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Western Donors Ignore Jihad & Jew Hatred Propagated In UNRWA School Textbooks

Children Being Trained To Wage Jihad In UNRWA Training Camps
May 12, 2021

Western donors have no idea of level of hate in UNRWA textbooks

UNWRA camps also training child soldiers as young as nine – "a war crime in itself."

Yoni Kempinski, כ"ט באייר תשפ"א, 5/11/2021

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The Western donor nations who fund UNRWA have no idea of the level of incitement and hate in approved textbooks used in camps, not to mention the military training received by children as young as nine years old.

In an exclusive interview with Arutz Sheva, David Bedein, Director of the Bedein Centre for Near East Policy Research explained that in a briefing his organization will be giving staff and members of the US Senate and Congress on Tuesday night, he will be giving examples of the hate found in Palestinian textbooks that donor nations fund.

An example is a fourth grade school book that glorifies Dalal Mughrabi, a PLO terrorist who orchestrated the 1978 Coastal Road bus massacre in Israel in which 38 Israelis were murdered, including 13 children. In this new PA approved book for children, Mughrabi "is pictured as a hero."

Bedein has been working on the lack of oversight given to UNRWA since 1987, but little has changed. UNRWA itself will not speak to his organization or admit there is any problem, and when pressed will say that textbooks have been approved "by everyone," except that "the donor nations… have never seen the school books."

That is why his center decided to run programs to educate the assemblies of UNRWA Western donor nations about what is actually going on in UNRWA camps.

"What's happened in the last four years has been a deterioration in the school books and in the education. Role models like (Mughrabi) are being shown and also school children singing about exterminating the Jews. There is no way or form that any Western nation would approve this if given the opportunity (to view the evidence)."

Bedein is calling on citizens from Western donor nations to call for their governments to condition aid to UNRWA based on stopping incitement in education and furthermore that UNRWA camps be disarmed.

He added that "82 percent of Gaza is UNRWA where they store their guns, where they store their missiles, is right in the UNRWA camps. No one will deny this fact."

The Bedein Centre for Near East Policy Research has met with the United Nations Secretary General six times. "He's as shocked as we are because he didn't get the reports from UNWRA. They keep it to themselves and he had to depend on the donor reporting who are supposed to oversea the UNRWA schools and they don't do it."

The issue goes much further than simply incitement in textbooks. "You have a whole generation which has been educated and indoctrinated… to (wage) a war against not just Israelis (but) Jews and the Zionists."

He added, "What's important to understand is that they talk about the Nakba regarding what happened in 1948, the Nakba was invented by UNRWA in 1998 to instil a patriotism for the homes and villages they came from. It gives them a reason to exist in the refugee camps for another 72 years."

For instance, the Gaza marches to the border fence are not simply concocted out of nowhere, and the same goes for other terror incidents. "What just happened in Jaffa was incited by UNRWA because the people in many of the UNRWA camps come from Jaffa and they mean to take it back."

Bedein stressed that Western donor nations must insist that UNRWA camps be disarmed. Most of the humanitarian funds end up being used to buy weapons.

They have filmed evidence of children as young as nine years old in UNRWA camps being given military training with live weapons.

He said that UNRWA is turning a blind eye to child soldiers in their camps, something they cannot justify under international law, let alone morally.

However, they remain silent. "They don't answer those questions."

"UNRWA isn't going to answer but the donor nations have to answer, and what happened is the previous US administration for the first time starting asking questions and when they didn't get any substantial answers they cut them off," he said, referring to the Trump administration.

It's not only a pro-Israel issue but an issue of child soldiers, an international issue.

"That is a war crime in itself. The war crime is committed by UNRWA by allowing children and encouraging children to be armed in their summer camps," he said.

The center's special Tuesday night Zoom briefing on UNRWA for the US Congress will be accessible on their website,

Future briefings for Germany, Sweden, the UK and Canada will also take place.

UNRWA is not under "rigorous supervision" as it claims.

"These are major donors and they are being kept in the dark," he said. "All there is is indoctrination. 'Take your homes back by force… and fight the Jews.'"

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