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State Department Report - No Christian Churches Left In Afghanistan, Conversion Contravenes,"The Tenets of Islam"

October 11, 2011

October 11, 2011 - San Francisco, CA - - Despite repeated and furious claims to the contrary those in the Islamist community who are insisting that Western ideals and values are compatible with Islamic law, Shari'a are either fools or liars.

We believe the overwhelming majority of these apologists fall into the latter category.

Case in point - today the U.S. State Dept. released its 2010 Human Rights report [see,] which offers the following cautionary language:

"The government's level of respect for religious freedom in law and in practice declined during the reporting period, particularly for Christian groups and individuals...In May 2010 video footage of Christian converts being baptized aired on an Afghan television station and was re-aired every night for a week due to its popularity with the public. The station did a series of follow up segments as well. In response, inflammatory public statements were made against Christian converts by two members of parliament....The lack of government responsiveness and protection for these groups and individuals contributed to the deterioration of religious freedom...The country's population is almost entirely Muslim. Non-Muslim minority groups, particularly Christian, Hindu, and Sikh groups, were targets of discrimination and persecution. Conversion from Islam was understood by Shia and Sunni Islamic clergy, as well as many citizens, to contravene the tenets of Islam..."

This same sad record of religious repression has played out in every Muslim majority country. The reason should be obvious, especially now that the Dept. of State has as much as admitted it - when Islam becomes the dominant religious ethic in a society it will always be incompatible and at war with the West.

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This item is available on the Militant Islam Monitor website, at