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U of Indiana Holds Islamic Propaganda Exercise With ISNA

March 27, 2011

March 27 2011-Militant Islam Monitor- A two day program entitled "Rescripting Islam and Muslims in the Media" was organized by the University of Indiana's Voices and Visions project and included ISNA general secretary and ex Chicago CAIR founding chairman (President) Zafaa Sarsour. The full name of the group is the Voices and Visions: Islam and Muslims from a Global Perspective and includes the MSA and the Islamic Center of Bloomington as two of the Indiana University Partners. The advisory board includes Asma Afsaruddin.

In an article entitled "Of Caliphs and the Caliphate:Setting the Record Straight" Afsaruddin advised mainstream Muslims to call for a return of the Caliphate (a global Islamic state under shari'a law). She rhetorically asked: "... should mainstream Muslims today want a return of the caliphate? They should - but of the first type as exemplified by the early, magnanimous Umar, and in a metaphorical sense.

According to a news item on the ISNA website:

ISNA West Zone Representative and Executive Council Member Monem Salam joined Zarzour to discuss his experiences producing a film in the post 9/11 era about a man who wanted to fulfill his life-long dream of learning to fly; the man just happened to be Muslim. Representatives from the New York Times, Indy Star, Muslim Voices, Wisconsin Public Radio, Muslimah Media Watch, University of Colorado, Georgetown University, Indiana University School of Journalism, and more also led panels throughout the two-day event.

This item is available on the Militant Islam Monitor website, at