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UK terror suspects who fled monitoring said to be targetting overseas -two related to convicted fertilizer bomb plotter

May 29, 2007

MIM: Tony Blair was furious that they escaped and accused the legal system of giving too much civil rights to terrorists at the expense of citizen's safety. Denial of legal powers to keep suspects in jail is what lead to the monitoring system which allowed the three brothers to escape.

Blair says human rights of terrorists being put before protection of citizens after 3 suspects flee control orders

UK terror suspects said targeting overseas

Staff and agencies
24 May, 2007

By DAVID STRINGER, Associated Press

LONDON - Three men who escaped from monitoring under Britain‘s anti-terrorist legislation planned to travel overseas to carry out violence, a key government official said Thursday.

"It is believed that these individuals wanted to travel abroad for terrorism-related purposes," Reid wrote.

The men had been monitored under the control-order system, which restricts the activity of terror suspects deemed a risk to national security even though they face no charges. Prime Minister Tony Blair ‘s government created the system after a 2004 ruling by Britain‘s highest court concluded that the detention of suspects in prison without trial was unlawful.

Police said two of the fugitive men, Lamine Adam, 26, and his 20-year-old brother Ibrahim, are related to Anthony Garcia, who was convicted and jailed for life last month for his part in a plot to carry out a bombing spree against targets which included a nightclub and power plants.

Reid said all three men had been required to hand any travel documents and report daily to police. Two men were also required to call a monitoring company each night to verify they were at home.

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