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Team Obama's JCS/DOD Heading For Disaster

June 18, 2015

Team Ass Clown – Obama's JCS/DOD

June 18, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – – General Martin Dempsey, Chair of O's JCS appears to be the reincarnation of George B. McClellan, one of many Union generals who was always able to find an excuse not to fight, hence his being relieved from command by president Lincoln.

Dempsey drove that point home yesterday in testimony before the House Armed Services Committee where his demoralizing message was:

"I would not recommend that we put U.S. forces in harm's way simply to stiffen the spine of local forces. If their spine is not stiffened by the threat of ISIL or their way of life, nothing we do is going to stiffen their spine."

Dempsey even inferentially referring to "spine" or moral courage makes one retch.

Carter Ham, who runs DOD, had much the same message, but we are inclined to give him a pass since he's primarily a policy wonk and does what he's told. If the generals and the CIC don't want to kill people and break things then it would be silly to expect him to contradict those running the failed ME military strategy.

Another bit of wisdom from Dempsey, who thankfully will be retiring soon:

"Enduring stability cannot be imposed from the outside in. Stability must be cultivated from the inside out."

This clown and his boss simply aren't playing it straight with America's military and their families, let alone the nation upon whose existence it depends.

The internal politics of Iraq, Syria, Iran and other failed-state hell holes no longer matters. What is of vital concern is the level of threat they present to the long term survival of the United States.

It's in our national interest to crush the Islamists even if it becomes nothing but a show of force with little consideration to "taking and holding ground," something which will not be wasted on our enemies whose resolve is quickly stiffening.

Ok, so nation building wasn't such a great idea, fine…debit GW, Congress and the American people for that, we tried…the intended beneficiaries of our good-faith effort failed. They proved themselves unworthy of modernity's niceties.

Lesson learned, no good deed goes unpunished…next.

Our current responsibility has nothing to do with attempting to install representative government upon cultures which are stuck in the 7th century. It's about reversing the steady downgrading of global respect for the one thing that international bullies understand – American military force.

The ISIS metastasis has presented us with a once in a lifetime opportunity to demonstrate the lesson that needs to be re-taught every so many generations.

We don't need the assistance of anemic Euro-weenies, nor do we need their consent. We don't need endless debate in NATO, the United Nations or this poor excuse for a Congress [unfortunately led by McClellan type cowards].

We need action, wave upon wave of bombers pounding ISIS 24 x 7 – in concentrations of such magnitude as to turn the sky black - and Spec Ops out in the field wreaking havoc on a fighting force clad in Nike's and nightgowns.

A little one act public morality play would be desirable, one in which the entire might of the U.S. military is unleashed for a brief period to disembowel the jihadists with as much prejudice as can be summoned.

ISIS is a sitting duck; it's a hardened, but non-professional fighting force which only looks invincible because it's facing frightened little girls pretending to be Iraqi soldiers.

To hell with worrying about civilian casualties. Did FDR lose any sleep about firebombing Tokyo? Or reducing Dresden to rubble, or even leveling German munitions factories operated by slaves?

Not on your life. For all his faults, of which there were many, FDR was not a timid pansy-man, a preening, skinny little Marxist punk like Obama intent on wrecking the nation.

FDR knew the stakes and there was never any doubt in his mind that we were involved in a battle for the existence of Western civilization.

He acted accordingly.

Ditto Truman. When he fried Hiroshima and Nagasaki he ended the war, period, no conditions, total victory.

That is what is needed now, and the sight of people like Dempsey supposedly representing the proud tradition of America's military heritage is a disgrace.

I have a dream…

Thousands of charred ISIS bodies, dismembered limbs and assorted body parts littered about the battlefield rotting in the desert sun, their command structure, such as it is, smashed and in total disarray - supplies cut off, escape routes severed, their stolen U.S. tanks and artillery pieces reduced to smoldering slag…a free fire zone until no targets remain.

A kill-zone…if it moves, it dies…

American's aren't tired of endless war; they're tired of endlessly losing. They want victory.

Since Obama has pushed America into a state of post-constitutional crisis, if the reprobates in DC on both sides of the aisle [which at this point has more in common with a sewer] along with the CIC aren't willing to defend the nation then they must be forced aside until, following Lincoln's example, some adults with resolve and blood in their eyes can be found.

Trust me, they exist…in vast numbers even now within the military, at this late stage where those with the soul of a Grant, JEB Stuart, Sherman, R.E. Lee or a Patton have been forced into a closet of pink-poofter ideological insanity.

Boys and girls it's long overdue – let's get ready to rumble…your future depends on it.

Breaking: In a related item, as we go to press the Druze village of Hader, [population 25,000] Syria, adjacent to the Golan DMZ has apparently been surrounded or seriously threatened by jihadist forces, most likely Jabhat al-Nusra, ISIS' major rival, an al-Qaeda franchise which has sworn allegiance to Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Much of the Golan heights was seized by Israel during the 1967 Six Day War during which Syria used the strategic high ground to shell the Jewish nation.

There is a significant presence of a Druze religious minority within Israel, they've proven very patriotic, serve in the IDF and hold high political office.

Many Druze live in Golan and are now looking across the DMZ at their besieged brothers in Hader with grave concern.

This could become a major flash point; Israel has to decide if they will allow refugees from Hader to flee into Israel. It's hard to imagine that it will not accommodate them given the contributions the Druze make to Israeli society on a daily basis.

The prospect for Israel getting sucked into the Syrian civil war is certainly there and it is exactly this type of budding international crisis which Obama's team of incompetents, ideologues and cowards continues to ignore at our peril.

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