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Al Qaeda linked cleric among speakers at Muslim Youth camp at Foundation for Islamic Education in Villanova PA 8/2-6/06

July 6, 2006

Mujahideen Ryder: moderator of Muslim Youth chat forum

Azeem's Avatar

Azeem Khan: Muslim youth coordinator-forum administrator - assistant secretary general of ICNA

and scheduled speaker at planned MY camp at the Foundation for Islamic Education in Villanova

MIM:The true faces of ICNA's Young Muslim forum administrators shows the mission of their scheduled 'summer camp'

Mujahideen Ryder is moderater on the Young Muslims forum. His picture of himself in a suicide bomber headdress epitomises the Young Muslims Jihadi ideology. Mujhideen Ryder will very likely one of the attendees at the upcoming 'Jihad' camp in Villanova.

The Cobra with fangs is the 'avatar' of Azeem Khan, a scheduled speaker at the upcoming YM conference. He is a Young Muslim forum administation, assistant Secretary General or ICNA and be headed the Young Muslims organisation for years.

No to Jihad in their backyards

Upcoming Jihad camp adds urgency to resident's protest against expansion of Foundation for Islamic Education in Villanova for zoning violations

MIM: An Al Qaeda linked Imam,suicide bomber supporter, and volunteer for a Hamas 'charity' are speakers at upcoming Young Muslims camp in Villanova PA .

Residents protesting premises expansion cite security concerns at Foundation of Islamic Education Youth camp venue.

The Muslim Youth division of the Islamic Circle of North America and the Muslim American Society have announced their upcoming summercamp to be held at the Foundation for Islamic Education in Villanova, Pennslyvania on August 2nd to August 6th.

For documentation and information on ICNA/MAS - Young Muslims and their mission statement to turn America into a 'Muslim American Society' see: "Muslim American Subversives and Islamist Conspirators of North America "

ICNA website linking to Young Muslims:

In 2001 the FIE was the location of Young Muslims Jihad Camp. (see announcements below)

.The YM camps no longer go under that name, but several of the speakers who attended the Jihad Camp will be among those lecturing at the upcoming Muslim Youth camp at the Foundation for Islamic Education in Villanova.

According to the Philadephia Inquirer article "Neighbors fight Islamic foundation's expansion" the FIE is;

"... a New York non profit religious group headed by a Saudi businessman agreed to to buy the campus of the Northeastern Christian Junior College , the former Morris Clothier estate, for 2.7 million.."

Also see link below for more information on past ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America and CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) that took place at FIE . Residents in Villanova expressed concern that the FIE claimed they could not recall who had used there premises - yet the event announcements were posted on the internet.

MIM has uncovered further information on the Saudi (Wahhabist) ties which go directly to the Saudi government and royal family proving that the Foundation for Islamic Education is a direct extension of the Saudi Wahhabist enterprise.

Saudi Arabia, The Shoura Council

*The foundation for Islamic Education is a private institute and is owned and managed by a Board of trustees based in Saudi Arabia . The president of the Board is His Excellency Mahmoud Abdullah Taiba, a member of the Majlis Ash Shura and former Secretary General of the the Energy and Electricity in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

MIM: The corporation registration of the FIE lists the officers as :

Mahmoud A Taiba - President

Abdulaziz A Hanafi -Secretary

Abdullah A I - Hobayb - Treasurer

MIM: They are all wealthy and highly placed Saudi nationals with royal and government connection and are all active in the electricity energy sector.

In 2005 King Fahd of Saudi Arabia appointed Mahmoud Abdullah Taiba to be the new vice chairman of the Shoura council The Shoura Council is the policy making body of the Saudi government in accordance with Islamic law . This means that the Foundation for Islamic Education ,which is headed by Shoura Vice president Mahmoud Taiba, is direct extension of the Saudi government and promotes the Wahhabist ideology.

Jeddah 12, April 2005 - Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd yesterday reshuffled the Shoura Council by inducting experienced professionals and increasing it's membership from120 to 150. He also issued a series of royal decrees extending the terms of ministers, governors, and top officials.

Dr.Saleh Bin Hamaid will continue as chairman of the Shoura, the Saudi Press Agency said quoting a royal decree.Dr. Saleh ibn Abdullah Al - Malik is the new secretary-general, who replaces Dr.Hamoud Al Badr, who held the post since the consultative body's inception in 1992.

Mahmoud Ibn Adullah Taiba is the new vice chairman and Dr.Saleh ibn Saud Al - Ali assistant chairman.

MIM : According to the Shoura Council website:

The basic directives issued by King Abdul Aziz Al Saud when he founded the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stipulated that the State is based on Shoura (Consultation). "Al Shoura" means that the chief executive (the person charged with authority in Islam) should sound out the views of his subjects, particularly the scholars and wise men, when running the affairs of Moslems. His final decision, taken after weighing these various views, is sure to be acceptable to his subjects. Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, applied Shoura throughout his life. In many cases the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, followed the advice of his companions in preference to his own opinion. Al Shoura has been applied throughout Islamic history. Therefore, Al-Shoura is similar to the democratic, parliamentary system in the West, although it is a pure Islamic form. King Abdul Aziz applied Shoura from the very founding of the Kingdom, forming the Shoura Council, whose decisions were implemented after the King's approval. Moreover, King Abdul Aziz would issue statements and pamphlets addressed directly to the citizens, urging them to submit any suggestions they may have and stating his readiness to receive them in audience and listen to their views. His sons, the Kings Saud, Faisal, Khaled and Fahd followed the same policy.

On 1/3/1992 (27/8/1413 H), King Fahd Ibn Abdul Aziz Al Saud issued a Royal Decree approving the new system of the Al Shoura Council, which is made up of 60 members appointed by the King. The Al Shoura Council in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia enjoys the same powers as western parliaments; it is entitled to enact laws, oversee the functions of governmental agencies and investigate public cases. Saudi Arabia has thus adopted a form of democracy free of drawbacks.

Mahmoud Abdullah Taiba is also the chairman of the Saudi Consolidated Electric compan

Saudi Consolidated Electric Company, Western Province

Contact: Eng. Mahmmud Abdullah Taiba, Chairman

P.O. Box 9299, Jeddah 21413, Saudi Arabia

Phone: (966 2) 651-1008, Fax: (966 2) 653-4139


MIM: Abdullah I Hobayb the treasurer of The Foundation for Islamic Education heads a large group of companies: Al-Hobayb Group of Companies
Al-Hobayb Group has many subsidiaries in various fields. One subsidiary, ABB Contracting Co. Ltd., was established for contracting in the electrical works field, power generation and allied activities on a turnkey basis. Their projects consist of mechanical and engineering contracting and supply in the filed of industry, installation, high voltage substations and power transformers. ABB Contracting has branches in Dammam, Jeddah, and Al-Khobar and its head office in Riyadh.

Another subsidiary, ABB Electrical Industries Co. Ltd. was established as a joint venture in 1985 but was later reorganized into a fully owned Saudi enterprise. The company is involved in the manufacturing of electro-mechanical equipment, transmission covering products, distribution equipment, transformers, distribution boards and relay & control equipment. The principal activity of the company is to manufacture low and medium voltage switchgears, compact substations and other related items. The ABB Electrical Industries Co. Ltd. is located in Riyadh and has branches in Dammam, Jeddah, Jubail and Al-Khobar.

Eng. Abdullah I. Al-Hobayb
P.O. Box 556
Riyadh 11421
Saudi Arabia
Tel: 966-1-479-0100
Fax: 966-1-479-0171
Email: [email protected]


For more on Hanafi see:

Abdul Aziz Hanafi On the other hand Prince Abdul Majeed Ibn Abdul Aziz, the governor of Makkah and honourary chairman of the Quran memorization committee will patronize the annual ceremony for Quran memorization with the presence of a number of high ranking personalities, on 18/3/1424H in Jeddah. The Chairman of the society Engineer Abdul Aziz Hanafi said the society has 34,000 students and 1845 teachers in 479 mosques. ----------------------------- Note that the Bin Laden family is also on this list : Arab Science and Technology Foundation

Eng Abdulaziz A. Hanafi

General Manager




MIM: The Foundation for Islamic Education is registered at an office address 800 N 2nd Street 100 Harrisburg, Pennslyvania 17102

All three of the officers (who are Saudi residents) list their addresses as:

2 Westbank Road Rye PA 10580-0

MIM: Saudi = Wahhabism . The Foundation for Islamic Education in Villanova is an 'operational headquarters' which enables them to spread their anti Western , Islamofacist ideology .

In his weblog "Calling Islamism the enemy" Dr. Daniel Pipes cites a former French intelligence officer who stated that :

We should not be attacking the effects of terrorism but its causes: Wahhabite ideology, Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood. But no one will touch any of those." (Quoted in Michel Moutot, "Washington is losing ‘war on terror': experts," Agence France-Presse, July 4, 2006)

MIM: The FIE is also directly linked to the radical Islamist University, Al Azhar, a bastion of the Muslim Brotherhood. The head Imam of Al Azhar, Sheik Tantawi, sanctioned suicide attacks against Israeli civilians because they were all potential soldiers. Bin Laden's mentor, Abdullah Azzam attended the university as well. According to it's mission statement

"Al Azhar has...been converying the Mission of Islam to people at larging making manifest it's geniuses and revealing it's contribution to humanity's welfare and progress",,,Al Azhar is that spiritual haven,the reputation of which resounded throughout the world,becsue of the established prestige in which it is held in the hearts of Muslims. Hence, to Al -Azhar Muslims send their sons to make their studies..." They would thus become devoted proclaims of rigtheousness , and shining beacons of guidance ,showing the way of Allah to nations all over the earth..."

*The FIE works together with the deceptively named American Open University (a Wahhabist entity) and describes itself as 'a satellite campus' linked and accredited with Al Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt. The AOU decribes itself as:

The American Open University (AOU) is an independent non-profit educational organization, based in the United States of America, founded and supervised by scholars specialized in Islamic and Educational Sciences.

AOU is an Islamic university offering undergraduate and graduate studies through distance learning, based on the amanah (trust) to spread Islamic knowledge based on the Qur'an and the Sunnah of the Prophet (saw), in the framework of mainstream Ahl al-Sunnah wa al-Jama'a.

MIM: The theme of the Muslim Youth camp being held at the FIE is 'Deen and Dunya' - Finding the Balance. The Muslim Youth organisation takes their ideological and religious teachings directly from the Muslim Brotherhood - which is the precursor of Al Qaeda.

A Quaranic website defines Deen as meaning - 'to become abased, submissive and obedient [to some authority]'.

Dunya is defined as this world in relation to the hereafter :"This life has been called al-hayaat ad-dunya because it is the near (or "nearest"), the apparent and the current existence which we know and also because it is lesser, despicable and superficial in comparison to the real life as Allah called it - the life in the hereafter."


The speakers at the upcoming Muslim Youth camp (see original announcement below) have documented terrorism ties and reads like a Who's Who of radical Islamists.

The residents of Villanova have good reason to be concerned about security issues and should do everything possible to stop the planned expansion of the Foundation for Islamic Education. At a 2000 ICNA conference in Baltimore the head of the Young Muslims organisation which is running the camp, urged parents to send their sons to fight Jihad in Chechnya:

According to testimony given by counter terrorism expert Steven Emerson:

At the July 2000 annual convention of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) in Baltimore, speaker Tayyab Yunus pleaded with the audience:

The youth is very important…And, we all want to see our youth to succeed to become doctors, to become engineers; but how many of you can actually say that you want to send your sons to Jihad, to Chechnya? How many of you can actually say that? [Takbir! Allahua Akbar!] How many of you can actually say that you want to send your child… How many of you can actually say that you want to send your youth to fight in Jihad or to send them to…to these Islamic Institutions to become educated? I'm sorry. Other than that, I honestly believe in my heart that this is the time, right now is the time.

More information on Young Muslims, ICNA,MAS, and the speakers can be found by doing a search on MIM


* Mazen Mokhtar a New Jersey Imam who is under investigation by the FBI for ties to Al Qaeda and bomb plotters in the UK. In 2004 the Washington Post reported on a previous Youth Camp appearance by Mokhtar :

This year's camp is to be held at Villanova Academy, an Islamic school in Pennsylvania, and its theme is "A Few Good Men/Lives of the Khulafa Rashideen (Pious Caliphs)."

Before the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the group's summer gatherings were called "Jihad Camp." Advertised speakers in August 2001 included Imam Siraj Wahaj, identified by federal prosecutors in 1995 as a "possible unindicted co-conspirator" in the terrorism case against blind sheik Omar Abdel Rahman and Saffet Catovic, a Bosnian associated with the Benevolence International Foundation, a now-defunct Muslim charity accused by the U.S. government of financing terrorism.

MIM: At a Muslim Youth MAS event in NYC:

."..Mazen Mokhtar spoke to the youth about their role in society and encouraged them to excel, succeed, and take part in spreading the message of Islam. He said the youth are vital to any rising community for their flexibility, understanding of American society, and passionate and sincere dedication to their cause. Coupled with the correct understanding of Islam, Muslim youth can stand up and change the world, with the support of Allah.

"But, will they?" asked Mokhtar."

PDF] Dossier: Azzam Publications UK (, and Mazen ...

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML and Mazen Mokhtar. • Azzam Publications UK is widely considered to be the premiere English-language. mouthpiece for Al-Qaida. ... - Similar pages

To see the website go to:

Article in WPost about Mokhtar and Al Qaeda:

*Jamal Badawi an Imam based in Canada who recently justified suicide bombings in an 7/29/06 forum on the Islam Online website with the theme Dying for Allah :"Martyrdom in Islam let's discuss it " Badawi was asked 'what is the difference between a martyr and a a sucide bomber?' and responded:

Not every martyr is a "suicide" bomber. As indicated earlier, a person who is killed in the battlefield is also a martyr; also a woman who dies in a difficult child birth is also a martyr (of a lower degree).

Not every "suicide" bomber is a martyr if that action violates any of the conditions detailed in the answers to the first question (Mr. Jacob). It should be made clear that defense against unprovoked aggression and resistance to reduce oppression are legitimate causes for combative jihad provided that all other conditions, qualifiers and ethics of war are strictly observed. It should also be noted that in all nations and according to the UN charter and international law, the Islamic causes are basically the same. Also, it should also be noted that all nations and peoples have lots of praises for those who not only put their lives on the line but also sacrifice their lives for what they consider as defense for their country or people.

It is known that people from various backgrounds sacrificed their lives in a way that many may classify as "suicidal operations" such as the Japanese pilots in the Second World War.

* Siraj Wahaj an alleged unindicted co conspirator in the WTC 1993 bombings and Imam of Al Taqwa Mosque in New York who justified the cartoon riots at a demonstration saying that Muslims "Had to make sure that they (infidels) do not do this again."

Wahhaj likened the response to the rioting in American cities that followed the assassination of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. While King's death was not the cause of the riots, he said, it served as a catalyst because the loss was seen as a symbol of the deprivations suffered by African-Americans. Likewise, he said, the extreme Muslim reaction to the cartoons relates to the political and economic oppression of Muslims in parts of the world.

* Faisal Hammoudeh : A leading Islamic Relief volunteer form Chicago: Last month the Gaza coordinator of Islamic Relief Worldwide (based in the UK and California) was arrested and deported from Israel for fundraising for Hamas:

*Shamsi Ali is the deputy Imam of the Islamic Cultural Center in NYC and the director of the Jamaica Muslim Center. The JMC was among the sponsors of a demonstration against the Danish cartoons where demonstrators carried signs with slogans saying "Allah's wrath is on the way". (Siraj Wahhaj mentioned above also spoke at the event).

*Ibrahim Negm was born in Egypt and graduated 4th from Al Azhar High School, He is the editor of "The Weekly Mirror International" An online piece entitled "The Muslim teenager in a chaotic world" reflects the Young Muslim weltaanschauung:

"We should not be distracted or exploited by the greedy multi- national companies out to shape our beliefs and values as well as to rip us off. While these Satanic institutions try hard to keep us busy, we must bear in mind that Islam gives the young person a very high and rewarding role of being active followers of the true Deen. There are countless rewards availablefor the young person who fights the ills and temptations of this world in return for the sanctity of the hereafter, and those who can see beyond the fake surface of the media and capitalism..."

The Mirror International is part of Young Muslims Inc.and uses the same address as the ICNA office in Queens, NY .

* Amin Abdul Latif who lectures to Muslim Youth is a convert to Islam and the Imam of the Masjid Ul Allahu Akhbar and and the Amir (president ) of the NYC Majlis of Wyandanch. His 17 year old son was killed during a police raid on a Nation of Islam mosque in 1992.

As District Attorney Charles J. Hynes of Brooklyn began a preliminary investigation of police conduct in the shooting death Tuesday night of an unarmed youth in East New York, a picture began to emerge yesterday of the teen-ager's involvement in the drug-soaked world of the neighborhood where he was killed. A law-enforcement official said yesterday that the 17-year-old youth, Shu'aib Abdul-Latif, was arrested March 27 on a charge of criminal possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell. The official -- who spoke only on condition of anonymity, since the case was sealed because the defendant was only 16 -- said Mr. Abdul-Latif had 22 vials of crack in his possession at the time of his arrest and was convicted in June of the Class B felony. He was sentenced to five years' probation, said an investigator who also spoke only on condition of anonymity, because Mr. Abdul-Latif was a minor and because it was his first offense.

*Azeem Khan was the coordinator of Young Muslims and is now the assistant secretary general of ICNA, the Islamic Circle of North America proving that their are zero degrees of separation between YM and ICNA. Khan plays a pivotal role in the Muslim Youth organisation. He is the administrator of MY website forums uses a fanged cobra as his 'Avatar'.

The Young Muslims forum includes a member called 'Mujahadeen Ryder' who is pictured with a sucide bomber headband and face mask identical to those worn by terrorists in pre 'martyrdom' videos. The Ryder is possibly a reference to the brand name of the rental trucks used in the 1993 WTC bombing.

At a rally against the Danish cartoons,at which threats were made that the US would be punished by Allah, Khan made an inadvertently oxymoronic comment stating that "It hurts us when people attack embassies, because it reinforces the image that we were protesting in the first place, which is that Muslims are violent."

MIM: The Young Muslims Summer Camp Announcement with speakers list to beheld at the Foundation for Islamic Education in VIllanova PA

YM Summercamp NE 2006
Deen and Dunya: Finding the Balance
Brothers only!

Camp info

Aug. 2nd - Aug. 6th

Villanova, PA

Invited Speakers:
Siraj Wahhaj
Abdul Malik
Faisal Hamouda
Mazen Mokhtar
Nouman Ali Khan
Jamal Badawi
Ibrahim Negm
Shamsi Ali
Amin Abdul Latif
Azeem Khan


Please follow these steps to register:

1. Click here to register for the camp.
2. Print out waiver form, read it, and fill it out.
3. Click on the payment link on the final page or check your email for the link.
4. Choose one of the payment options to pay online and confirm your spot.
5. Bring the suggested items and the waiver form to camp with you.

Price includes accomodations, food, and transportation to camp site.
Note: Transportation is only provided to those coming all the days of the camp!

You must pay to confirm your spot!

Suggested Items

1. Required: Signed waiver form
2. Required: Qur'an
3. Sleeping bag/bed sheets/pillow
4. Toothbrush/toothpaste
5. Soap/Shampoo/Deodorant
6. Towel
7. Poncho (long raincoat)
8. Flashlight with batteries
9. Insect repellant
10. Thick clothes
11. Sports equipment (gloves, bats, etc.)

For any questions or problems, please email [email protected].

MIM: The Young Muslim Jihad camp in Pennslyvania took place two weeks before 9/11 in August 2001.

Note that many of the speakers are the same ones who will be coming to Villanova in August 2006.


Young Muslims North East Region
Jihad Camp
August 20th - 26th, Pennsylvania


Young Muslims North East Region (2001)
Jihad Camp
August 20th - 26th, Pennsylvania

Invited Speakers:

Imam Siraj Wahaj
Br. Saffet Catovic
Imam Abdul Malik
Br. Salman Ali
Br. Shahid Farooqi
Sheikh Ibrahim Negm
Br. Obeydullah Choudry
Br. Faraz Iqbal
Imam Anwar Abdul-Muhaimin
Br. Ammar Ateya
Imam Al-Amin Abdul Latif


Brotherhood Building
Conflict Resolution

The flyer is also available on that site. Limited Seats, register now!



MIM: In 2002 the Muslim Youth organised a sequel to the Jihad Camp with the theme :Planning for our Akhira (The Hereafter) for boys 14 to 22. The annoucement concluded with "many important lessons await"

Young Muslims Summers Camp 2002

Planning for Our Akhira

Invited Speakers

Imam Siraj Wahhaj
Imam Zaid Shakir
Imam Abdul Malik
Imam Suhaib Webb
Sh. Shaker El Sayed
Sh. Abdur Rehman Khan
Sh. Ibrahim Negm
Br. Ammar Ateya
Br. Faisal Hamouda
Imam Al-Amin Abdul Latif
Br. Altaf Hussain
Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Shah
Dr. Muhammad Yunus
Br. Sheikh Qadeer
Br. Wasif Khan
Br. Irfan Sarwar


White Water Rafting
Brotherhood Building
Conflict Resolution

There will be two YM summer camps this summer. The Midwest Region of
YM will
be holding their camp on August 14-28 in Indiana, and the Northeast
will be holding their camp on August 17-23 in Pennsylvania.

Our Summer Camp will help educate and prepare the youth with the
understanding of the concept of the Akhira (The Hereafter) in Islam.
camp is for brothers with ages ranging from 14 to 25 years. The cost
of the
Northeast camp is $200, and the cost of the Midwest Camp is $100
(These fees
include: transportation, food, activities, andaccommodations.
Attendees must
also have the waiver
form filled and signed. Many knowledgeable people will
come and teach us. Many important lessons await.


MIM: Ibrahim Negm one of the scheduled speakers at the upcoming 2006 Young Muslims camp at the FIE in Villanova (see announcement) - wrote this syllabus to teach Young Muslims. Note the emphasis on Jihad, Shahadah (martyrdom) and the Akhira (afterlife).

Page 3 #9 Jihad # 10 Death -

Page 7' Jihad- mission of shahadah.' Jihad-dying in the way of Allah

PDF] Young Muslims Personal and Collective Development Plan Version 2-b ...
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
Ibrahim Negm. The following is a brief profile of his credentials: ... Editor of The Mirror International, an Islamic paper based in NY. ... YMPersonalCollectiveDevelopmentPlan.pdf - Similar pages


Young Muslims
Personal and Collective Development Plan
Version 2-b (extended)
If you have any difficulty implementing these syllabuses/syllabi or if you have any
questions or concerns please contact the National Tarbiya Team by e-mailing them at:
[email protected]
Note: Young Muslims is always in the process of improving its systems and processes. It
is the duty of its members to bring forward any suggestions, concerns or complaints that
they may have.

Page 2

"Alif Laam Raa. A book which we have revealed to you (Muhammad) so that you may lead the
people from out of the darkness and into the light by their Lord's leave to the path of the All-
Mighty, the Praiseworthy." [Qur'an 14:1]
Level 1
Purification of the Intellect & Actions
Each member in this Level should begin Recitation of Quran on a weekly basis (Arabic)
Each member should begin to read Quran with explanation and commentary.
Recommended Sections: The Last Suras of Juz ‘Amma (30
Part of the Qur'an)
Suggested Method:
a. It is critical for the NNC to be involved in this process.
b. NNC should set up a fixed time every week to encourage & evaluate the progress of the
c. For all practical purposes, the NNC may want to have these "meetings" over the phone
instead of in-person.
d. If the member cannot read Arabic at all, then audio tapes of famous Quran reciters should be
e. If there are several brothers that need instruction, it may be better to join a Quranic recitation
class in the Masjid. Most masajids in the US have at least this type of service.
NNC must initiate the memorization of certain portions in the Quran.
NNC should develop a weekly Quranic Discussion conceptually similar to the training
method used by the Prophet Muhammad (saw).
a. First 6mos will be discussion on the Fundamental Principles of Islam
b. Second 6mos will have discussions centering on the actions and duties of a Muslim.
Recommended Book: The Way to the Qur'an by Khurram Murad
Alternate Books:
The Meaning of the Quran by Sayyid Mawdudi
The Message of the Quran by Muhammad Asad
Suggested Method:
a. Limit discussions to only a few Ayats to retain the attention of the members.
b. NNC should conduct the initial weeks of the Quranic study and then rotate the assignments
throughout the group.
c. Quranic discussions should be RELATIVE and conducted in such a way that the members
can apply them to DIRECT ACTION in their lives.
d. NNC should use commentary of the Scholars to help in enriching the discussions in addition
to preventing incorrect understanding of the Holy Quran.
Each member should begin to read and memorize as many Ahadith as possible. (English &
Arabic (if possible)

Page 3

Each member should be able to quote Hadith from the following categories:
1. Islamic Pillars
2. Manners/Conduct
3. Dhikr
4. Daily Life
5. Family Relations
6. Major Sins
7. Character Building
8. Brotherhood/Sisterhood
9. Jihad
10. Death
Recommended Text: Forty Hadith by Imam an-Nawwi
Guidance from the Messenger by Dr. Mazhar Kazi
Alternate Texts:
Riyadh as-Saliheen (Gardens of the Righteous)
Mishkat al-Masabih
Suggested Method:
NNC should follow the similar method used for the Quranic study.
Each member should be contacted by the NNC on a weekly basis to encourage & evaluate the
NNC should conduct Hadith-based discussions in the weekly meeting. This is the best way to
help the members remember the famous Ahadith in Islam.
The same topics that were mentioned in the Personal can be applied to the Collective section.
For the Level 1 Brothers, a General Overview of Islam is critical before further development. Such
an overview will insh'Allah provide the members with a sound and clear conceptual
understanding of the Islamic system and model.
NNC should breakdown the chapters of the following books for personal reading:
Each week, the member should evaluate how well the member understands the material.
This evaluation can be done in several different ways: Please contact your Regional
Coordinator for more information.
CERTAIN portions of these books can be used in presentation to the weekly neighbornet.
Recommended Books:
Towards Understanding Islam by Sayyid Mawdudi
Islam, Beliefs & Teachings by Ghulam Sarwar
The Rap is Live: Revolution by the Book by Imam Jamil al-Amin
B. IBAADAT (Worship)
NNC should encourage and facilitate each member to begin the Compulsory acts in Islam.
This can be done on a gradual level, so NNC should not become easily offended or frustrated.
The first action must be on the 5 Daily prayers. NNC should encourage the member to read as
many as possibly, with emphasis on consistency.
He should facilitate this process by taking him 1 or 2x a week to the Masjid or even praying
with him at the home.
Recommended Books:
A Guide to Prayers in Islam by M. Saqib
Let Us be Muslims by Sayyid Mawdudi

Page 4

Each member should start make small steps in acquainting himself with the major Do's and
Don'ts in Islam
Each member should begin to adopt the "ETIQUETTES" of a Muslim and Muslim way of
Recommended Books:
The Lawful & Prohibited in Islam by Yusuf al-Qardawi
Etiquette's of Life by Yusuf Islahi
Everyday Fiqh (v.1-2) by Yusuf Islahi
The NNC must develop a personal relationship with every member of the neighbornet
The members of the NN should know each other so well that they know each others strengths
and weaknesses. They should work to help brothers absolve their weaknesses, and adopt each
others strengths.
Recommended Text: The Duties of Brotherhood in Islam translated from the Ihya of Imam
Ghazali by Muhtar Holland
Suggested Method:
Each member should be visited by the NNC on at least a monthly basis
The NN should meet outside of the weekly gathering to play sports, and eat together
The NNC can assign people as brothers to each other (similar to what the Prophet (S) did with
the Muhajir and Ansar)
SEERAH [Biography of Muhammad (saw)]
The model of the Holy Prophet is the best example for us as Muslims. Unfortunately, the
Muslim youth have little or improper information concerning the Prophet and his life.
The following study will help to accomplish 3 things:
a. Re-acquaint the Muslim youth to the Noble qualities of the Final Messenger of Allah.
b. Enable the Muslim youth to understand and follow the example that was the Prophet
Muhammad (saw).
c. And as importantly enough, to prepare the Muslim youth in defending and promoting the Life
and Message of Muhammad (saw) to society at large.
Recommended Books:
Prophet Muhammad: The Infinite Light by Fethullah Gulen
The Life of Muhammad by Taha al-Ismail
Suggested Method:
a. Each member should begin a self-paced study of the life of the Prophet.
b. NNC should explain to the members that this study should be done not solely for the
academic pursuit, but to sincerely learn about the greatest human being that ever lived.
c. NNC should sit down with each member and prepare a study guide, using chapters in the
recommend books or topics, whichever is easier.
d. NNC should require each member to prepare routine presentations on different aspects of his
life. Particular attention should be given to historical events and important Islamic dates.
NNC should require each member to prepare routine presentations on different aspects of
Muhammad's (saw) life.
A collective effort should be made to attend the Seerah Conferences that are held throughout
the USA on his life as well as local Masjid sponsored events.
The group as a whole should adopt Sunna's of the Holy Prophet.

Page 5

Recommended Books:
Prophet Muhammad: The Infinite Light by Fethullah Gulen
The Life of Muhammad by Taha al-Ismail
The model given to us by the Holy Prophet's Companions has in it great guidance for us to
live by. Unfortunately, the Muslim youth have yet to realize the role that these great men and
women played in the course of not just Islamic but human history.
The following study will help to accomplish 3 things:
1. Re-acquaint the Muslim youth to the lives of these great personalities.
2. Enable the Muslim youth to take these personalities as role models in their lives today.
3. And equally important, to help the Muslim youth relate the common experiences of the
companions to the youth of modern day society.
Recommended Books:
Companions of the Prophet by A.Wahid Hamid
Suggested Method:
a. Each member should begin a self-paced study of the earliest companions.
b. Each member should be able to be relate the names with a brief description of some of the
great companions.
c. NNC should require each member to prepare routine presentations on different aspects of the
lives of the earlier companions. Particular attention should be given to historical events and
important Islamic dates.
NNC should require each member to prepare routine presentations on different aspects of the
companions, with particular attention to the common difficulties faced by us.
Recommended Book:
Companions of the Prophet by A.Wahid Hamid
Islam has made Dhikr the instrument towards self-purification. This development program will not be
successful unless there is the use of Dhikr-ilallah (The remembrance of Allah) in our training.
NNC should introduce the concept of Dhikr to each member.
NNC needs to make Dhikr a routine and constant part in the lives of the members.
The following are some of the methods found in the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (saw):
1. Making Nawaafil (non-compulsory prayers) on a constant basis.
2. Fasting when it is not obligatory.
3. Qiyam al-Layl (Spending one portion of the night in the worship of Allah (swt).
4. Brotherhood-building activities.
Recommended Books:
In The Early Hours, Reflection on Spiritual and Self Development by Khurram Murad
Remembrance and Prayer by Muhammad al-Ghazali
Muslims Character by Muhammad al-Ghazali
The section of Dhikr under the previously mentioned Hadith books.
History of Islam
Young Muslims desires that all its members should be familiar with the History of Islam. A good
understanding of the past is necessary for preparation in the future. Insh'allah, the members will begin
to develop and perfect their analytical & awareness faculties as they move forward in the PDP.
Each member will begin a self-paced reading on the history of Islam, starting from the
Prophet Adam.

Page 6

NOTE: NNC will assist members in breaking down the dates and events and it is being stressed
that this is a self-paced reading.
Each member should be able to relate back the major events of the past. NNC will assist
where needed.
Group discussions on the major topics in Islamic History should routinely take place ONCE
every month.
Seminars or Presentations should be arranged to be held on various topics and events of
Islamic history. Particular attention should be given to corresponding calendar dates.
Recommended Books:
The Pious Caliphs by Dr. Majid Ali Khan
Young Muslims desires that all its members should be aware and up-to-date on the Current Events of
our times. Insh'allah, the members will begin to develop and perfect their analytical & awareness
faculties as they move forward in the PDP.
NNC should request that each member read one of the recommended newspapers on a daily
Each member should be able to have good understanding of the world and its events.
NNC should provide background information to some of the on-going events in the world
today including the following:
1. The Palestinian oppression and the situation of Muslims worldwide.
2. Major Islamic Events of the past and present such as:
The Jihad in Afghanistan
Islamic Revolution in Iran
Islamic Movement in Pakistan & India
Muslim Brotherhood of the Arab World
And other such events….
Recommended Reading:
The New York Times
Newsweek and/or Time Magazine
The Message
The American Muslim
Weekly Mirror International
NNC must assign and facilitate different presentations on Current affairs.
Weekly discussions should take place on issues of Muslim and Societal concerns.
Events should be organized with Qualified speakers speaking on pertinent topics.
Self-improvement & Empowerment
It is important that as Muslims, we equip ourselves with the necessary and valuable skills that will
make us resourceful human beings. Young Muslims feel that an important part of the
responsibility of being the vanguards of the Islamic Movement in America involves training ones'
self in all areas of self-improvement and essential skill-building.
The following will help each member of Young Muslims to begin establishing a strong skill base
for use in all facets of their lives.
Recommended Books:
How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
Individual Dawah by Mustafa Mashoor

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The Quranic Syllabus One-Year course
Al-Hajj 22: 77-8
Life of Worship;Jihad,mission of Shahadah
Al-Tawbah 9:111-12
Pledge of Iman, life of worship
Al-Nisaa 4:131-7
Witnessing to justice, summons to Iman
Aal Imran 3:102-10
Purpose of Ummah
Al-Fath 48:8-11
Pledge to continue the Prophet's Mission
Al-Baqarah 2:40-6
Call to fulfill the pledge
Al-Muzzammil 73:1-10, 20
Building a relationship with Allah
Al-Israa 17:23-29
Individual and collective morality
Al-Nahl 16:1-11
Evidence for Tawhid, Risaalah, Aakhira
Al-Nahl 16:12-22
Evidence for Tawhid, Risaalah, Aakhira (2
Yunus 10:31-6
Evidence for Tawhid, guidance
Al-Hajj 22:1-7
Evidence for Aakhira
Qaaf 50:1-18
Evidence for Aakhira (2
Al-Mu'minun 23:99-118
Yaa Seen 36:50-65
Qaaf 50:19-35
Al-Zumar 39:53-66
Preparing for Aakhira
Al-Hashr 59:18-24
Preparing for Aakhira, Allah's attributes
Al-Hadid 57:1-7
Allah's attributes;summons to Iman and
Al-Hadid 57:12-17
Iman and infaaq
Al-Hadid 57:20-5
Present Life;infaaq,establishing justice
Al-Saff 61:9-14
Call to commit to the Prophet's Mission,
Iman, Jihad
Al-'Ankaboot 29:1-11
Testing of Faith
Al-Anfaal 8:72-5
Iman, Hijarah, Jihad, Jamaa'
Al-Nisaa 4:95-100
Hijarah, Jihad
Al-Tawbah 9:19-24
Jihad, the highest act; sacrificing everything
Al-Tawbah 9:38-45
Aal Imran 3:169-75
Dying in the way of Allah
Al-Baqarah 2:261-6
Infaaq fi Sabili'llah
Al-Baqarah 2:267-72
Infaaq fi Sabili'llah
Al-Anfaal 8:20-9
Collective life, obedience
Al-Nisaa 4:60-7
Collective life, obedience
Al-Noor 24:47-52, 62-4
Collective life; response and obedience
Al-Hujuraat 49:1-9
Collective life: relationship with leaders
Al-Mujaadalah 58:7-13
Collective life: rules and duties
Al-Hujuraat 49: 10-15
Collective life: Interpersonal Relations
Fussilat 41:30-6
Da'wah and required attributes
Al-Baqarah 2:150-63
Mission and its obligations
Aal Imran 3:185-92
Aal Imran 3:193-200

Page 8

Suggested Presentation Topics / Reference Guide
In order to more effectively study the concepts discussed in the suggested books of the Islamic Beliefs
section in the personal development plan, this list of suggested presentation topics has been compiled along
with the references in the books. These references are the page numbers of the books Towards
Understanding Islam, Islam – Beliefs and Teachings, and Let Us Be Muslims. It is advised that these topics
be discussed weekly by the neighbornets, one at a time. The coordinator should assign a member to present
a topic from the list using the references given in about 15 minute's time.
TUI --- Towards Understanding Islam
by Sayyid Abul A'la Mawdudi
LBM --- Let Us Be Muslims
by Sayyid Abul A'la Mawdudi
IBT --- Islam: Beliefs and Teachings
by Ghulam Sarwar
III. Islamic Beliefs
1. The Meaning of Islam and Kufr
-- TUI 1-11, IBT 13-17, LBM 53-55
2. The Blessing of Islam and the Obligation for his favor
-- TUI 11-18, LBM 47-48, 74-76
3. What Does it Mean to be a Muslim?
-- LBM 48-52, 65-67
4. The Reason for the Muslims' Disgrace and Humiliation
-- LBM 56-60
5. The Meaning of Iman (Faith)
-- TUI 19-23, IBT 18
6. Knowledge Of Allah and the Unknown
-- TUI 24-28
7. Tawheed – Oneness of Allah
-- TUI 74-86, IBT 19-20
8. The Effects of Tawheed on Human Life
-- TUI 86-91, IBT 21-23
9. Belief in Angels
-- TUI 91-94, IBT 27-29
10. Belief in the Books of Allah
-- TUI 94-98, IBT 29-31
11. Belief in the Prophets of Allah
-- TUI 99-102, IBT 26-27
12. Life After Death
-- TUI 102-113, IBT 36-39
13. Al-Qadr
-- IBT 23-25
14. The Quran
* Its Compilation…

Page 9

-- IBT 32-36
* Our Duty Towards It…
-- LBM 61-64
15. The Shahada
* The Meaning of the Kalima…
-- LBM 69-74
* The Difference Between Kalima Tayyibah and Kalima Khabithah
-- LBM 77-84
* The Purpose of The Kalimah
-- LBM 85-90
16. How Man is Lead Astray
-- LBM 93-101
17. Signs Of Hypocrisy
-- LBM 103-106
18. Examples of Obedience to Allah and the Way to Allah's Pleasure
-- LBM 106-110
19. The Quality of True Muslims and the Completeness of their Islam
-- LBM 111-118
1. Obedience to Allah
-- LBM 119-124
2. Meaning of Ibadah
-- LBM 135-141
3. Acts Of Worship
-- TUI 114-117, IBT 40-42
4. Prayer…
* Its Benefits
-- TUI 117-120, IBT 42-45, LBM 145-151
* Method of Prayer (What to recite)
-- IBT 45-61, LBM 153-164
* Congregational Prayer and its Benefits
-- LBM 165-171
* Imamat
-- LBM 171-174
* Why Salah Has Become Ineffective
-- LBM 175-180
* Selected Duas and Quran Ayahs
-- IBT 64-74
5. Fasting
-- TUI 120-121, IBT 76-78, LBM 183-188
* The Purpose and Benefits Of Fasting
-- LBM 189-194
6. Zakat
-- TUI 121-123, IBT 74-76, LBM 197-205
* How Nearness to Allah is Achieved Through Zakat
-- LBM 207-210

Page 10

* Qualities of Hizbullah
-- LBM 210-215
* Zakat in Collective Life
-- LBM 217-222
* Infaq fee Sabeelillah
-- LBM 223-226
* Modes of Spending in the Way of Allah
-- LBM 226-230
* Special Injunctions for Zakat
-- LBM 231-239
7. Hajj
-- TUI 123-124, IBT 78-81
* Origin of Hajj
-- LBM 243-252
* History of Hajj
-- LBM 253-262
* Benefits Of Hajj
-- LBM 263-271
* Universality of Hajj
-- LBM 273-282
8. Jihad – Defense Of Islam
-- TUI 124-125, IBT 81-83
* Its Comprehensiveness
-- LBM 285-293
* Importance Of Jihad
-- LBM 295-303
1. The Distinction Between Deen and Shariah
-- TUI 126-130, IBT 161-163, LBM 125-134
2. The Shariah and it's significance
-- TUI 131-135, LBM 125-134
3. The Rights and Obligations under the Shariah
-- TUI 135-136, IBT 196-198
4. The Rights of Allah
-- TUI 136-140, IBT 186-188
5. The Rights of the Self
-- TUI 140-142
6. The Rights of Others
-- TUI 142-153, IBT 188-191
7. The Rights of All Creatures
-- TUI 153-154
8. The Universal and Eternal Law of Shariah
-- TUI 154-157
9. The Political System Of Islam
-- IBT 173-180
10. The Qualities of a Muslim and His Virtues
-- IBT 191-194; 198-201

Page 11

11. What the Muslim Avoids and Vices
-- IBT 194-196; 201-202
12. Family Life in Islam
-- IBT 165-172
Attachment 3
PDP level 1 Plan for New Neighbornets
Tips for New Coordinators and new Neighbornets
Analyze the PDP and decide whether it would fit the attendees' level of knowledge and understanding.
Only the first Sub-level has organized week-by-week Quranic and hadith assignments. After the first
sublevel it is the responsibility of the NNC to organize the suggested verses in level of importance to the
The same goes with the Hadith. The hadith book "40 hadith by Imam Nawawi" is only a suggested book.
This is a simple and small collection of the hadith. If the NNC prefers another book that may have a
central focus (i.e. Etiquette, spirituality, methodology, everyday life etc.) that would also be appropriate.
The NNC decides all these important aspects of the NN.
Be sure to have review sessions, so that the members will be able to remember the knowledge that the
acquired so that they may implement what they learn in their daily lives.
Practice your speaking skills. Aside from the NN being a training of leadership and knowledge. It is also
the training of propagating the message. So be uplifting in your speech and motivate the members to work
for Allah.
It is also important to assign individual members responsibilities (i.e. presentations, tafseer, hadith etc) this
will promote participation of the general members and would leave plenty of room for discussions. This is
also training for the other members. Do not over load yourself with all the tarbiyah sections of the
neighbornet. By assigning presentations, the neighbornet will become more productive and at the same
time the NNC will be less burdened.
Tafseer- It is important for the presenter of tafseer to do research with official tafaseer of the specific
verses. It is preferred to use multiple sources to get the deeper meaning behind the verses. It is good to
focus on the main points, so the members could remember them easier and they could implement them
Hadith- See above tips. If the NNC decides to use random hadith, it is better to keep the hadith related to
the main focus/theme of the specific NN. The NNC could possible assign numerous members to make
presentations depending upon the focus of the halaqa and the time involved.
Main book- It is best for the NNC and the core individuals to read the book and prepare the material before
the day of the NN. This will give them time to focus on certain points within the reading material.
Supplying books to all NN members is unnecessary. However, it is preferred that the members get their
own copy of the book in order to develop their own level of tarbiyah. This may also increase NN
Current Events- Discuss the recent issues of the Muslim Ummah. This is good to promote positive
discussion as well as informing the members of the status of the Ummah. Use this to further motivate the
members to work towards lifting ourselves from the problems we are facing.
Nasiha- Leave the members with a simple piece of advice that they should focus on during week. (I.e. Salat
on time, wudhu, character, schooling, free mixing, tahajud, reading the Quran etc.) This is a good time for
connecting with the brothers.
Structure of the Neighbornet
Quranic Tafseer
20 min
20 min
Book Study
45 min
Current Events
10 min
5 min
Total time:
1 hr 40 min

MIM: Royal Degree regarding the rules and regulations of the Majlis Shura Council from the Saudi government website.

Royal Decree No. A/91

27 Sha'ban 1412/ I March 1992

Article One:

In compliance with Allah Almighty words:

[Those who respond to their Lord, and establish regular prayer; who (conduct) their affairs by mutual consultation; who spend out of what we bestow on them for sustenance] "Shura Sura (ChapterXL11), Verse 38". And [It is part of the Mercy of Allah that thou dost deal gently with them. Wert thou severe or harsh-hearted , they would have broken away from about thee : so pass over ( their faults ) , and ask for ( Allah's ) forgiveness for them ; and consult them in affairs ( of moment ) . Then, when thou hast taken a decision, put thy trust in Allah. For Allah loves those who put their trust (in Him)] "Al-Imran Sura (ChapterIII), Verse 159".

And following His Messenger Peace Be Upon Him (PBUH) in consulting his Companions, and urging the (Muslim) Nation to engage in consultation. Shura Council shall be established to exercise the tasks entrusted to it, according to this Law and the Basic Law of Governance while adhering to Quran and the Path (Sunnah) of his Messenger (PBUH), maintaining brotherly ties and cooperating unto righteousness and piety.

Article Two:

Shura Council shall hold fast to the bond of Allah and adhere to the sources of Islamic legislation. All members of the Council shall strive to serve the public interest, and preserve the unity of the community, the entity of the State and nation interests.

Article Three:

Shura Council shall consist of a Speaker and One hundred and fifty members chosen by the King from amongst scholars, those of knowledge, expertise and specialists.

Article Four:

It is stipulated that the member of Shura Council shall be as follows:

(a) A Saudi national by descent and upbringing.

(b) A person well known for uprightness and competence.

(c) A person not less than 30 years of age.

Article Five:

A member may submit a request to resign his membership to the Speaker, who in turn shall bring it before the King.

Article Six:

Accountability of a member shall be done on failing to perform duties, and shall be trialed according to rules and procedures to be issued by royal decree.

Article Seven:

On vacancy of a member position, the King shall choose a substitution and a royal decree shall be issued to this effect.

Article Eight:

No member may exploit his membership for his own interest.

Article Nine:

The membership shall not be combined with any governmental post, or with the management of any organization, unless the King deems it necessary.

Article Ten:

Speaker, Vice-Speaker, and Secretary General shall be appointed and released by royal decree. Their ranks, rights, duties, and all their affairs shall be defined by royal decree.

Article Eleven:

Prior to assumption of their duties, Speaker, members and Secretary General shall take the following Oath before the King:

"I swear to Allah Almighty to be loyal to my religion, then to my King and Country, and not to reveal any of the State's secrets, to preserve its interests and laws, and to perform my duties with sincerity, integrity, loyalty and fairness."

Article Twelve:

Riyadh City shall be the seat of the Shura Council. The Council may convene in other locations within the Kingdom if the King deems it appropriate.

Article Thirteen:

Shura Council term shall be four Hijri years, effective from the specified date in the Royal Decree issued for its formation. A new Council shall be formed at least two months prior to the end of the current Council. In case term of the current council ends before a new formation; current Council shall remain active until the new formation is accomplished. Numbers of the newly selected members shall not be less than half of the current Council.

Article Fourteen:

The King, or whoever may deputize, shall deliver an annual royal speech at Shura Council on State's domestic and foreign policy.

Article Fifteen:

Shura Council shall express its opinion on State's general policies referred by Prime Minister. The Council shall specifically have the right to exercise the following:

(a) Discuss the general plan for economic and social development and give view.

(b) Revising laws and regulations, international treaties and agreements, concessions, and provide whatever suggestions it deems appropriate.

(c) Analyzing laws.

(d) Discuss government agencies annual reports and attaching new proposals when it deems appropriate.

Article Sixteen:

A meeting of Shura Council shall not be valid without a quorum of at least two-thirds of members, including Speaker or whoever may deputizes. Resolutions shall not be considered valid without members' majority approval.

Article Seventeen:

Shura council's resolutions shall be submitted to the king who decides what resolutions to be referred to Cabinet. If views of both Shura Council and Cabinet agree, the resolutions are issued after the king approval. If views of both councils vary the issue shall be returned back to Shura Council to decide whatever it deems appropriate, and send the new resolution to the king who takes the final decisions.

Article Eighteen:

Laws, international treaties and agreements, and concessions shall be issued and amended by royal decrees after being reviewed by the Shura Council.

Article Nineteen:

Shura Council shall form the necessary specialized committees amongst its members to exercise power within its jurisdiction. Further, it may form ad hoc committees to review any item on its agenda.

Article Twenty:

Shura Council's committees may seek non-council members assistance of whomever fit upon Speaker's approval.

Article Twenty-One:

Shura Council shall have Steering Committee composed of Speaker, Vice Speaker, and heads of specialized committees.

Article Twenty-Two:

Speaker shall submit to Prime Minister requesting accountability of ministers. A minister shall have the right to participate in the deliberation but not the right to vote.

Article Twenty-Three:

Shura Council shall have the jurisdiction proposing a draft of a new law or an amendment of enacting law and study these within the council. Speaker shall submit the Council's resolution of new or amended law to the king.

Article Twenty-Four:

Speaker of Shura Council shall submit a request to the Prime Minister in providing the Council with documents and data in possession of government agencies, which the Council deems necessary to facilitate its work.

Article Twenty-Five:

Speaker shall submit an annual report to the King regarding Council's work in accordance with its regulations.

Article Twenty-Six:

Civil service laws shall be applying to Shura Council employees unless the regulations provide otherwise.

Article Twenty-Seven:

The King shall allocate Shura Council special budget. The budget shall be spend in accordance with rules issued by royal decree.

Article Twenty-Eight:

Shura Council's financial matters, auditing and closing accounts shall be regulated by special rules issued by royal decree.

Article Twenty-Nine:

Shura Council regulations shall define the functions of the Speaker, Vice Speaker, General Secretary, bodies, methods of meetings conducting, work management, committees' works and voting procedure. The regulations shall also specify rules of debate, responding principles and other matters conducive to order and discipline within Council, so Council shall exercise jurisdiction for the Kingdom welfare and nation prosperity. These regulations shall be issued by royal decree.

Article Thirty:

Amendment of this Law can only be made in the same manner of the promulgation.

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