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Hizbollah increases pay for suicide attacks from $20,000 to $100,000 after Israel returns terrorists bodies in "goodwill gesture"

Heil! Heil! The gangs all here - Israel lets terrorists return home after European vacations
February 13, 2005

MIM: As MIM predicted, the American offer of 100 dollars for terrorists to retire was just not competitive enough in the radical Islamist market . The terrorist group Hizbollah has upped the ante with help from Iran and increased the salary of for suicide bombers from $20,000 to $100,000 dollars.

Consumer research might help the US to gain a market share which they lost with Condoleeza's Rice's offer of $100 dollar pensions for retired terrorists while the going rate for suicide bombers was 20 to 25 thousand dollars at the time.

Even if the US government were to throw in an American passport, a car, some snuff films on DVD, and a couple of virgins in order to sweeten the deal, one only need look at the wealthy and middle class terrorists with Phd's from American universities to know that there is nothing which can be done to convince them that life in the US would be preferable to blowing up others for the sake of Allah ,and having their parents pass out sweets to the visitors who would come to rejoice in their martyrdom, and encourage their children to do the same. .


'Sham' El Sheikh talks continue as Arabs demand terrorists release & Imams exhort Muslim to destroy Israel 'in the name of Allah'
February 8, 2005

MIM: Radical Islamists have already seen that terrorism will be rewarded by prisoner releases,more land and millions of dollars in US Aid . In a move which as Theo van Gogh would have said "makes on blink in disbelief", US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice has proposed a $100 dollar month allowance to terrorists who 'agree to lay down their arms or find a another profession'. If the US had done some 'market research they would have seenthat the Saudi (and other Arab goverments) are giving $25,000 and new houses to suicide bombers and their families. It doesnt take an accountant to figure out which 'new profession' is the most lucrative.


Hezbolla Lifts Pay for Sucide Attacks to $100,000 Sunday, February 13 2005

Hizbolla has announced that it's raising the compensation it pays out to families of suicide attackers from $20,000 to $100,000.

Hizbolla has announced that it's raising the compensation it pays out to families of suicide attackers from $20,000 to $100,000, according to bank transfers and e-mail intercepted from the organization.

Hagai Huberman of Arutz 7 reports that according to Israeli intelligence officials, PA forces are checking into how the Hizbolla finances terrorist activity within the PA by examining and intercepting messages the Hezbolla has been forwarding to terrorists.

Senior officials of PA armed forces based in the territories they occupy in Judea and Samaria claim that the Hezbolla presents the number one threat to the continued lull in attacks against Israel. The Hezbolla is attempting to enlist terrorists from the Fatah organization, the main governing party in the PA, and from Fatah offshoots such as the Al Aksa Brigades, a terror group closely aligned with Mahmud Abbas, that is responsible for the murder of hundreds of Jews since the outbreak of the intifada in September, 2000. A recent attempt by a suicide bomber to blow himself up at an army roadblock in Shechem has been linked to these Hezbolla efforts.

PA military officials have admitted to reporters from the Associated Press that the Hezbolla, which has in the past funded hundreds of PA terrorists, has been intensifying its recruiting efforts, offering to pay thousands of dollars to armed men willing to attack Israeli targets.

One PA terrorist (who defined himself to the AP as a former terrorist) disclosed how a Hezbolla operative contacted him a day before the Sharm e-Sheik summit and offered him a substantial sum of money in exchange for carrying out violent acts. According to this source, groups of 5-6 Hezbolla recruits are paid from $5000 - $8000 for weapons, ammunition, and ongoing terror activities. Payment includes free use of a cellular phone.

A PA military officer charged with supervising "radical" groups has pointed out that the Hezbolla attempts to find out the bank account numbers of its operatives in the PA as well as the names of terrorist perpetrators by way of e-mail exchanges. The officer claims that he has read some of these exchanges and that the "humanitarian" bureau within the PA "supervises" the bank transfer of money from the Hezbolla to terrorists within the PA. The officer also claims that he has notified the PA leadership of the Hezbolla activity, but has not received any instructions to intervene in order to preclude such operations or arrest terrorists.

Hagai Huberman points out that the revelations regarding the Hezbolla's operations in the PA result from a "media offensive" which the PA has put on over the past few days, in order to expose the methods the Hezbolla uses to recruit Arab terrorists in Yesha. The purpose of the PA media blitz was to defuse the pressure on PA leader Abbas who claims ostensibly that the PA is trying to stop violent acts against Israel and engage in negotiations.

Hezbolla leader Hasan Naserallah declared last week that violent opposition to Israel will continue and will not stop under any circumstances. He was quoted by Almanar television on February 9th saying, "This is the year of unrelenting opposition, preserving the opposition and standing firm in opposition, which is our choice, our way and faith, and a pan-Arab, Islamic national struggle."


Yesha Council: Decision to Release Terrorists "Legitimizes" the Murder of Jews

Sunday, February 13, 2005

( Following today's cabinet decision to approve the release of 500 terrorists, the Yesha Council released a statement expressing "shock" over the decision reached by a "democratic nation, willing to release dangerous terrorists who murdered its citizens".

"It is a message of forgiveness regarding terrorism, legitimizing the murder of Jews. All Israeli citizens should be concerned over the release of the terrorists, most of who haven't changed their ways and will return to terrorism," the media statement exclaimed.


21:00 Feb-13-05

Humanitarian Gesture – Israel to Return Bodies of Terrorists Sunday, February 13, 2005 / 4 Adar 5765

( In yet another ‘gesture' to the PA, Israel tomorrow will hand over the bodies of 15 Arab terrorists which were buried in Israel. Magen David Adom ambulances will transport the bodies to Erez Crossing in northern Gaza, from where they will be placed in Red Crescent ambulances.


Concession to Hamas: Exiled Terrorists Return to Bethlehem

Saturday, February 12, 2005 / 3 Adar 5765

Israel will allow close to 70 terrorists to return to their homes in Judea and Samaria. They were exiled in May '02 after they holed themselves up in a large Bethlehem church for over a month.

The terrorists include about a dozen who were sent to Europe and another 50 who were exiled to Gaza after the church standoff, and another 20 or so who were exiled to Gaza after various terrorist crimes during the course of the Oslo War.

Knesset Member Sha'ul Yahalom (National Religious Party) called the agreement "irresponsible." The Almagor terror victim organization said it will try to prevent the move, which it said would cause a renewal of bloodshed.

The Hamas terrorist group has insisted Israel free all prisoners, including convicted terrorists, as well as allow exiled terrorists to return to their homes. Israel agreed to the return of 39 terrorists, along with 17 other deportees, on condition they promise not to return to terrorism. Israel in return promised not to arrest them. The 17 deportees have links to terrorist groups but Israeli officials said they could not be tried for fear of exposing intelligence sources.

Another 13 terrorists who barricaded themselves in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem in 2002 were exiled to Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Ireland, and they are also reportedly included in the deal. They will be allowed to return to their homes in the Bethlehem area, adjacent to the Gush Etzion bloc of Jewish towns just south of Jerusalem where thousands of Jews live.

Abu Mazen announced the agreement over the weekend, just before he met with terrorist leaders of Hamas and other groups in an effort to keep the lid on further violence. Just two days after Abu Mazen announced a cease fire at the summit in Sharm a-Sheikh last week, a massive mortar shelling and rocket barrage struck Gush Katif .

Hamas spokesmen said they agreed to refrain from attacking Israelis as long as the IDF does not carry out any anti-terror operations.

Israel has promised to release 900 of more than 7,500 prisoners in two steps, starting with 500 this week.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon stated this past week that in the future he will propose freeing terrorists who were convicted of murder. President Moshe Katzav, whose signature is required before prisoners can be freed, objects in principle, though has said that exceptions can be made for humanitarian reasons.

PA security chief Mohammed Dahlan met with Israel Defense Minister Sha'ul Mofaz in Tel Aviv to discuss the prisoner release, the security situation in Gaza and the transfer to the PA responsibility for security in five major Arab cities. Control of the city of Jericho is set to be transferred to the PA on Sunday or Monday.

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