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Jihad In Holland? Dutch Cyclist Paralyzed After Being Shot By Muslim Azim A. In Random Attack

Two Others Muslims Arrested For Unprovoked Attack On Student
November 6, 2017

MIM: Another one of many cases of random attacks by Muslims on native Dutch citizens. The stabbing attack bears a striking similiarity to the shooting in that it involved a Muslim who accosted and seriously injured an arbitrary victim.

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Shooter Sought In Groningen Arrested After Weeks

" The victim was cycling along the path when he was accosted by three men. They stood around him and released a shot. The student was hit but could run away. He was shot several more times while fleeing..."

Gezochte schutter Groningen na weken opgepakt

De hoofdverdachte van een schietpartij in de stad Groningen enkele weken geleden is opgepakt. De politie vond de twintigjarige Azim A. vandaag in een woning aan de Duindoornstraat in de stad. Ook twee andere mensen in het huis zijn opgepakt.

ANP/Ruben Koenes Laatste update: 17:38

Inval arrestatieteam in zoektocht naar Groningse schutter

Korrewegschutter Azim A. na neerschieten student: ‘Het voelde lekker'

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