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The Centre for Social Cohesion August Report : Coverage of Islamist Terrorism: The British Connections

August 4, 2010

Welcome to the August email update from the Centre for Social Cohesion (CSC), the first think-tank in the UK to specialise in studying radicalisation and extremism within Britain. The CSC is an independent, non-partisan think tank.

1. New CSC report
2. Coverage of Islamist Terrorism: The British Connections
3. CSC in the Press
4. CSC in the Media

1. New CSC report

CSC's ground-breaking new publication, Islamist Terrorism: The British Connections, was released in July. The report presents the most comprehensive ever overview of the UK's connections to violent Islamism worldwide. The report has been described as ‘indispensable' by Marc Sageman, author of Leaderless Jihad, and ‘invaluable' by Michael Burleigh, author of Blood & Rage. Extracts of the report are available to download HERE.

2. Coverage of Islamist Terrorism: The British Connections

The findings of Islamist Terrorism were reported extensively across national, international and local papers and news websites:


* 'Terrorism in Britain "mostly home grown", report says,' Daily Telegraph (HERE)
* 'Rules of the game are changing,' The Times (HERE)
* 'Most Islamist terrorists in UK are born here,' Independent (HERE)
* ‘Most UK terrorism carried out by Britons', Daily Mail
* 'UK Terror Attacks "by Brits"', Daily Express (HERE)
* ‘Britons "behind UK terror offences"', Press Association (HERE), Daily Star & Daily Mirror
* ‘Study suggests deep Pak link to Terrorism', The Daily Jang – London edition, front page
* ‘Brits Behind Most UK Islam-Linked Terror,' Sky News (HERE)
* ‘Brits behind 2/3rd of Islam-related terror in UK: Report', ITN News (HERE)
* ‘Britons "behind UK terror offences"', Channel 4 News (HERE)
* ‘Two in three Islam-related terror attacks were carried out by Britons', Scotsman (HERE)
* ‘Majority of Islam related terror offences carried out by Brits', Asian Image (HERE)


* ‘British Think Tanks sketches Islamist terrorism in the UK', Le Monde, France
* ‘Britain is hub of Violent Islamism Worldwide, Says Centre for Social Cohesion's New Report', Fox News (Business), USA (HERE)
* 'The Pakistani Connection,' Jyllands-Posten, Denmark (HERE & HERE)
* ‘Two-thirds of terrorists in Britain are home-grown, survey finds', Ottawa Citizen, Canada (HERE)
* ‘Al Qaeda is biggest threat to Britain', Argentina Star (HERE), Malaysia Sun (HERE) & Mangalorean Media (HERE)
* ‘Most UK terror is by local citizens', Western Australia Today (HERE) & The Age, Australia (HERE)
* Islamist Terrorism was widely covered by Indian and Pakistani newspapers and news websites, including: One India (HERE); UNN India; India Talkies (HERE); Daily India (HERE); Sindh Today News (HERE); Thaindian News (HERE & HERE); Zee News, India (HERE); Frontier India (HERE); My News India (HERE); Daily News & Analysis India (HERE); Hindustan Times, India (HERE); Daily Mail, Pakistan (HERE); The Nation, Pakistan (HERE)

The CSC's report was also widely covered in local newspapers across the UK, including: Belfast Telegraph; Birmingham Mail; Buckinghamshire Advertiser; Caernarfon Herald; Chester Chronicle; Chronicle Live; Coventry Telegraph; Crewe Chronicle; Crosby Herald; Ealing Gazette; Ellesmere Port Pioneer; Flintshire Chronicle; Formby Times; Fulham Chronicle; Grantham Today; Harrow Observer; Hinckley Times; Holyhead and Anglesey Mail; Hounslow Chronicle; Huddersfield Examiner; IC Cheshire ; IC Liverpool; IC Newcastle; IC North Wales; IC Scotland; IC Solihull; Lancashire Evening Post; Liverpool Daily Post; Liverpool Echo; Lynn News; Maghull & Aintree Star; Manchester Evening News; North Wales Weekly News; Ormskirk & Skelmersdale Advertiser; Peterborough Today; Runcorn and Widnes Weekly News; Solihull News; South Wales Guardian; Southport Visiter; Staines News; Sunday Mercury; The Surrey Herald; Uxbr! idge Gazette; Wales Online; Wigan Today; Wirral News

The report's authors were interviewed for a wide range of national and international broadcast media:

* Robin Simcox on BBC America (HERE)
* Robin Simcox on BBC Radio 5 Live (HERE)
* Robin Simcox on BBC London News (HERE)
* Robin Simcox on BBC West Midlands
* Robin Simcox on BBC Three counties radio
* Robin Simcox on BBC Scotland
* Robin Simcox on Sunrise Radio
* Robin Simcox on LBC Radio
* Robin Simcox on Sky News
* Robin Simcox on Al-Jazeera Arabic
* Robin Simcox on Voice of America News (HERE)
* Houriya Ahmed on BBC Arabic
* Houriya Ahmed on Al-Jazeera English (HERE)
* Houriya Ahmed on ORF
* Hannah Stuart on NRK TV (HERE)
* Hannah Stuart on NRK Radio (HERE)
* Hannah Stuart on Russia Today (HERE)

Islamist Terrorism was also the subject of discussion on BBC Radio 4's flagship current affairs show, The Today Programme, by Senior British Army officer, General Sir Richard Dannatt, and Professor Michael Clarke, director of the Royal United Services Institute (HERE).

3. CSC in the Press

* Douglas Murray: 'We have not learnt the lesson of the July 7 suicide bombing', Daily Telegraph, 5 July (HERE)
* ‘Terrorist suspects to get millions in compensation, even if "torture" is unproven', Daily Express, 7 July (HERE)
* ‘BNP is "growing cohesion threat"', Regeneration & Renewal, 12 July (HERE)
* Houriya Ahmed: ‘A niqab is a symbol of misogyny. It shouldn't be banned', The Times, 14 July (HERE)
* '14 Temmuz 2010 Basin Ozeti', BBC Turkey, 14 July (HERE)
* Douglas Murray: ‘A political culture gone bad', Jerusalem Post, 15 July (HERE)
* ‘Hizb ut-Tahrir in America: Lessons from Great Britain', Investigative Project on Terrorism, 16 July (HERE)
* ‘British Muslims mount PR campaign to improve image', Voice of America News,19 July (HERE)
* ‘Islamists spread terror message', The Australian, 31 July (HERE)
* Douglas Murray: ‘How the UK arrived at the present situation regarding Israel and Middle East issues', Gloria Center IDC Herzliya (HERE)

4. CSC in the Media

* Douglas Murray on Sky News, discussing the Middle East and extremism, 4 July
* Douglas Murray's review of the papers for Talk Sport, 4 July
* Robin Simcox on NRK radio, on the deportation of terror suspects, 8 July
* Robin Simcox on NRK TV, examining control orders, 9 July (HERE)
* Robin Simcox on BBC News, discussing the government review into anti-terrorism legislation, 13 July (HERE)
* Houriya Ahmed on the French decision to ban the niqab for The Times Online, 14 July (HERE)
* Douglas Murray's review of the papers for the BBC World Service, 24 July
* Douglas Murray on LBC, debating control orders, 29 July
* Robin Simcox on ITV Fixers, discussing extremism, 29 July (HERE)
* Robin Simcox on BBC Arabic, examining honour-based violence, 30 July

The Centre for Social Cohesion is an independent think tank
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