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CAIR-Council of Anti American Islamist Radicals - Woman's hijab tugged at by Spaniards outraged over Madrid bombings

CAIR issues press release calling for Florida to reinstate use of electric chair for alleged perpetrators
by CAIR -Council of Arab Islamic Radicals
U.S. News Ire
April 13, 2004

U.S. News Ire To: State Desk Contact Ahmed Bidet CAIR FL, Adolf Ali ,CAIR FL , Ibrahim Pooper, all of the Council of Arab Islamic Radicals

(CAIR-FL) called for law enforcement and the FBI to investigate the alleged assault by three Spanish tourists who told a Muslim woman behind a kiosk in a Tampa shopping mall to, "get out of America", and claimed that Islam is "hateful and violent".

Ibrahim Pooper , CAIR's national spokesman, stated that the Muslim convert who claims to have had her hijab pulled by Spanish tourists reacting to the Madrid train bombings; " is also victim of terrorism".

CAIR spokesman Ahmed Bidet said ;"The alleged hijab pulling directed at a Muslim woman at a Florida shopping mall, in response to the news of the terrorist attacks in Madrid which killed over 200 people , must be treated as hate crime."

Adolf Ali, head of CAIR FL, added; "Even more serious is the claim that the Spaniards called Islam a "hateful and violent" religion. CAIR demands that the authorities amend the possible charges according to the gravity of the incident . We insist that the Florida legislature reinstate the electric chair as a method of execution in the case of kuffars who are accused of causing offense to Muslims."

Ibrahim Pooper warned ;" We must send a message that infidels who react emotionally when they hear that their compatriots were hacked to death or blown to pieces by Muslims engaged in the practice of Islam, which is 'a religion of peace', will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law ". He added that; " The tugging of the saleswoman's headscarf while she was behind her kiosk was worse then the bombings in Madrid, since the victim lost part of her hourly salary as a result, as opposed to the the thousand or so train passengers who were blown up in Spain before they could begin working."

Ahmed Bidet said that, "This horror of the attack which might have resulted in the women's head scarf being removed , coupled with the alleged assailants telling her that Islam is , "hateful and violent" religion, make this one of the most brutal assaults which Muslims have endured during years of intolerance and oppression in the United States. "Muslims will never feel safe in an American shopping mall again and will have had to live with the memory of this attempted atrocity until they sacrifice their lives for Allah."

Ibrahim Pooper explained that ; "The attempt to remove a Muslimah's hijab in a shopping mall was more of an outrage then the dismemberment and dragging through the streets of the bodies of the Americans by our fellow Muslims in Fallujah who were simply celebrating the murder of infidels in the name of Islam ".

" There was no such religious justification behind the Spanish tourist's attack upon this Muslim victim."

CAIR Florida director Adolf Ali stated that : "The 9/11 attacks have caused the continued victimisation of Muslims in America.

"The families of the 3,000 people murdered on September 11th and the thousands who were maimed as a result of the attacks, should show solidarity with the suffering we Muslims have had to endure since that the incident involving the Twin Towers and remember that 19 devout Muslims also died there ".

"Americans must come to realize that Islam is a 'mercy for all mankind' and convert immediately"

CAIR also called upon State Department officials to continue helping Muslims in their efforts to replace Constitutional law with Shari'a rule .


CAIR, the Council of Arab Islamic Radicals is America's largest Muslim uncivilized libertines group .

Note: CAIR offers an email disinformation list designed to be a journalists window as to the true of agenda of the American Muslim Community.

MIM: The above is based on a real CAIR press release and intended for ironical purposes only


MIM: On 3/31/04, CAIR issued a press release quoting Koranic verses which stated that the hanging from a bridge of the mutilated bodies of the four ambushed Americans, who had been shot and burned alive, by a rejoicing Muslim mob, was not in accordance with Islamic law .

CAIR did not condemn the killings in themselves, which was seen as an Islamist victory for the Muslims in Fallujah.



Here is the actual CAIR press release which was sent to the media after the alleged incident.

The alleged attackers were Spanish nationals - stay tuned for the next press release demanding their extradition.

Note that CAIR the "Community Safety Kit" which CAIR offers is only meant for Muslims !


Florida Muslim Woman Assaulted in Mall; Attackers Blamed Victim for Madrid Train Bombings, Says CAIR

4/7/2004 2:28:00 PM

To: State Desk

Contact: Ahmed Bedier, 813-731-9506 or [email protected]; Altaf Ali, 954-298-8214 or [email protected]; Ibrahim Hooper, 202-488-8787 or 202-744-7726, [email protected]; all of the Council on American-Islamic Relations

TAMPA, Fla., April 7 /U.S. Newswire/ -- The Florida office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-FL) today called on law enforcement authorities to investigate an assault on a Muslim woman at a shopping mall in that state as a hate crime.

The victim, the owner of a jewelry kiosk at Westshore Mall in Tampa who wears an Islamic head scarf, says she was verbally and physically assaulted on Tuesday by three people who told her to "get out of (America)" and said her religion is "hateful and violent." The assailants allegedly blamed the woman for the recent Madrid train bombings.

During the assault, one of the attackers allegedly grabbed the victim's throat and attempted to remove her head scarf. The perpetrators fled when the victim ran to find mall security officers. Police are currently investigating the incident as a case of simple battery.

"The facts of this case mandate that law enforcement authorities treat it as a hate crime and amend the possible charges accordingly," said CAIR-FL Communications Director Ahmed Bedier. "We must send an unambiguous message that anti-Muslim attacks will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law," said CAIR-FL Executive Director Altaf Ali.

Since the 9/11 terror attacks, Florida Muslims have witnessed an alarming rise in bias-related incidents. In 2001, a Tallahassee man drove his truck into a local mosque. In 2002, a Pinellas county man was arrested for plotting to attack some 50 Islamic institutions in Florida.

According to CAIR's national office, the Florida assault is part of a recent rise in anti-Muslim incidents. A CAIR "Muslim Community Safety Kit" booklet, designed to help local Islamic leaders protect institutions and individuals, may be obtained by e-mailing [email protected] or calling 202-488-8787.

CAIR, America's largest Islamic civil liberties group, is headquartered in Washington, D.C., and has 26 regional offices and chapters nationwide and in Canada.


CONTACT: Ahmed Bedier, 813-731-9506, E-Mail: abedier@cair-; Altaf Ali, 954-298-8214, E-Mail: altaf@cair-; Ibrahim Hooper, 202-488-8787 or 202-744-7726, E-Mail: [email protected];

NOTE: CAIR offers an e-mail list designed to be a journalist's window to the American Muslim community. To SUBSCRIBE to ISLAM- INFONET, go to: MIM: The above is intended for entertainment purposes only.

MIM: Below is an actual press release issued by the " Islamic Human Rights Commission" in London.

As you can see the IHRC concept of human rights only extends to Muslims.

According to the IHRC, the Madrid bombings should be used by the Spanish to "promote peace " (i.e.) get out of Iraq . Instead of condolences in solidarity with the Spanish people, or condemning the bombings as Muslims , the IHRC (in the U.K.), "expresses alarm over reports of anti Muslim backlash incidents in Spain", and urges the Spanish governement to "insure the safety of those within it's borders". (i.e.Muslims) T

The IHRC cites undocumented "reports" of "anti Muslim" incidents in Spain. As far as I know none were reported as the Spaniards were too busy grieving and marching against terrorism . One must therefore conclude that the " reports of anti Muslim backlash", referred to by the ICHR pertains to the arrest and death of the terrorists, who shot at police from their apartment window while shouting "Allah Akbar", and Koranic verses . The terrorists killed one officer, a father of 3, and then blew themselves up with the explosives which they had planned to use in another attack .

Amazingly, none of the occupants were killed and many were relocated ,after their apartments were destroyed by the blast, which tore a hole in the building .

We can only wait for the following Islamic Human Rights Commission in the U.K.'s next press release urging consular intervention for the unproven attempted "hijab tugging" , reported by CAIR to the police and press .(see above) .The alleged 'Spanish tourists' were never found. (see above).


PRESS RELEASE: Human Rights Group Condemns Madrid Bombings

16 March 2004

IHRC Calls on Spanish Government to Promote Peace and Prevent Backlash and "insure the safety of all (Muslims) within it's borders "

Islamic Human Rights Commission


16th March 2004

PRESS RELEASE: Human Rights Group Condemns Madrid Bombings

IHRC Calls on Spanish Government to Promote Peace and Prevent Backlash

The Islamic Human Rights Commission unequivocally condemns the Madrid bombings, in which so many innocent lives were taken and destroyed last week.

IHRC Chairman Massoud Shadjareh said:

"We pray for all the innocent victims of terrorist violence, bet they victims of non-state groups or state sponsored or perpetrated terror. Madrid is yet another ugly chapter in the history of mankind.

"We hope that the Spanish people who overwhelmingly rejected their previous government's participation in the attack on Iraq will stand firm in their resolve and not allow Spanish society to accelerate the Europe wide processes of demonisation and vilification that have characterised other European countries in the wake of 9/11."

IHRC is alarmed at reports of anti-Muslim backlash incidents in Spain and calls on the new Spanish government to ensure it considers the safety of all within its borders as well as the due process of law are upheld without distinction.

For more information please contact (+44) 20 8904 4222, 07958 522 196, [email protected].

Islamic Human Rights Commission
PO Box 598
United Kingdom

Here is a real statement from the UK Association of Muslim lawyers about 9/11.

MIM : The statement condemns what it calls the "incidents that took place on 9/11" and goes on to state that "unfortunately" as a result of the attacks "Muslims are being subjected to "various forms of abuse and attacks" and urges "anyone who is a victim" to write the Association via our email address". The Association will then "present this report to the Government for the protection of Muslims". Since the attacks took place in the United States and the Association of Muslim lawyers is based in Britain, "various forms of abuse and attacks" means that it is "open season" for Muslims to report any infidel who might have annoyed them by breathing air .

MIM:The UK message to Americans is a cursory "too bad so sad", and concentrates on the "anticipated plight of poor Muslims" who might face harrassment by some fellow citizens who are upset at the deaths of 3,000 of their compatriots who were murdered by 19 practioners of the "religion of peace". As is always the case the Islamists ,the Association of Muslim lawyers uses their statement to claim that Muslims are being victimized worldwide. They conviently fail to mention that it is Muslims who are responsible for the majority of conflicts around the globe. Adding insult to injury, the AML statement closes with a flowery Koranic verse which says killing is okay in "retaliation" or for "causing corruption on the earth". Simply stated - all non-Muslims are fair game since by refusing to recognize Islam as the perfection of all religions they are "causing corruption on the earth".

Statement on September 11th 2001

The Association of Muslim Lawyers condemns the incidents that took place in New York and Washington on 11th September 2001 and expresses its condolences and deepest sympathy to the victims, their families and friends.

Unfortunately as a result of those incidents many Muslims are being subjected to various forms of abuse or attacks and the Association is urging anyone who is a victim of any sort of incident/attack/harassment to write to the Association via our email address [email protected].

The Association intends to closely monitor such incidents and to compile a report and present this to the Government for the protection of Muslims. It is imperative that anyone who suffers any form of such attacks writes with as much detail as possible to enable us to compile as complete record a possible. The Association is working together with the Muslim Council of Britain in this regard.

The Association of Muslim Lawyers also condemns the indiscriminate slaughter of innocent non-combatant civilians in Bosnia, Kosovo, Checheniya, Russia, Algeria, Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Gujarat, China and Indonesia and expresses its condolences and deepest sympathy to the victims, their families and friends. As Allah says in the Qur'an:

"So We decreed for the tribe of Israel
that if someone kills another person -
unless it is in retaliation for someone else
or for causing corruption in the earth -
it is as if he had murdered all mankind.

And if anyone gives life to another person,
it is as if he had given life to all mankind."
[Qur'an: 5.32]

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