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The Friends of Theo Van Gogh : Open letter to his killer Mohammed B. ' That this had to happen -dammit- during Ramadan'

Theo van Gogh's killer & terrorist cohorts prison regimes relaxed -Minister Verdonk addresses Imams who refuse to shake her hand
November 21, 2004

MIM: Theodore Holman, a close friend of Theo van Gogh, published this letter in the Dutch media , addressed to Mohammed B.(Bouyeri - the murderer), and signed by "friends of Van Gogh". The letter was written together with Theo van Gogh's friends and colleagues at his film production company - Column Productions. Van Gogh was on his way to work there when he was murdered on November 2, 2004.


MIM:The newspaper articles below the letter detailing the visits of the Minister for Immigration Rita Verdonk and Amsterdam councilman, the Muslim Moroccan Aboutaleb, were meant to focus on the absurdity of meeting with Imams in Holland and telling them "they have to learn Dutch" and combat radical elements.

It should be noted that the same approach of demanding intergration was tried in 2003 in Holland and had no effect at all. The religious leaders and majority of the Muslim community has no interest in intergration, and regards it with hostility as a plot to subvert Islam. They are now using the mantra of 'building bridges' to organise open houses for the Dutch public to visit mosques which is for them an opportunity for Da'wa (recruitment of new converts).

As Amsterdam councilman Aboutaleb brazenly stated in response to Minister Gerrit Zalm's declaration after the murder of Theo van Gogh that "Holland is at war.

""We are going to be living together tommorrow,after tommorrow, and five and ten years from now".

What Aboutaleb left unsaid was predicted by the sociologists, that within 20 years. the Muslim population in Holland will make it the first Muslim country in Europe.

The response of one of the Imam Jneid from The Hague,leaves no room to doubt their Islamist intent :"The foreigners regard Minister Verdonk as the enemy" -"She is a radical minister"- "She herself is the threat".

As MIM has pointed out below, Mohammed Bouyeri, the Moroccan Muslim who killed Theo van Gogh, and left a 5 page Jihad Manifesto stuck into his body with a knife, was born and bred in Holland, had a Dutch passport, read and spoke perfect Dutch.

Bouyeri's response to Theo van Gogh's pleas for mercy was to shoot him again and attempt to decapitate him.


Letter from the friends of Van Gogh to Mohamed B.


Beste Mohammed en vrienden,

Wat vervelend dat het zo gelopen is.

We hadden geen idee dat het allemaal zo gevoelig lag.

We hebben ons lesje wel geleerd.

Gaat het een beetje met je been?

Laten we vooral proberen de boel bij elkaar te houden,

uit respect naar elkaar toe lukt dat vast wel, anders wordt het weer zo'n kliederboel.

Zou je ons wat strakke richtlijnen kunnen geven over wat we wel en niet mogen zeggen?

Dat dit nou potverdorie net tijdens de ramadan moet gebeuren.

We zullen ons uiterste best doen ons meer te verdiepen in jullie

geloofsovertuiging om verdere misverstanden te voorkomen.

We schamen ons allemaal kapot, Mohammed.

Dat we jou in dit lastige parket hebben gebracht, valt ons zeker zeer aan te rekenen.

We zijn dit keer toch echt te ver gegaan.

We steken de hand in eigen boezem.

Probeer in godsnaam niet je gevoel voor humor te verliezen,

want dat zal je hard nodig hebben de komende tijd.

We hopen dat er in deze open brief geen dingen staan

die jou of je geloofsgenoten eventueel zouden kunnen kwetsen.

Vergeef ons dat dan, wij zijn ook een beetje in de war.

Nou gozer, kop op!

Probeer het een beetje van je af te zetten, morgen is er weer een dag.

En denk er maar aan, wat er ook gebeurt altijd blijven lachen.

Sterkte en tot schrijfs ,

De vrienden van Van Gogh


Translation: Letter to Mohammed B. from the friends of Van Gogh

by Beila Rabinowitz director Militant Islam Monitor


Dear Mohammed and friends,

How terrible that everything went as it did.

We had no idea that this was such a sensitive issue .

We have learned our lesson.

How is your leg doing ? *

Above all, lets try to "keep it together", with a little respect towards each other that will work out fine ,otherwise things will become such a mess.*

Could you soon give us guidelines showing us what are allowed and not allowed to say?

That this -dammit -had to happen during Ramadan .

We will make it a point to study your religion to prevent further misunderstandings.

We are all so terribly ashamed Mohammed .

That we brought you into such a difficult position is surely our own fault.

This time we went too far.

We are pointing the finger at ourselves .

For God's sake try not to lose your sense of humour, because you are really going to need it in the time to come.

We hope that there is nothing in this open letter which could possibly offend you or your fellow believers.*

Forgive us if that if you can, we are also a bit confused.

Now kid- keep your head up!

Try to put it behind you, tomorrow is another day.

And keep in mind,that whatever happens keep on laughing. *

Courage and until next time,

The friends of Van Gogh


MIM Note: " How is your leg doing?" is a sarcastic reference to the gunshot wounds Van Gogh's killer sustained when he was involved in a shootout with Dutch police hoping to be killed and die as a martyr. A letter he was carrying was meant to be his ‘farewell' missive.'

"Keep it together"(de boel bij elkaar houden) is a reference to Amsterdam Mayor Job Cohen's justification for his abject dhimmitude in deferring and groveling to Muslims in Amsterdam.

*"Keep on laughing" is a reference to the letter which Mohammed B. stuck into The van Gogh's body with a knife in which he referred to himself as "de lachend doder", the laughing killer.'

"Open letter" refers to the letter which Theo van Gogh's killers wrote .One was to Hirsi Ali and the other was to Geert Wilders, a Dutch politician who announced he is forming a new party to fight theIslamisation of Holland.


For original letters and translations see :

For an english translation of the five page letter found in the body of Theo Van Gogh with background information on the killer which was linked to the group Tafkir Wal Hijrah see:


Mohammed B. is allowed to read the papers again.

Amsterdam 11/20/04

From our correspondent

The prison regime of Mohammed B. the suspect in the murder of Theo van Gogh had been somewhat relaxed. As of today he can watch Dutch television and read newspapers and magazines.The same goes for the other terrorism suspects who were jailed last week in Amsterdam.

The decision was taken by the advice department of the Amsterdam court. Since midday the presiding judge had decided to allow the suspects access to the all the media. The Minstry for Public Affairs immediately appealed against the decision.Yesterday evening the recommendation committee , which is a panel of 3 judges, decided on a compromise.The prisoners would only be allowed access to Dutch news.

MIM: Which begs the question as to how this will be monitored. In Holland anyone with a radio or television can get European stations, such as the BBC and CNN as well as other languages including Arabic. What an obscene travesty it would be if Theo van Gogh's killer Bouyeri is being guarded 24/7 at the state's expense, when Theo van Gogh was not given a body guard.


MIM: Besides making sure that Mohamed Bouyeri and his terrorist friends are comfortable in prison the Minister for immigration affairs Rita Verdonk visited mosques together with Muslim Moroccan councilman Mohammed Aboutaleb. Aboutaleb is a brazen opportunist and Fifth columnist whose duly informed the Dutch public that Muslims had no intention of leaving Holland by saying " we will be living together tommorrow, after tommorrow and in five and ten years from now". Instead of condemning the Van Gogh murder he complained about the inconvienence of having a bodyguard saying :

"Can the person who has this on their conscience know what it is like not being able to see my daughter?"

The Muslim councilman Aboutaleb didnt mention or blame militant Islam for the murder of Theo van Gogh, and attempted to give the public the impression that the killer had "been brainwashed. He then cynically asked, "Why did no one raise the alarm?" In fact he and other Muslims in the Dutch government were aware that the Al Tawheed mosque in Amsterdam, which Theo van Gogh's killer had attended, was a militant Islamist stronghold and may have blocked attempts to have it closed down.

Even more outrageous is the fact that Dutch officials rushed to console and reassure the Muslim community of their support. Shortly after the Van Gogh murder the Iftar celebration was held at the State house and was graced the presence of the American ambassador Sobel.

In addition to relaxing the prison conditions of Theo van Gogh's killers and his cohorts. The government added insult to injury by compromising on a motion which appealed against this move, by ruling that the terrorists could "only watch Dutch television".

Aboutaleb and Minister Verdonk went to speak to Imams about "combatting extremism". Instead of threats and warning them of about legal action,deportation, and divestment of citizens, the politicians advised the Imams to "learn Dutch as soon as possible" and to take "social studies courses to learn about Dutch values and norms".

Aboutaleb, exploited the opportunity to portray Muslims as victims to the media, and perversely blame the Dutch for the Muslims self imposed isolation which he slyly compared to extremism. The Muslims themselves do not hide their contempt for Dutch society and condemn Dutch values and norms.

The only aspect of Dutch society which the majority of Muslims play a disproportionate role in is as' clients' of the welfare and criminal justice system .

(see translation of article below).,


For complete translation and original article see:

After Deputy Minister Zalm's declaration that "Holland is at War " Aboutaleb proclaimed the opposite .

"Holland is not at war"

"Holland is not at war" was Amsterdam councilman Aboutaleb's response to the minister to the declaration of vice minister Zalm that the cabinet "must declare war to fight against Muslim extremism and radicalism". With solidarity that he has received from all over the country, he began by saying that as a result of the death of Theo van Gogh many Dutch want to build bridges between the different communities.

"It is painful to deliver these statements to a nation in mourning ", said Aboutaleb in response to Zalm's remarks,with naming the vice minister .The councilman of Moroccan background was speaking during the national Iftar celebration which was organised by Islam and citizens which had been organised in the Amsterdam Town Hall.Iftar is the celebratory meal which is made to break the fast of Ramadan.Besides Muslims the Iftar also included representatives of other religions and social organisations who had been invited . Ambassador Sobel of the United States was also in attendence.

"The country deserves encouragement in these difficult times", according to Aboutaleb. Amsterdam is showing it's strength according to him because in spite of their sorrow the population remains "rational" and realises that ," we must continue on with each other, tommorrow, after tommorrow,and over five years and ten years from now".

The Moroccan community cannot be blamed for the death of Van Gogh, according to the lawmaker, but the people who were in contact with Mohammed B. do. "Does Mohammed B. really believe that he was sent by God to make the whole world Islamic?" Aboutaleb asks himself. "Where was he brainwashed, who knew and why did no one raise the alarm?". The people around him should have seen the signs that a time bomb was walking around in Amsterdam.

Since the murder Aboutaleb is also being guarded. "Can the person who has this on their conscience imagine what it is like for me not being able to see my daughter?".


Mohammed B. can read the papers again

zaterdag 20 november 2004 uur.
Mohammed B. mag weer kranten lezen

Van onze verslaggever - Het gevangenisregime van Mohammed B., verdacht van de moord op Theo van Gogh, wordt iets versoepeld. Hij mag vanaf vandaag weer kennisnemen van Nederlandse televisie, kranten en tijdschriften. Dat geldt ook voor zes andere terreurverdachten die de afgelopen weken zijn vastgezet in Amsterdam.

Het besluit is genomen door de raadkamer van de Amsterdamse rechtbank . 's Middags had de rechter-commissaris besloten de verdachten weer toegang te bieden tot alle media. Het Openbaar Ministerie kwam daartegen meteen in het geweer.

De raadkamer, een beraad van drie rechters, besloot gisteravond tot een compromis. De gevangenen mogen alleen kennisnemen van Nederlands nieuws.


Meeting of Minister of Integration and Immigration meets with 50 Imams in Holland gets off to a bad start when they refuse to shake her hand .


MIM: The hideous and absurd implications of this article seem to have escaped the journalist who reported on the meeting of Minister Rita Verdonk and Councilman Aboutaleb with 50 Dutch Imams.

In the first instance, there is no way the Imams will take into account the words of someone they consider inferior to them as a woman and an infidel .Secondly , the very fact that someone has to come to them and explain basic human norms of decency and interaction, and implore them to impart this to their congregants, shows that the Dutch goverment is failing to understand the problem.

The killer of Theo van Gogh was a Dutch born Muslim who went to school in Holland and was integrated. His desire to learn more about Islam brought him into contact with the Imams and the mosques which are preaching Islam which calls for Jihad against infidels.

The only way to solve the problem is to deport the Imams and close the mosques.

The ludicrous statement by Minister Verdonk that she expects to come back in a year and have a dialouge with the Imams in Dutch is indicative of the authorities inabililty or lack of will, to tackle the real problem, which is militant Islam and terrorism.

Insisting that Imams learn Dutch will no doubt have the same effect that Theo van Gogh's shouts of "don't do it" and "mercy" had on his killer..

Dutch born Mohammed Bouyeri, whose native language was also Dutch, then proceeded to fire more shots into Van Gogh and began slashing at his throat in an attempt to decapitate him in broad daylight on an Amsterdam street.


Verdonk and Aboutaleb speak with Imams 11/20/04

Imams in our country have to learn Dutch as soon as possible. At a meeting with Imams about freedom of speach Saturday in Soesterberg, minister Verdonk(Immigration and Integration), told them she wanted to continue the discussion with them next year in Dutch.

She also pleaded for an Imams training course which is broader in scope and in the Dutch language. It has to be about in depth knowledge of the society, and also about the positions of women, youth, and homosexuals. "Together we have to isolate the radical elements",said Verdonk, and make a fist together with all decent people against extremism."

The Amsterdam councilman Aboutaleb,(Intergration) also added that action must be taken against discrimination. "We have to stamp out extremism and fight against isolation".

Verdonk saw, compared to other times, a difference in the approach of the Muslims organisations. They are now taking their responsibilty to participate in the dialouge. That is absolutely necessary, said the minister. According to her the Imams can function as a bridge between the Muslims and the society. In their sermons they can offer solutions to daily problems to the believers", according to the minister.

Aboutaleb urged the Imams to discuss every subject inside the mosque."If we don't do that ourselves then forces from outside will deal harshly with us"."We have to continue the debate as deeply as it possibly can". That means " forgiveness", dialouge, and respect".Muslims have to be a people of the middle way and not of extremism and controversy. You have to be ambassadors of good and call for a safe society".


zaterdag 20 november 2004 uur.

Verdonk en Aboutaleb spreken met imams

SOESTERBERG - Imams in ons land moeten zo snel mogelijk Nederlands leren. Tijdens een bijeenkomst van vijftig imams over de vrijheid van meningsuiting zei minister Verdonk (Vreemdelingenzaken en Integratie) zaterdag in Soesterberg dat ze over een jaar de discussie met hen wil voortzetten, maar dan in het Nederlands.

Ook pleitte ze voor een Nederlandse imamopleiding, die breder is dan een Nederlandstalige. Het gaat om grondige kennis van de samenleving, ook van de posities van jongeren, vrouwen en homoseksuelen. ‘We moeten met elkaar de radicale elementen isoleren en elimineren', zei Verdonk, ‘en met alle fatsoenlijke mensen in Nederland een vuist maken'.

De Amsterdamse wethouder Aboutaleb (Integratie) voegde eraan toe dat er ook actief moet worden opgetreden tegen discriminatie. ‘We moeten zowel tegen extremisme als tegen uitsluiting strijden.'

Verdonk zag, vergeleken met enige tijd geleden, een verschil in de houding van de moslimorganisaties. Die nemen nu hun verantwoordelijkheid en gaan de dialoog aan. Dat is keihard nodig, aldus de minister. De imams kunnen volgens haar een brugfunctie vervullen tussen de moslims en de bredere samenleving. In hun preken kunnen ze oplossingen aandragen voor de dagelijkse problemen van de gelovigen, aldus de minister.

Aboutaleb drong er bij de imams op aan binnen de moskee alle moeilijke onderwerpen te bespreken. Als we dat zelf niet doen, zullen buitenstaanders ons keihard aanpakken. We moeten het debat op het scherpst van de snede voeren.' Hij hield de imams ook voor goed op hun woorden te letten. ‘Wees bewust van het effect van wat u zegt.'

De Amsterdamse wethouder beëindigde zijn toespraak met een oproep tot de imams, eerst in het Arabisch en vervolgens in het Nederlands. ‘U moet vasthouden aan de hoogste waarden van menselijkheid. Dat wil zeggen: vergevingsgezindheid, dialoog en respect. Moslims moeten een volk van het midden zijn en niet van extremisme en controverse. U moet ambassadeurs van het goede zijn, die oproepen tot een veilige samenleving.'


MIM: As MIM predicted the Imams in Holland would never take the world of a woman and infidel seriously, even if she happens to be a cabinet minister . Minister of Immigration Rita Verdonks visit to the Imam's conference to discuss a course of integration and 'social studies' got off to a bad start when the Imams refused to shake her hand because she was woman. Fifth columnist Aboutaleb made the prerequisite noises and finally mentioned the murder of Theo van Gogh, using the empty rhetoric to tell Muslims to distance themselves from the murder by saying it "was not in my name." Unfortunately for Aboutaleb and the Imams assembled , Mohammed Bouyeri did not slaughter Theo van Gogh in their names - he did it in the name of Allah.


No handshake for the minister - she is a woman

Translation Beila Rabinowitz director MIM

From our correspondent Martin Sommer

Soesterberg 11/22/04

This Saturday in Soesterberg Imams were debating over more freedom of speach.Minister Verdonk came to visit. "It is high time that they learn Dutch."

A painful moment. As Minister Verdonk entered the conference room to speak to the assembled Imams, the Islamic chairman from Tilberg, Salam, refused to shake her hand.He is in Holland for fourteen years, with his wife and children His glance is gentle.But to the prime minister he is adamant."I cannot shake a woman's hand". Verdonk saved the situation by curtly remarking, "then we will have more then enough to talk about".

It is nearly three weeks since the murder of Theo van Gogh ,and day by day Holland is going through a period which the Economist called "soul searching".Last week she had to choice between a debate of Turks about "nationality" a symposium about "Islam being held hostage", a meeting in the cader of 'migrants week" and a "brotherhood" concert in Amsterdam.

Both Verdonk and Aboutaleb are going across the country with a message of firmness and reconciliation.

Saturday is the turn of the the neighborhood center Cenakel, formerly a cloister for nuns. There, citizenship and social studies courses are held for clerics. In the former chapel-te deum laudeamus-Mary Magdalena and the arch angel Gabriel look down on a gathering of 50 imams most in traditional garb. Behind closed doors they have debated in six workshops about freedom of speach, and thought about directions to take for solutions.

Then the minister with her usual directness made it known that the Imams would have to learn Dutch.Her words were translated into Arabic, afterwards councilman Aboutaleb said that "he has never felt so bad in this country as during these last two weeks"

Aboutaleb is growing daily in his role as empathetic but strict brother of the Muslim community. In Soesterberg he declared, for the first time he admits, that Muslims must distance themselves from the murder of Theo van Gogh."The murder called upon Islam"."Muslims have to say "no you didn't do this in my name". Not all Muslims are terrorists, but their are terrorists who call themselves Muslim".

On the podium representatives of Muslim organisations spoke about building bridges and that it had to come from two sides. First of all alot of money has to be invested in language courses which are now not adequate. Open days in the mosques are being worked on. ( MIM Note: an opportunity for Da'wa and recruiting of new converts).

That this and other subjects needed to be discussed and invested in was clear as the minister and Muslim representatives withdrew for a half hour to speak in private. One of the Imams who was left behind, Fawaz Jneid of the Al Soennah mosque in the Transvaal quarter of The Hague,who was dressed in a traditional gown and pants,doesnt have a problem with giving his opinion via an interpreter.

"The minister says. we have to fight against radicalism". "What does she mean precisely by radicalism?" "Politicians are saying that the radical Imams are a threat to the democracy". "Who is here the threat?" "Verdonk is herself a radical minister".Her speach at Dam Square was a big attack on the Islamic community" ( MIM Note :The night of the murder of Theo van Gogh 20,000 people assembled in Dam Square and the Muslim community was outraged because it was mentioned that the killer had dual Moroccan and Dutch nationality)."She should do a poll among foreigners"."She is seen by them as a threat".

Imam Jneid asks himself what is meant by intergration.That his daughter has to take off her headscarf at school?' Now she would have to wear a shirt and shorts to gymnastics. That is impossible.Islam doesn't forbid sports, but well clothes which accenuate the curves.'

At the conclusion, discussion was on the Al Tawheed mosque in Amsterdam. According to the media it is a radical mosque because the book "The Way of the Muslim" was found there . (MIM Note: The Al Tawheed mosque is funded by Al Haramain and even had the same mailing address. The book "The Way of the Muslim' advocates female circumcision and throwing homosexuals from buildings to their deaths). 'They want to shut the mosque but they have to go to the writer and the publisher'. According to the Imam there is no such thing as a liberal or radical Islam."There is only one Islam and the difference is as to how much one holds according to the book'. 'Here in Holland people have a totally wrong picture.Islamic punishments won't be put into practice here'.That only happens in Muslim countries'.

On the podium there is a flap about the -in Arabic -discussed subjects. Ljamai the chairman explains: application of the law, specifically the article 147 which deals with blasphemy, labor laws regarding Imams, orientation about Dutch norms and values, and finally intereligious dialouge.

And then councilman Aboutaleb wants to add something to his strong words. What isnt 'criticism of Islam' on the list? Why isn't there any self criticism from Islamic theologians? Imams can no longer avoid painful questions like the position of women.'There is no better way to scratch yourself then with your own nail' 'If you don't do it then somone else will do it for you and that will be extremely unpleasant'.


maandag 22 november 2004 uur.
Geen hand voor de minister; ze is vrouw
Van onze verslaggever Martin Sommer

SOESTERBERG - Imams debatteerden zaterdag in Soesterberg over onder meer de vrijheid van meningsuiting. Minister Verdonk bracht een bezoek. 'Het wordt hoog tijd dat zij Nederlands leren.'

Even een pijnlijk moment. Als minister Verdonk het conferentieoord binnenkomt om de verzamelde imams toe te spreken, weigert de islamitische voorman Salam uit Tilburg haar een hand te geven. Veertien jaar is hij in Nederland, met vrouw en kinderen. Zijn oogopslag is zachtmoedig. Maar tegen de minister is hij onverbiddelijk. 'Ik mag een vrouw geen hand geven.' Verdonk redt zich uit de situatie door kordaat op te merken: 'Dan hebben we nog genoeg om over te praten.'

Bijna drie weken geleden is de moord op Theo van Gogh nu, en Nederland gaat dag aan dag door met wat The Economist 'soul searching' noemde. Afgelopen weekeinde bestond de keuze uit een debat onder Turken over burgerschap, een symposium over 'de gijzeling van de islam', een ontmoetingsdag in het kader van de migrantenweek en het verbroederingsconcert in Amsterdam.

Vooral minister Verdonk en de Amsterdamse wethouder Ahmed Aboutaleb reizen stad en land af met een boodschap van zowel fermheid als verzoening.

Zaterdag is de beurt aan het conferentiecentrum Cenakel, een voormalig nonnenklooster in Soesterberg. Daar worden al 'inburgeringscursussen voor geestelijke bedienaren' verzorgd. In de voormalige kapel - te deum laudamus- kijken Maria Magdalena en de aartsengel Gabriël neer op een stuk of vijfentwintig imams, de meeste gestoken in traditioneel. In beslotenheid hebben ze in zes workshops gedebatteerd over vrijheid van meningsuiting, ze hebben gebeden en nagedacht over 'oplossingsrichtingen'.

Dan laat de minister met haar gebruikelijke directheid weten dat het ook voor imams hoog tijd wordt Nederlands te leren. Haar woorden worden in het Arabisch vertaald, waarna wethouder Aboutaleb verklaart dat hij zich 'in dit land nog nooit zo rot heeft gevoeld als de afgelopen twee weken'.

Aboutaleb groeit dagelijks in zijn rol van meevoelende, maar strenge grote broer van de moslimgemeenschap. In Soesterberg verklaart hij - naar eigen zeggen voor de eerste keer - dat moslims openlijk afstand moeten nemen van de moord op Theo van Gogh. 'De moordenaar beriep zich op de islam. Moslims moeten zeggen: nee, je deed het niet uit mijn naam. Niet alle moslims zijn terroristen, maar er zijn nogal wat terroristen die zich moslim noemen.'

Op het podium spreken de vertegenwoordigers van moslimorganisaties over bruggen slaan en het moet van twee kanten komen. Voorts moet er nog heel veel geïnvesteerd worden omdat de taalopleidingen tot nu toe niet toereikend zijn. Aan open dagen bij moskeeën wordt volop gewerkt.

Dat er inderdaad nog een en ander besproken en geïnvesteerd moet worden, blijkt als de minister, de wethouder en de moslimvertegenwoordigers zich een halfuurtje hebben teruggetrokken. Een van de achtergebleven imams, Fawaz Jneid van de As-Soennah moskee in de Haagse wijk Transvaal, gekleed in traditionele pij en kalotje, is niet te beroerd om via een tolk te vertellen wat hij ervan vindt.

'De minister zegt: we moeten strijden tegen het radicalisme. Wat bedoelt zij eigenlijk met radicalisme? Politici zeggen dat radicale imams een bedreiging zijn voor de democratie. Wie is hier een bedreiging? Verdonk is zelf een radicale minister. Haar toespraak op de Dam was één grote aanval op de islamitische gemeenschap. Ze zou eens onderzoek moeten doen onder allochtonen. Daar wordt zíj gezien als een bedreiging.'

Imam Jneid vraagt zich af wat er met integratie wordt bedoeld. Dat zijn dochter op school haar hoofddoek af moet doen? 'Nu moet ze weer met een shirtje en een kort broekje naar gymnastiek. Dat kan niet. De islam verbiedt geen sport, maar wel kleren die haar rondingen accentueren.'

Tot slot, over de al Tawheed-moskee in Amsterdam. 'Volgens de media een radicale moskee, omdat daar dat boek De weg van de moslim is gevonden. Ze willen die moskee sluiten, maar ze moeten bij de schrijver en de uitgever zijn.' Volgens de imam bestaat zoiets als een liberale of een radicale islam helemaal niet. 'Er is maar één islam. Er is wel verschil in de mate waarin men zich aan het boek houdt. Hier in Nederland heeft men een totaal verkeerd beeld. Islamitische straffen zullen hier niet worden uitgevoerd. Dat gebeurt alleen in moslimlanden .'

Op het podium staat een flap-over met - in het Arabisch - de besproken thema's. Dagvoorzitter Ljamai legt uit: toepassing van de wet, en met name van het inmiddels veelbesproken godslasteringsartikel 147; de arbeidsrechtelijke positie van de imams; de oriëntatie op Nederlandse waarden en normen en tot slot de interreligieuze dialoog.

Dan wil wethouder Aboutaleb nog één ding toevoegen aan zijn eerdere stevige woorden. Waarom staat in dat rijtje niet: kritiek op de islam? Waarom is er geen zelfkritiek van islamitische theologen? Imams moeten niet langer om pijnlijke kwesties als de positie van de vrouw heen draaien. 'Er is geen beter middel om jezelf te krabben dan de eigen nagel. Want als je het zelf niet doet, gaan anderen je krabben en dat kan buitengewoon vervelend zijn.'

Dutch Politicians Continue To Question Muslim Dedication To Western Ideals

Washington, DC - PipeLineNews - Underlying the size of the chasm between rhetoric and action, Dutch VVD party member Rita Verdonk's outstretched hand was rejected by the Imam she was seeking to greet at a meeting involving over 50 Muslim religious leaders.

The Imam declined to shake her hand on the grounds that, in his view, Muslims do not shake hands with women.

The incident follows one of the most violent periods in the modern history of Holland which has divided the country along religious and sectarian lines.

The riots which have taken place in Amsterdam and other large Dutch cities, after the murder of Theo Van Gogh by a radical Muslim, seem to represent a growing feeling that the country can no longer accommodate the presence of those who simply refuse to be tolerant of the majority culture.

As Verdonk pointed out after the incident, the Imams that she met with were not conversant in Dutch and seemed uninterested in ever becoming so.

Ratcheting emotions up even further, moves are being made by the Dutch legislature to amend or even eliminate the so-called blasphemy laws, which up to this point – though little used - have placed a politically correct muzzle on those who seek to criticize the religious practices of others.

Under these laws, violators could face jail terms of up to three months and/or a fine for insulting a person's religious beliefs, either orally or in writing. They were last used extensively in 1968, but their presence looms large nonetheless and is getting increasing support from members of the World Court in the Hague.


MIM: Geert Wilders the cabinet member of the VVD who plans to start his own party to prevent the Islamisation of Holland is one of the few politicians, who together with Deputy Minister Zalm, understands what is at stake if Holland does not fight the Islamist threat.

Quotes from an Associated Press interview with Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders.

"The Netherlands has been too tolerant for the intolerant people for too long."

"I would stop the immigration immediately for the next five years for non-Western immigrants. Not because I have anything against foreigners or people from non-Western countries, but we have huge problems with integration."

"We have a problem with the Islam in the Netherlands. We have a huge problems with radical Islam in the Netherlands. If we are not allowed to say it, we will never start working on a solution."

"If in a mosque there is recruitment for jihad it's not a house of prayer, it's a house of war. If it's not a house of prayer it should be closed down."

"They are centuries behind us and I believe this is a good way to look at it. ... If they take 1,500 years to come so far in the Middle East it's their problem, but not here on our soil."

"The problem we have with the integration is that 10 percent or 100,000 Muslims — imagine over a population of 16 million it's huge — have already chosen for the radical Islam and we should try to help these people."

"We have our own norms and values. If you chose for radical Islam you can leave, and if you don't leave voluntarily then we will send you away. This is the only message possible."

"If we don't do anything ... We will lose the country that we have known for centuries. People don't want the Netherlands to be lost and this is something that I get angry about and I am going to fight for, to keep the country Dutch."


MIM: The spokesperson for the Islamic Council in Norway, Zahid Mukhtar showed the integration in that country has also failed abysmally and revealed the true attitude of Muslims in Europe to the Van Gogh murder. He was asked if he understood that some Muslims become so provoked that they killed and replied;" I understand that even if there is no statutory authorisation to do so".

What is even more disturbing then his remark is the reaction and abject dhimmitude displayed by Jan Stoltenberg of the Labour party. Instead of showing outrage and demanding an investigation of the spokesman and the Islamic Council he represents, Stoltenberg expressed concern that Mukhtar's remarks "to a large degree injures the Muslims in Norway and the work for increasing tolerance ". (!)

Islamic Spokesperson sympathise with murder

"Dr. Zahid Mukhtar, spokesperson for Islamic Council in Norway, stated that he sympathize with reason why the Dutch film director Theo van Gogh was murdered.

Mukhtar made the statement at the Norwegian debate program Holmgang Wednesday. Program leader Oddvar Stenstrøm asked if he understood that some Muslims could become so provoked that they killed, answered Mukhtar, "I understand that, even if there is no statutory authorization to do so."

Jens Stoltenberg, leader of the Labor Party, demands that Mukhtar retracts his statements.

"I want to ask Muslim leaders in Norway in the most urgent manner to clearly and unmistakable condemn such violent acts as the murder of van Gogh," Stoltenberg said to the Norwegian daily Aftenposten.

Stoltenberg stressed that Mukhtar's statements to a large degree injures Muslims in Norway and the work for increasing tolerance.

Erna Solberg, minister of local government, did not participate in the program, but stated to Aftenposten that it is important to stress that no one in Norway must show understanding for the murder of people like van Gogh.

"It is one thing to understand what has happened. It is something entirely different to have understanding for the action," Solberg said.

Don't do it. Don't do it. Have mercy,» the 47-year-old film director Theo van Gogh reportedly called out before he was shot eight or nine times on an open street in Amsterdam.

van Gogh had received death threats before because he through his work criticized and made fun of Islam.

A 26-year-old known Muslim fundamentalist was last week arrested for the murder.


MIM: Islamonline the Islamist propagation news service 'explains' to their readers what Muslims present as the 'repressive anti Muslim measures' which the Dutch are taking to help them integrate into the society and improve their situation.

Imams Compelled to learn Dutch language customs

Islam Online article from 2002 describes ' compulsory Imam schools at Dutch goverment expense for 600 hours of lessons on Dutch language and values'

By Khaled Shawkat, IOL Holland Correspondent

AMSTERDAM, December 3 (IslamOnline) - Dutch Immigration and Integration Minister Hilbrand Nawijn asked Imams and preachers in mosques across the country to use the Dutch language in their sermons.

He also pressed them to convince members of the Islamic minority to comply with the values and customs of the Dutch society.

Imams play a major role in rectifying the negative image of Islam and are steering the Islamic community to merge into the Dutch society, added the minister.

The statements of Nawijn, a member of the far-right List Pim Fortuyn (LPF) party, came Tuesday, October 1, during his inauguration of a school for training Islamic preachers and Imams to only use the Dutch language for their religious sermons.

According to an article published on the Islamic Al-Resala website, the new school will give the preachers and Imams intensive courses as well as lectures on the principal values of the Dutch society, including tolerance, religious freedom, and freedom of expression.

The school will also address some controversial issues such as Hijab and crimes of honor.

The Immigration and Integration Ministry, a newly introduced one, asserted that joining the school is compulsory for all new Imams.

Imams will not be given work permits unless obtaining a graduation certificate from the school, it added, stressing that failure in the school exam or drop-outs would prompt expulsion from the country.

A ministry spokeswoman said that if Imams fail to attend school lectures or refuse to come to the school, this would mean they are not welcomed in the country and would be expatriated.

According to her, the new law applies to new Imams while it would not affect already serving Imams.

She underlined, however, that the government works to convince old Imams to join the school and benefit from its courses.

According to Al-Resala website, 33 scholars have already been registered in the new school, mostly of Moroccan and Turkish origin.

They will be forced to get 600-hour lessons on Dutch language and values and foot the bill, it added.

The Immigration and Integration Ministry only promised them compensation for half the cost, if graduating, said the website.

The new school will be administrated by veteran Muslim activists known for their close ties with the Dutch government circles and their enthusiasm for merging Muslims into the Dutch society.

According to some Muslim activists, the school is a chance for Muslims to rectify misunderstandings inside the small Muslim community and help its members abandon extremists tendencies.

Most Muslims, however, were dumb founded by Nawijn's statements that only Dutch must be used in Holland 450 mosques.

In a related development, Yassein Hartough, a spokesman for the Islam and Citizenship Organization, deemed Nawijn's statements an intervention in religious affairs.

Religious organizations should be given freedom to organize themselves in the way they want, he said.

The new changes in Holland come on the backdrop of the Sept 11 attacks on New York and Washington as well as anti-Islam statements by the far-right opposition leader Pim Fortuyn who was assassinated in May be an environment advocate.

Holland was among the very first western countries to recognize the special nature of the Muslim minority and tried to organize Muslim groups and recognize Muslim schools.

These tolerate stances changed drastically after the arrival of a far-right coalition to the helm of power in Holland.


Islam Online waxes hysterical over Pim Fortuyn and lauds the fact that he was removed as head of his party for what they claim were his remarks saying "Islam is a deteriorated culture". The writer of the article could use government financed Dutch lessons and refers to Pim Fortuyn as 'Bem Fortown' and the Volkskrant newspaper as' De Folks Grant.'

THE HAGUE, Feb. 13 (IslamOnline) -

The rightist Holland party has decided to dispose its head Bem Fortown for his declarations to De Folks Grant newspaper on Saturday, February 9, in which he said, " Islam is a deteriorated culture".

The disposition of Fortown was decided in an emergency meeting on Sunday, February 10. The decision came after three months of continual provocation against Islam and Muslims as well as showing his hatred for the Muslim minority and emigrant Arabs.

Fortown was elected in November 2001 as the head of the party. His extreme racial declarations about Islam and his mixing religion and culture added to his deviation from the party's program which confirms the rightist nature of the party and not the racial one.

While some of the political analysts in Holland said that the declarations of Fortown to De Folks Grant news paper were but a cause. The leaders of the party, which has a majority of business men, felt that the extremist racial trend of Fortown has formed a real danger on their interest and reputation as well as the fear that they might not be able to get rid of him easily in the future, if they let him freely on his way.

Bem Fortown was turned in the last period to a political and media super star. All the public opinion surveys showed that his party will take 20 places in the coming parliament. It will turn to be the second or the third force in the parliamentary elections in May 2002.

In the declaration which caused his disposition that he would work to terminate the right of political asylum to Holland if he passed elections. He said that 16 million Hollanders are enough in the country and there is no place for others.

Fortown added that he wanted to change the first chapter in the Holland constitution which prevents racial discrimination between citizens because of color, race, religion, gender or any other aspects.

The political leader and a lecturer in Erasmoth in Rotterdam said in the article that he is not against foreigners in general. But he is specifically against Muslims and if he was to handle it he would have prevented them from entering Holland.

"I do not hate Islam, but I find it deteriorated," he stated. "As I have traveled to different countries in the world, I discovered that each time when Islam is controlling, the conditions are intolerable."

Fortown is known for being perverted and boast about it on public and different media. According to Holland sources, he chooses his friends of foreign origin.

His disposition caused a great relief in the political arena, especially in the official diplomatic circles of the big parties for which he was a dangerous rival.



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