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Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Badi To Ambassador Patterson, "Shari'a Safeguards Freedom Of Religion"

January 20, 2012

January 20, 2011 - San Francisco, CA - - On Wednesday, U.S. ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson attended a meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood's chairman, Mohamed Badi. Also in attendance was the MB's secretary general, Mahmoud Hussein as well as U.S. embassy official Donald Bloom.

During the meeting Badi made the declaration that the unpopularity of the United States in the Muslim world was due to, "...successive U.S. administrations supported dictators and helped them control their peoples, thus diminishing the popularity of the United States...we want to see actions, not words, for the U.S. to recover its credibility with the Arab and Muslim peoples, in particular with regard to Palestine - the top issue for Arabs and Muslims..." [source, Ikhwanweb,].

According to the MB's coverage of the event, ambassador Patterson seemed to agree that previous administrations, "did make some mistakes," but was seeking to "learn" from them.

Apparently unchallenged by Patterson was Badi's contention that Shari'a - Islamic law - would continue to be the primary source of legislative activity in Egypt.

"The MB Chairman mentioned that the objectives of Sharia are collectively the main source of legislation, and that 'this is the best guarantee of public and private freedoms; because Sharia safeguards freedom of religion, as well as personal freedoms, to all citizens alike.'"

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