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Death Threat Videos Against Geert Wilders on YouTube

April 8, 2011

April 8 2011-Militant Islam Monitor-In a video on YouTube the leader of Sharia4Holland ‘Abu Imran' Belkacem threatens Geert Wilders with death. He called him an "accursed and unbelieving dog who must be destroyed." The video is one of several made in by the group Sharia4Holland.

In one video Belkcacem rhetorically states:

"Wilders, don't you think that one day a Muslim will be fed up with your nonsense and will do what Mohammed Bouyeri did?

Mohammed Bouyeri was the murderer of Theo van Gogh.

According to a Belgian news source Het Belang van Limburg:

Wilders, who was made aware of the threat on Thursday, reacted shocked by the pictures.

"It is disgusting, not just wrong. It is clear that he is out to get me. This is incitement to violence against me". The PVV-leader says he will file a complaint over the threats.

The threats come after Wilders announced that he will be making a film over "the barbaric life and sick mind of Mohammed" titled Fitna 2 aimed at giving support to Muslims who choose to renounce their faith.

The Dutch paper Telegraaf provided details about one of the videos featuring Belkacem:

"The extremist who sits in front of the camera with what appears to be a shoulder holster says he is out to ‘dominate the world'. We shall not stop until our plan is realized. We shall take over Holland as well as Belgium and the rest of the European countries. We shall drive the Zionists, the descendents of apes and pigs out of Palestine. We will wipe Israel from the map. Do you really think that your Zionist friends will support you, you accursed dog". In a previous film Abu Imran preached in military uniform, whereby automatic gunfire could be heard and the loading of automatic weapons.

"The hate preacher who is posting increasingly radical Dutch language films on the internet predicts for Wilders the same fate as English old-minister Steven Timms.
(Timms was stabbed by a Muslimah who tried to kill him.) "Do you really thing that you will never encounter suddenly a Muslim woman or – man who suddenly appears from nowhere? Do you really think that you will always be protected. This is not a threat but a warning . Be realistic: What you sow you shall reap."

Imran speaks further in the video over the "cleansing of the earth of this sort of people" and the "destruction of Wilders". At the end of the message he directs himself straight at Wilders. "You have the choice: An open debate with us, with all the media, you can even mobilize the entire Dutch army if you fear for your safety. You can chose the location yourself , even the prison of Vught or an army base. Leave the Muslims alone. Live as an unbeliever, as a dog, eventually you will go to hell. Or you are welcome to become a Muslim a brother in the faith. If not, you must be prepared for the consequences."

The offer for someone to convert is according to jihad experts inside the intelligence community a sign that there are serious plans to do something to the politician.

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