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French Jihadist Muslim Gang's Sentences Upheld In Halimi Murder Case

December 23, 2010

December 21, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - Nearly 5 years ago we wrote about the case of Ilan Halimi, a French Jew who was lured by a woman into a trap set by a Muslim gang and then tortured to death over the period of three weeks. You can refer to the original articles to see the extent of what he endured [see, Torture Death Of French Jew By Muslim Gang Produces Collective Yawn By MSM and Coverup Of Muslim Torture Killing Of French Jew Continues]

At the time and since, the MSM has ignored the story or worse, if covering it at all, sanitized it as to mask the religious nature of the attack and to present Halimi's jihadist murderers as common criminals looking only for a quick monetary score.

As the LA Times dissembled in its Feb 28, 2006 edition, "Rather than a premeditated anti-Semitic murder, it seems a more complex result of dysfunction in the narrow world of thug culture..."

AP and other news sources offered similarly tepid analysis, "...AP and UPI, in feeds to the U.S., barely mentioned the possibility of anti-Semitism. After arrests were made, the BBC worked hard to avoid using the word "Muslim," though verses from the Koran were recited during the torture..." [source, Birmingham Jewish Federation,]

Of course this should be expected from the MSM combine whose multicultural self-censorship is legendary, under the circumstances, even 5 years later, the coverage should still shake the sensibilities of journalists.

Today however, we note that a French court has upheld an appeal by 16 members [out of a total of 24 convicted] of the Muslim gang responsible for the Halimi atrocity.

AP's coverage this time around however is the stuff of pure revisionism, finally attributing the murder to the gang's anti-Semitism rather than the originally claimed financial motivation, "The case revived worries in France about anti-Semitism, which is considered the main motive of those involved in the killing. It has led to deep anxiety in France's Jewish community - the largest in Western Europe." [source, AP,]

So...five years after the fact AP is forced to confront reality. Though this is a small victory for sure, in the current state of media affairs, it should still be savored.

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This item is available on the Militant Islam Monitor website, at