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US Treasury Secretary says he "admires" World Bank prez candidate Bono who said; "I think that America has no experience with terrorism or even with war "

Bono: " Aids is akin to Hiroshima and the Holocaust" -"What's up on trial here is Christianity itself"
March 7, 2005

".Celebrity idiot Bono from rock group U2 uses flag as clothing in violation of U.S. law."


"...Bono, in a rare interview, said that he is glad he is being considered for the position of President of the World Bank, however, "I'm really holding out for when the Pope dies..."\03\world_theworldhasgonemad_03200500008


MIM: What better candidate then America basher Bono to replace James Wolfensohn, (who met with Al Qaeda webmaster /economist Asaria Iqbal in 2002) to head the radical Islamist supporting World Bank?

"...Iqbal Asaria, Chair of the Business and Economics Committee attended a Breakfast Seminar at 11 Downing Street on Tuesday November 13th. Other parties invited to the seminar were non-governmental organisations, faith groups, the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr George Carey and the President of the World Bank, James Wolfensohn..."

"...Iqbal Asaria raised his concerns over the credibility of achieving the 2015 targets given current practices. He argued that reducing poverty was contingent on good governance a factor that may be overridden by security concerns in an anxious post-September 11th world..."

"... Asaria, a leading Muslim economist in the UK, (who) was instrumental in getting the HSBC bank to implement a Shari'a lending department.

Asaria was widely quoted in the British press lauding the HSBC's move.

What the media did not reveal was that Iqbal Asaria is the registered agent of two websites: ,and, which are associated with the extremist groups Hizb ut Tahrir and Al Muhajiroun .

Iqbal Asaria is also the webmaster for the International Institute of Islamic Political Thought, a Hamas front 'think tank' which is affiliated with several major Muslim organisations in the US, such as the International Institute of Islamic Thought and it's sister organisation, the Association of Muslim Social Scientists ( which also has a branch in the UK).

Besides his duties as Al Qaeda webmaster and in house economist for the Muslim Council of Britain, Asaria is also in charge of publications for the Committee for the Defense of Legitimate Rights, and MIRA, two groups which advocate overthrowing the Saudi royal family for being un Islamic. "

President Wolfensohn and Muslim cleric at burned mosque. Johannes Linn, the Bank´s vice-president for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, stands in the background

The meeting of World Bank president James Wolfensohn together with Al Qaeda supporter Iqbal Asaria, was par for the course and it is no surprise that John Snow, the Secretary of the US Treasury, a US governmental agency involved in investigating terrorism funding of' NGO's' ( which are often heavily funded by the World Bank and it's affiliates), has gushed about Bono; "He's somebody I admire. He does a lot of good in the world of economic development."

In 2004 after receiving the Legion of Honor medal from Jacques Chirac-Bono obliged his hosts by criticising President Bush and British PM Blair. He stated that :"I think that America has no experience with terrorism or even with war".


Will Bono's next gig be the World Bank President ?

WASHINGTON -- U.S. Treasury Secretary John Snow yesterday would not rule out the idea of Irish singer Bono, an activist on debt relief and AIDS, making the short list of potential candidates to lead the World Bank, even though an American is expected to get the job.

"He's somebody I admire. He does a lot of good in this world of economic development," Mr. Snow said. "Most people know him as a rock star. He's in a way a rock star of the development world, too. He understands the give and take of development. He's a very pragmatic, effective and idealistic person."

Mr. Snow is part of the Bush administration team working on finding a successor to James Wolfensohn, who is stepping down as head of the development bank on June 1.

Asked whether the Irish singer would make the short list of candidates that Mr. Snow is preparing, the secretary said: "I am not going to review here all the candidates that are on the list. But I will attest to my admiration for Bono."

Bono toured Africa with Mr. Snow's predecessor, Paul O'Neill, who focused a lot of attention on poverty and AIDS in Africa.


MIM: reported on Bono's Legion of Honor award remarks in which he arrogantly took a swipe at America claiming it had "no experience of war" and that the Europeans "knew more about these things". Of course, he neglected to mention to his delighted French hosts that their experience of war consisted of surrender and collaboration.Bono also gave this 'top ten' reason for not going to war against Iraq: "We must not make a martyr out of Saddam Hussein. He's good at propaganda."

"...Bono received an award from France and had something to say as well:

He criticised Blair and US President Bush after French president Jacques Chirac decorated him with the Legion of Honour medal at the Elysee Palace.

Isn't that the same medal they gave Jerry Lewis?

"I think America has no experience with terrorism or even with war."

"In Europe, we know a little bit more about these things..."


French Give Bono an Award for Not Being an American

Bono shows off his medal while Jacques Chirac grabs Bono's wife's ass

PARIS — French President, Jacques Chirac, awarded Bono the Legion of Honor, France's highest award, in a ceremony at the Elysée Palace.

Chirac said that Bono was being honored first because he was not an American. "That would have disqualified him," he said.

Secondly he was being honored for succeeding in getting the US to cancel $435 million in third world debt, and indirectly inspiring George Bush to pledge $15 billion to combat AIDS in Africa. "This was the work of a great man," said Chirac. "He got the US to spend all this money, so France doesn't have to."

"Third, his wife has a nice, firm ass."


Source : Sky

U2's Bono has teamed up with former Clash frontman Joe Strummer to write a tribute song to Nelson Mandela to be played at a huge Aids fundraiser.

Acts such as Coldplay, Queen and Ms Dynamite are among the acts scheduled to perform at the Aids benefit show at Mandela's former South African prison home of Robben Island.

Also on the bill is Yusuf Islam, who as Cat Stevens had a string of Seventies hits before his conversion to Islam.


MIM :Proving once again that candidates for World Bank president do not have to be Mensa Club candidates, pop star Bono boasted of his meetings with Tony Blair and assured the public that; "Blair realizes he is in power at a time of great importance". Bono then went on to compare the Aids epidemic with Hiroshima and the Holocaust and warned that "America will be judged by God" if it does not pony up enough cash to solve the Aids crisis .

This year might turn out to be even more of a millennium year for us than last year. There's a chance that if we focus on the HIV/AIDS crisis, particularly in Africa--that's the shock to the system that might allow for deeper debt relief.

I've had two meetings with Tony Blair in the last few weeks, and he realizes that he is in power at a time of great importance. This is akin to the bubonic plague or Hiroshima or the Holocaust. I think he is going to, along with your new president, work with the industrialized nations and the African leadership to really have a go at this problem. And debt relief will be part of that package.

"...America will be judged by God if, in its plenty, it crosses the road from 23 million people suffering from HIV, the leprosy of the day. What's up on trial here is Christianity itself. You cannot walk away from this and call yourself a Christian and sit in power..."


MIM: Excerpt from The Bono Interview by John Hawkins:

"...I had to kill 5 minutes and I started ranting about poverty. I was like "Why can't the little children in Africa get their sandwiches? Maybe they can't get turkey sandwiches, but they should be able to get zebra sandwiches….lion sandwiches…snake sandwiches…I want sandwiches for all the children in Africa." Then crowd just went crazy! They chanted my name until Edge came back on stage. Then we finished the concert.

John Hawkins: So that's what inspired you?

Bono: Actually it wasn't then. The next day the local paper had a big front page spread on the concert with the headline "U2 fights against poverty at concert."

John Hawkins: Uh, so that inspired you to start fighting poverty regularly?

Bono: No, no, it was that night. Edge and I had a couple of prostitutes up to our hotel rooms. This one looked at me and went "You're the guy who wants to fight poverty right? That's so sweet, I'm going to give you the f*** of your life." That was when I knew I was on to something. So from then on out I started talking about global poverty at all my concerts.

John Hawkins: So a HOOKER got you started talking about poverty?

Bono: That and a vision from God.

John Hawkins: Woah?!? A vision from God?!?

Bono: Yes. Strangely enough God spoke to me right after Edge and I drank 3 bottles of whiskey each. That night God told me "fight for the poor people in Africa. In Zimbabwe, Nigeria, New Zealand, South Africa, Brazil or wherever it was in Africa that those poor people didn't have the money to buy our records. He also told me to nail all the furniture in the hotel room to the ceiling which I did as well with Edge's help. That hotel bill cost me over $4000 but what can you do when God gets involved you know?.."


MIM :This from Ediblog:

Liberal Celebraties Shining their armor with our $$

September 18, 2003

Liberal celebrities, for the most part, are nothing more than audacious, arrogant
ideologues that love to shine their own armor. And rock icon Bono is no exception. Bono (the self-proclaimed moral arbiter of the world), in a recent meeting with President Bush-had the unmitigated gal to demand that he [Bush] pony up more money to fight AIDS in Africa (Bush has already earmarked 15 billion for to combat the virulent disease in the beleaguered continent).

When Bush refused to comply with the pampered rockers egregious request, Bono,
according to the New York Post vented that the funding flap is "a pain in the a-for

Firstly, it is unconscionable for Bono (who's not even an American citizen)-to even suggest, let alone demand-how our tax dollars should be spent. Quite frankly, Americans should be livid over the fact that this self-aggrandizing windbag even had access to the White House to discuss such matters.

Secondly, the only reason Bono demanded more tax dollars from Bush, to combat Aids in Africa: Is to elevate his own image on the world stage. If you think he cares one iota about the AIDS pandemic in Africa, you're delusional. Because if he truly did care--he would donate the majority of his vast fortune to the cause-- instead of demanding that overtaxed Americans pony up even more.

Hey, Bono: You're a pain in the a--!


MIM: The author of this piece was 'spot on' when he predicted that Bono could run for president in 2004. The announcement that the Secretary Snow of the US was considering making a special exemption for Bono ( as a non American citizen) to become president of the World Bank, means the title of this article should have been: "Screw the Superbowl- the World Bank is Next"...

Screw the Superbowl the World is Next

By Mike Ilardi

U2 frontman and rock superstar Paul Hewson, a.k.a. Bono, shocked the world last week when he announced that he would be running for president in 2004. In spite of his lack of US citizenship and credibility as a politician, Bono is characteristically self-assured of the success of his upcoming campaign. In an exclusive interview with the Fed, Bono explains his motivations and plans for the future.

Fed: You've never held office before, aren't a U. S. citizen, and majored in home economics. Isn't this quite a step for you?

Bono: No, I don't think it is. Bono's been political all his life. For example, I have been personally accredited with saving the Japanese from their oppressors in Switzerland. Bono's given so much to this planet. I thought I was sending a clear signal to the world when I pulled that flag out of my ass at the Super Bowl.

Fed: That was quite a stunt, but seriously, do you think the American people will vote for you? You must know that an independent party doesn't stand much of a chance of actually being elected into the White House. Besides, "All That You Can't Leave Behind" really sucked.

Bono: Let's face it. America loves Bono. Bono's shit could run for president and still fare better than most in an election.

Fed: All too true. Tell us a little about your party and your plans for the White House.

Bono: The Achtung Party is going to raise awareness. While you're in your comfortable home eating your fuckin' preserved woolly mammoth meat, a homeless man in Switzerland is dying of homelessness... and AIDS. Our slogan is tentatively "Eat the flower of poverty and bloom in the seething light."

Fed: That doesn't even make sense.

Bono: Yes, but it's enigmatic and deep. Do you like my sunglasses? I'm Bono. (He seems to address himself as he says this.)

Fed: Yes I know.

Bono: But do you really know Bono? Contemplate Bono. Bono is about life, and life is about rock music and fighting poverty. The Palestinians in Northern Ireland are still fighting the Israeli's in the South. What are you doing about it? Nothing! (Bono pauses to adjust his light blue sunglasses and continues slowly). But there is hope for this world. I believe that deep down inside, there's a little bit of Bono in all of us.

Fed: Speaking of Bono being inside people, I heard you're not really into that.

Bono: Only Bono is worthy of Bono's seed, so until my scientists have succeeded in cloning me, a mirror is all I really need in terms of a lover.

Fed: So who's going to be first lady?

Bono: The Edge. And that guy from Creed, he's going to be vice president. I think Americans like that kind of stuff. I'm fuckin' Bono! Bono.... (He trails off repeating his name for his own benefit.)

Fed: So you've said.

Bono: When Bono landed in Ireland in his secret alien space-pod, he was on a mission to create rock music and solve the world's problems.

Fed: Excuse me?

Bono: I'm Bono. (With certainty).

Fed: Stop saying that! . . . So what comes after presidency? I mean you can't climb that much higher. Are you going to release more albums?

Bono: Bono's applying for the position of God. Did you know God also only has one name? I think I'm well qualified for the position. In terms of music, I plan on releasing about five or so Best of U2 albums, quitting the band, and then recording a solo album. Then I'm going to start a new band consisting of some of the old members and call it U3, because three comes after two, get it?

Fed: Yeah. I'd like your opinion on some current foreign affairs. What do you think of the situation in Afghanistan, and how would you handle it?

Bono: It's bloody terrible.

Fed: So you disagree with president Bush's actions?

Bono: What? Album sales have been just terrible in Afghanistan. I don't know, there's something about voodoo-practicing people that just disagrees with Bono.

Fed: You mean Islam?

Bono: Don't fuckin' correct me. Bono has a solution: We'll send U2 planes over Afghanistan to drop copies of U2 albums. Hopefully, it will promote peace and spur interest in our music.

Fed: Clever. Well thanks again, and good luck with your campaign.

Bono: I'm Bono... Bono.. (Bono repeats his name several times at varying speeds and pitch, as if to see which way makes it sound best).


MIM: Bono threatens that he will march with his anti globalisation cronies if the capitalists who have developed the technology and resources as a result of their free market economies don't take responsibility for the shambles which the third world's corrupt dictators and socialist policies have made of their countries.


U2 frontman Bono has threatened to wage a campaign of civil disobedience if wealthy countries fail to combat world poverty.

The people I represent - the activists from my community - will take a very, very different tack in the next few years if these trends are to continue in Africa," he said.

"We will make a much more aggressive campaign," he continued.

"I for one am taking off my suit. I am ready to march with my activist friends in campaigns of civil disobedience.

"We are about to get very noisy, we are about to bang a lot of dustbin lids.

"This issue is the defining issue of our time and some of us are ready to really work on it."


MIM: A solution to the Aids crisis and funding was proposed by this poster on an Irish website who opined "That Bono should "solicit his rich show biz friends" and "reach into his own deep pockets"..adding "... it is time that someone informed them that their are other ways to spend their free time as well".

MIM:Maybe Bono could provide them with CD players and U2 CD's for starters.


NO I don't agree at all! I think the cheeky, self-absorbed Bono should reach into his own deep pockets and put his money where his mouth is for once. And, while he's at it, solicit his rich show biz friends who are paid obsence amounts of money which is way out of proportion for what they actually do! Bono hit up the Amercians once before and we paid out millions of dollars for assistance to Africa. He got all the credit and we, the working Americans, had to foot the bill. Americans are getting more and more fed up with being ATM's/nannies for the world. Let all the countries do their fair share for a change! I can't believe what shameless moochers they are. . . and ingrates too! Personally, I'm sick of it and I know I speak for millions of other Americans. I am also disgusted by a society who takes someone like Bono and recognizes him as some sort of authority on the subject just because he is rich and famous. The fact that Bono has no expertise in the field doesn't seem to occur to anyone. If he has a serious interest about doing some good, it would be done quietly and effectively behind the scenes. What a free public relations ride for him! If Bono has such a passion for speeches, he might want to travel to Africa and use his time on the educational aspects of PREVENTING this insidious disease. While I feel for the people who are suffering, it is time someone informed them that there are other ways to spend their free time as well!
P. Doherty of Boston

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