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Terror Attack in Tel Aviv leaves 8 Injured after Driving and Knifing Spree

August 30, 2011

Schem Terrorist's Remand Extended

A Petach Tikvah court extended the remand of the Schem resident who went on a driving, knifing spree earlier this week. by Gavriel Queenann First Publish: 8/30/2011, 6:46 PM
Scene of TA Attack Scene of TA Attack Flash 90

The remand of the terrorist arrested after a driving rampage and knife attack in south Tel Aviv earlier this week was extended ten days by the Petach Tikva Magistrate's Court on Tuesday.

The man, a resident of PA administered Schem (Nablus) whose name has been withheld pursuant to a media blackout on all details of the investigation, was arrested after ramming a taxi he carjacked at knife point into police officers who were protecting the Haoman 17 nightclub on Sunday morning, before launching a stabbing spree.

Eight people were injured in the attack.

Law enforcement officials said the man, an Arab who was heard screaming "Allah hu Akbar" during the attack, would be charged with attempted murder and armed robbery.

According to reports, the terrorist has not been allowed to meet with his attorney, Uri Keynan, in accordance with a legal ruling preventing the meeting.

Keynan was appointed by the Justice Ministry's Public Defendant department to represent the man, but was not immediately available for comment.

Security services say the terrorist likely operated alone.

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