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Unindicted Co-Conspirator in Hamas Funding Trial - ISNA - Meets with State Department and White House for ME Peace Initiative

October 7, 2010

October 7- Militant Islam Monitor - On Wednesday September 29 the Islamic Society of North America met with Hillary Clinton and officials in the State Department and the White House as part of the National Intereligious Leadership Initiative for Peace in the Middle East (NILI).

ISNA was an unindicted co conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation Hamas funding trial and is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood.

In a WND article Aaron Klein wrote that:

" ISNA was founded in 1981 by the Saudi-funded Muslim Students' Association. The two groups are still partners. WND previously attended an association event at which violence against the U.S. was urged by speakers According to terrorism expert Steven Emerson, ISNA "is a radical group hiding under a false veneer of moderation" that publishes a bimonthly magazine, Islamic Horizons, that "often champions militant Islamist doctrine."

According to the ISNA website:

"Representing ISNA at the White House and State Department meetings were ISNA president elect Imam Mohamed Magid, National Director for the Office of Interfaith and Community Alliances, Sayyid Syeed and Director of Community Outreach Mohamed Elsanousi.

In Wednesday's meetings the interfaith leaders reaffirmed their commitment to Peace in the Middle East and support for the Obama administrations efforts to continue peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority."

It is a travesty that a group which "often champions militant Islamist doctrine" is invited to the White House and State Department let alone for an initiative which purports to encourage peace in the Middle East. ISNA has also "condemned the seizure of Hamas and Palestinian Jihad's financial assets."

ISNA has close ties to the Obama administration which started before Obama became president. It is time that the Obama administration sees ISNA for what it is: A Saudi funded Islamist group dedicated to promoting shari'a law and waging stealth jihad in the United States. Given the terrorist friendly nature of the Obama administration this will not be considered a deterrent to their continuing their interactions with ISNA.

This item is available on the Militant Islam Monitor website, at