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NL Muslim Councilwoman who told a constituent to 'convert to Islam' and "drop dead" is being forced out after signing HUT petition

January 27, 2008

Dutch Muslim Councilwoman Who Told Constituent To "Drop Dead" On Verge Of Being Forced Out

By Beila Rabinowitz and William Mayer

January 25, 2008 - San Francisco, CA - - In a story reported here earlier [see, Muslim Dutch Labor Party Politician Tells Citizen, "Drop Dead, Convert To Islam"] the case of Moroccan born Dutch councilwoman Bouchra Ismaili, who responded to an email query by a native born Netherlander, suggesting that he, "drop dead convert to Islam…you are the foreigners here," is close to resolution, with what is believed to be her imminent forced resignation.

The email was sent by Ismaili to Jos Parbleu, who reported the incident to Holland's Algemeen Dagblad newspaper stating that he was "shocked" by the response. Parbleu, expressing a growing sentiment among the country's native born, added that the rise of Islamic militancy as evidenced by Ismaili's threatening email was, "a sign of what a disastrous situation has hit the country."

Ismaili has defended herself saying that she wrote the comments "in a surge of anger" after hearing someone yell anti-Moroccan comments during the day.

It has since been further revealed that Ismaili had signed a petition by the central asian terrorist group Hizb ut Tahrir calling for "a large bombing attack" to be conducted against Holland.

PVV party leader, Geert Wilders - a vocal critic of the radicalization of Holland's Muslim population has pursued the matter in the country's Lower House and demanded Ismaili's resignation.



Bouchra Ismaili the Moroccan Muslim Labor council woman (PvdA) who emailed a citizen to "drop dead" and "convert to Islam" is being asked to resign her seat. According to the NRC Handelsblad the first line of Ismaili's email to Jos Parbleu read "Listen good you filthy lunatic – WE ARE HERE TO STAY-hahahahahaha DROP DEAD". The party stated that the last "drop in the bucket" was Ismaili's lying about having signed a petition from Hizb ut Tahrir an Islamist group which finds that Holland "is in need of a large bombing attack". Ismaili has informed the party that she does not plan to give up her seat.

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