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Team Obama Tried To Shield Pak ISI Chief In Mumbai Attack

December 2, 2010

December 2, 2010 -San Francisco, CA -The full implications of the Wiki disclosures are yet to be felt, but what is known even this early in the process makes Obama's foreign policy team appear to be a group of hapless amateurs operating at a level far beyond their competence.

A glimpse of this was offered in today's India Times, which relates that against a backdrop of sounding tough publicly regarding Pakistan and its terror aiding ISI intelligence operation, in private it was shielding the ISI's chief Pasha from allegations that his agency was involved in the 11/26 Mumbai attacks -India's 9/11.

Pakistan is widely understood in intelligence circles to be playing both sides of the fence regarding Islamic terrorism, but even though this is generally accepted common knowledge, the U.S. State Department was caught in at least one of the leaked diplomatic cables, pressuring India not to disclose the Paks involvement in the Mumbai atrocity.

"We are concerned that the India's premature public dissemination of this information will undermine essential law enforcement efforts and forestall further Indo-Pakistan cooperation. Our goal is not only to bring the perpetrators of this attack to justice, but also to begin a dialogue that will reduce tensions between India and Pakistan," [source, US defended Pak, shielded ISI chief after 26/11 strikes?, The Times of India,]

The thrust of the document is that team Obama apparently tilted toward protecting the Pak sponsored terrorism, rather than allowing Indian security officials to mention the linkage publicly, thus shielding those arguably most involved with coordinating the deadly attacks, which claimed the lives of six Americans, including a rabbinical family which was so horribly tortured that physicians reviewing the carnage were physically sickened.

The negative impact, not only on the ability of the U.S to conduct foreign policy, but on this administration's already tattered reputation internationally will be long felt. The fact that it has taken over three months for the fed to move against cyber-terrorist Julian Assange, indicates that this WH is once again experiencing a disconnect in the most serious matters of state.

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