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UK terrorist prisoners given $500,000 worth of special lunch boxes for Ramadan

September 4, 2008

25k flasks for Muslim lifers

Anger ... 250 inmates at Belmarsh get special treatment

bold">Anger ... 250 inmates at Belmarsh get special treatment

Chief Reporter

Published: Today September 4, 2008

The Sun (UK)

PRISON bosses sparked fury yesterday after splashing out 25,000 to buy lunch boxes for Muslim terrorists and criminals.

The containers were handed out to nearly 250 inmates to keep their dinners warm in their cells during the Muslim festival of Ramadan.

Inmate .. Hamza

bold">Inmate .. Hamza

The bright yellow metal flasks were issued to all Muslim prisoners in London's top-security Belmarsh Jail which houses scores of convicted and suspected terrorists.

They include hook-handed cleric Abu Hamza, 48, serving seven years for incitement to murder and racial hatred.

Prison officers at Belmarsh last night branded the decision "absolutely crazy".

They said that they feared the 18ins long containers looking like a tool box could be used as a lethal weapon.

The boxes allow prisoners to keep meals warm until darkness when they are allowed to eat at the end of the fasting period during Ramadan, which began on Monday.

One outraged guard said: "We couldn't believe our eyes when the boxes suddenly appeared.

"It's madness to allow dangerous prisoners to have a metal box with handles. These are not petty criminals these are hardened terrorists.

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"In the past they have been given the opportunity to have a a container like a small cool box but these things are just a lavish upgrade.

"We've told they cost around 100 for each prisoner. There's 250 of them being given out at our jail, never mind the rest of the country."

Another source said: "What is even crazier is that dinner is usually still going on at 7pm and it gets dark soon after 8pm. The food hardly has time to go cold!"

Last night the Prison Service said: "The purpose of prison is to deprive offenders of their liberty as a punishment for crimes committed. It is not there to restrict religious beliefs and practices.

"HMP Belmarsh provides flasks for the Ramadan fast which allow Muslim prisoners keep food warm for the evening meal.

"They are re-useable and will be used for years. Flasks are the most effective way of meeting this requirement without disruption to the running of the prison."

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