does not bode well for Muslim integration into Europe,(where camels are in short supply), Khomeiny categorically states that it is the mission of all Muslims to destroy all non Islamic societies.

Also see:

Or scroll to the bottom of the page at


Short Excerpt:
Chapter 17. Islam: Sex With Babies and Animals is Okay

From The Little Green Book, Sayings of Ayatollah Khomeini, Political, Philosophical, Social and Religious with a special introduction by Clive Irving, ISBN number 0-553-14032-9, page 47

Here are a few excerpts from the book of Islam's supreme spiritual leader, Ayatollah Khomeini:

"A man can have sexual pleasure from a child as young as a baby. However he should not penetrate, sodomizing the child is OK. If the man penetrates and damages the child then he should be responsible for her subsistence all her life. This girl however does not count as one of his four permanent wives. The man will not be eligible to marry the girl's sister." From Khomeini's book, Tahrirolvasyleh, fourth volume, Darol Elm, Gom, Iran, 1990

"It is better for a girl to marry in such a time when she would begin menstruation at her husband's house rather than her father's home. Any father marrying his daughter so young will have a permanent place in heaven." From Khomeini's book, Tahrirolvasyleh, fourth volume, Darol Elm, Gom, Iran, 1990

"Young boys" are apparently not off-limits, either. When it comes to the rewards in heaven Muslim men will receive, some of the rewards are young boys for them to enjoy in sexual ways:

Koran, 52:24: "And there shall wait on them [the Muslim men] young boys of their own, as fair as virgin pearls."

Koran, 76:19: "They shall be attended by boys graced with eternal youth, who will seem like scattered pearls to the beholders."

Ayatollah Khomeini also wrote about sex with animals:

"A man can have sex with animals such as sheep╣s, cows, camels and so on. However, he should kill the animal after he has his orgasm. He should not sell the meat to the people in his own village; however selling the meat to the next-door village should be fine." From Khomeini's book, Tahrirolvasyleh, fourth volume, Darol Elm, Gom, Iran, 1990
"If one commits the act of sodomy with a cow, a ewe, or a camel, their urine and their excrements become impure, and even their milk may no longer be consumed. The animal must then be killed and as quickly as possible and burned.


Excerpt from the book "The Sayings of the Ayatollah Khomeiny"

Introduction: The book was published in English in USA and Canada, in 1980, by Bantam Books, INC.(ISBN 0-553-14032-9), 125 pages, with an introduction by Clive Irving. The extracts were translated from Persian into French in 1979 and then into English in 1980.

Islam is the religion of those who struggle for truth and justice, of those who clamor for liberty and independence. It is the school of those who fight against colonialism. Moslems have no alternative, if they wish to correct the balance of society, and force those in power to confrm to the laws and principles of Islam, to an armed holy war against profane governments.

Holy war means the conquest of all non-Moslem territories. Such a war may well be declared after the formation of an Islamic government worthy of that name, at the direction of the Iman or under his order. It will then be the duty of every able-bodied adult male to volunteer for this war of conquest, the final aim of which is to put Koranic Law into power from one end of the earth to the other.

The Friday prayers were the means of mobilizing the people, of inspiring them to battle. The man who goes to war straight from the mosque is afraid of only one thing - God. Dying, poverty, and homelessness mean nothing to him; an army of men like that is a victorious army.

We have no recourse other than to overthrow all governments that do not rest on pure Islamic principles, and are thus corrupt and corrupting, and to tear down the traitorous, rotten, unjust, and tyrannical administrative systems that serve them. That is not only our duty in Iran, but it is also the duty of all Moslems in the world, to carry the Islamic political revolution to its final victory.

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