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Ibrahim Dremali cancels appearence at UCF Jihad through Da'wa event after exposure of terror ties

March 17, 2006

Dremali cancels appearence at UCF Jihad through Da'wa event after exposure of terror ties

March 17, 2006
Radical Imam Dremali Runs From His Past, Avoids UCF Jihad By Da'wa Fest

undefinedMarch 17, 2006 - San Francisco, CA - - Since Militant Islam Monitor and Joe Kaufman The Visiting Jihadist combined to call attention [University of Central Florida Slated To Become Cultural Jihad Hub and University Of Central Florida Funding Islamist Da'wa Event] to the University of Central Florida's - "Returning to Our Rabb" [Lord] - excursion into cultural jihad both university officials and Da'wa program presenters have scrambled furiously to quell the mounting public outcry.

We are please to announce that Imam Dremali has been forced to withdraw from the event due to our public awareness campaign.

Dremali is currently ensconced in Des Moines Iowa - laying low - and is clearly unwilling to face the controversy that his presence at UCF would cause.

The Imam is an Egyptian by birth and fled to the United States because he was considered too radical even by the standards of his native Egypt.

Since arriving in the United States Dremali has been involved in a non-stop campaign of terror-friendly activities - for example, his previous mosque, the Islamic Center of Boca Raton recently saw the arrest of an al-Qaeda operative, Rafiq Sabir and several of the ICBR founders and trustees had links to Sami Al Arian. ICBR member Al Halabi, was implicated for exporting military equipment to Syria, and the mosque spokesman [a convert to Islam] fled to Saudi Arabia in 2003. The current spokesman, Dan McBride was arrested last year for tax fraud.

Though two Da'wa instructors apparently will still be participating in the UCF event, it will be in a somewhat chastened mood, knowing that non Muslims will be watching.


March 17, 2006
For Immediate Release
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(Coral Springs, FL) Ibrahim Dremali, who was scheduled to be the keynote speaker of a Muslim Students Association (MSA) event, held today at the University of Central Florida (UCF), has canceled his appearance. Proof of this can be found on the MSA website, which removed his name and bio from its list of speakers (Although, his name is still shown prominently on event flyers on the site).

Over the past week, writings exposing Dremali's numerous ties to radical Islamist activity were published in Frontpage Magazine, Militant Islam Monitor, and Pipeline News.

Dremali, who is currently the Imam of the Islamic Center of Des Moines, Iowa, is tied to a radical mosque based in Boca Raton, Florida, where an Al-Qaeda operative was recently taken into custody by the FBI. Dremali had also previously been a representative of a Florida-based organization that was urging its followers to give "material support" to Al-Qaeda connected groups.

In addition to this, weblogs connected to an MSA of UCF 'blog ring' were deleted, after Americans Against Hate Chairman Joe Kaufman exposed them in his article published in Frontpage Magazine, yesterday. The blogs included one owned by MSA member Sobiah Imam, who used her site to wish death upon her brother and degrade different religions, races and ethnic backgrounds. She referred to Asians as "rice-eyed" and Italians as having an "arsehole gene." Another MSA blogger, Yusuf Amin, featured a Hezbollah poster on his site.

Joe Kaufman, Chairman of Americans Against Hate, stated, "While we are happy that Imam Dremali canceled his speaking engagement and will not be able to incite students with his radical ideologies, we believe the university should cancel the entire event. The type of speakers the MSA is bringing to campus and the students' racist and extremist blogs/websites are enough evidence to show that there is a security concern, with respect to MSA activities."

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