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CAIR Sacramento Director Basim Elkarra's History Of "Not Credible" Death Threat Allegations

December 9, 2007

CAIR Sacramento Director Basim Elkarra's History Of "Not Credible" Death Threat Allegations

By William Mayer

December 8, 2007

San Francisco, CA - - Despite having caused talk show personality Michael Savage the loss of possibly a million dollars in advertising revenue, as CAIR Sacramento Executive Director Basim Elkarra sees it, he is the real victim in this matter.

Embroiled in a media war against the nationally syndicated talk show host and outspoken critic of radical Islam, Elkarra is now alleging that someone has threatened to kill him.

As quoted in a Sacramento Bee news story, reprinted in the December 6 CAIR news letter, "Elkarra said he met with the FBI in the past two weeks to discuss the threat on his life. Because the investigation is ongoing, Elkarra said he was instructed by the FBI not to publicly discuss into details. FBI spokeswoman Karen Ernst confirmed the FBI received information "regarding an alleged threat" and that the Sacramento field office was investigating."

Despite being told not to talk about the allegations publicly, the story somehow managed to get to the press, with Elkarra raising the ante, stating that the "threat" is related to his legal battle with Savage.

Elkarra is a key player in the action against Savage, coordinating the local effort to muzzle the controversial talk-show host.

At a poorly attended press event held outside of San Francisco radio station KNEW on November 27, Mr. Elkarra castigated Michael Savage for his alleged "hate speech," but in a redux of previous encounters with the organization, refused to condemn the terrorist group HAMAS, specifically and by name, when challenged to do so by this reporter - though he was given ample opportunity.

It is CAIR's record of refusing to condemn Hamas that leads so many to conclude that the "civil rights" group not so secretly is in support of the Palestinian terrorist organization, a fact which renders statements by Elkarra decrying the "hate speech" of others absurd given CAIR's total lack of moral authority.

Mr. Elkarra is no stranger to controversy and neither is the organization which he represents, the Council on American Islamic Relations, which was designated last summer as an unindicted co-conspirator in the ongoing Holy Land Foundation prosecution.

Earlier this year California Senator Barbara Boxer rescinded a "Certificate of Achievement" award given by her office to Elkarra sparking a national uproar.

When questioned about why her office had taken the unprecedented step of rescinding the award to CAIR, Senator Boxer stated that "we made a bad mistake not researching the organization," noting, "CAIR's unwillingness to condemn Osama Bin Laden by name or condemn...Hamas."

The communications director of Boxer's office also cited the cases of Ghassan Elashi [see Ghassan Elashi's Sentencing Proves CAIR's Terror Ties] a founding board member of the Texas branch of CAIR who was sentenced to 80 months in prison for business dealings with Hamas leader Musa abu Marzook, as well as the case of Randal "Ismail" Royer a CAIR communications specialist and civil rights coordinator who was sentenced to 20 for conspiracy to "support Jihad overseas."

During the Boxer dustup Elkarra also adopted the role of victim, claiming that he was subject to death threats. However upon investigation, the FBI deemed his allegations "not credible" according to Senator Boxer's office.

On January 8, 2007 CNN's Paula Zahn stated, "Basim Elkarra says he's received hate mail, including a death threat, since the controversy erupted. Senator Boxer's office tells CNN the FBI has investigated, and the death threat is not credible."

"Not credible" is probably the kindest thing one can say about stealth jihadist Elkarra, whose long history of Islamist activism, his current association with the terror-friendly CAIR and the campaign he has organized to censor Michael Savage, speak to a dark motivation.

Feigned victimhood has become a bedrock component in America's radical Islamic arsenal, claiming that Muslims are the real aggrieved party in the wake of each terrorist attack rather than those who have been forced to suffer the physical brunt of it.

This methodology has allowed groups like CAIR and other Islamist activists such as Dhabah Almontaser, the former principal of Brooklyn's besieged Arabic language school, the Khalil Gibran International Academy, to weave a self-serving narrative based upon trumped up claims of discrimination.

This tactic is employed because it has proven to be effective; accepted uncritically by America's multicultural/diversity obsessed media, to the extent that hard-core Saudi funded Hamas mouthpieces like CAIR are often only identified as "civil rights" groups, when everything they stand for screams radicalism and a desire to incrementally push the society towards Sharia.

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