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Abu Mazan's Fatah promotes female terrorist as role model -UNICEF funded girls camp named for suicide bomber

July 18, 2005

PA Continues to Laud Female Suicide Bomber as Role Model
21:03 Jul 07, '05
By IsraelNationalNews Staff

The Palestinian Authority (PA) continues to teach its youth to honor mass murderers, now adding an education program in honor of female suicide bomber Wafa Idris.

Text on pictured poster reads: "The Fatah Movement... eulogizes with great pride the heroic Shahida Wafa Idris." [Al-Ayyam, February 1, 2002]

Idris became the PA's first female suicide terrorist in January 2002. She blew herself up in downtown Jerusalem killing an elderly Jewish man and wounding many others. At the time, the Union of Palestinian Women presented Idris as a role model for Arab feminists.

Since then, the PA has organized a parade for young girls in her honor and named summer camps for children, university courses, and Fatah programs after her. A concert honoring Idris was rebroadcast several times on PA TV.

Most recently, last week, a new PA initiative was launched bearing the female murderer's name. A course, called the "Shahida (Martyr for Allah) Wafa Idris Course for Fatah Women Cadres," aimed at educating Arab women to follow in Idris' footsteps.

Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reports that it was announced by the PA that the "Public Action Commission, in the Political and National Guidance Section, of the General Security Forces" held a graduation ceremony for the Wafa Idris course. It was organized by the Commission in cooperation with the General Union of Women and the Public Relations Department in the Jenin District.

It was reported in the Al-Ayam PA daily on July 4th that, "The graduation ceremony for the course of 46 women was organized in the District's hall in the presence of Abd Al-Razeq Abu Al-Hayjaa, the Deputy Governor, Mahdi al-Ahmad, the Director General of the Ministry of the Interior for the district, Ata Abu Armila, Secretary of the Fatah movement in the area, and Hasan al-Aaraj, from the Administration of the Interior...The Ceremony ended with the distribution of diplomas to the female graduates, and diplomas and awards of appreciation to the mothers of Shahids (Martyrs for Allah)."

The Al-Quds Open University also runs a course in "democracy and human rights" named for Idris.

In 2003, a summer camp for girls in Kalkilya was named after Idris. The camp was funded by UNICEF.

A concert in honor of Idris has been aired repeatedly on PA TV. The following are lyrics sung in honor of Idris at the concert:
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My sister Wafa, My sister Wafa
Oh the heartbeat of pride
Oh blossom who was on the Earth and is now in heaven
Oh blossom who was on the Earth and is now in heaven
My sister, Wafa
Allah Akbar! Oh Palestine of the Arabs
Allah Akbar, Oh Wafa!
But you chose Shahada
In death you have brought life to our will
But you chose Shahada
In death you have brought life to our will
[originally aired on PATV, July 24, 2003]

Marches for young girls were organized by the PA and the Fatah movement, whose head, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) currently serves as the chairman of the PA.

The text on the poster (pictured above) reads: "The Fatah Movement... eulogizes with great pride the heroic Shahida Wafa Idris."

Material for article originally released by PMW


PA Television Continues to Teach Children to Become "Martyrs"
17:07 Jun 23, '05 / 16 Sivan 5765

The Palestinian Authority continues to promote "martyrdom" in its state-produced children's television programs, according to a report by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW).

"Shahada, or death for Allah, has been the backbone of the Palestinian Authority's messages to its children since the start of the terror war in September 2000," states the Wednesday report. "Although the number of these messages has been reduced in recent months, the promotion and glorification of child Shahada continues nonetheless, as seen this week on PA TV."

The report cites a broadcast of a PA TV series named "The Palestinian Diaspora." The series is presented daily as a factual portrayal of history. Though throughout the series, Israel's creation and ongoing existence have been presented as injustices that must be fought, this past week's episode honed in on the issue of child martyrdom.

Click here to view the clip from the show

This week's episode, set in 1956, shows Arabs mourning Israel's existence. A 12-year-old refugee is shown reading his uncle a story he wrote.

"The scene has two explicit messages," write PMW's Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook. "[They are:] A child should be willing and anxious to fight and die in order to destroy Israel, [and that] Arab 'refugees' can never resettle, but must 'return' to Israel."

An excerpt from the clip, broadcast on PA TV on June 16:

[The scene opens with the 12-year-old boy's friend writing, "I shall return" over a map he drew of "Palestine," covering all of Israel]

12-year-old Arab Boy: "His mother cried and said, 'My son! Swear to me! Don't leave me alone…! I'm afraid you will be killed.'

"Her son said to her, 'Don't cry, my mother! Let me go and fight for the sake of the homeland. The enemy stole our beautiful land… We all must fight in order to redeem the lost paradise… We lived in joy and happiness, until the foreign enemy [Israel] came and expelled us from our land, and we became refugees in tents. But we will return, by Allah's will!'

"His mother told him, 'Farewell, my son. Allah be with you.' He kissed her and left to fight, and fought until he became a Shahid [martyr for Allah]."

The Boy's Uncle: "...Let me ask you, if they come and tell you, ‘we will give you a very big house, a car, land and money, just resettle!' Would you agree?"

Boy: "No!"

Uncle: "...the homeland is greater than individual possessions."

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