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May 1, 2007

The American Society for the Advancement of Muslims announces their Islamist agenda with their name. ASMA promotes jihad through da'wa and the Islamisation of the West by grooming "Muslim Leaders of Tommorrow". At the Saudi backed 2006 MLT conference in Denmark "moderate"Islamists discussions of how to increase Muslim political and social influence was euphemistically termed "bridge building".

The Cordoba /Islamic Dialogue initative is lead by ASMA and headed by the Imam of the New York Al Farah mosque Faisal Abdul Rauf who together with his wife Daisy Khan are trying to put a yuppie face on radical Islam. The message is clear –you can be a Wall Street broker , CEO, and upwardly mobile professional and live according to shari'a as while do da'wa as a ‘Muslim leader of Tommorrow'.

Muslim leadership as the new da'wa signals an alarming trend whereby hardcore Islamists join forces with self proclaimed " moderates" while openly declaring that their common goal is to promote Islam in the West and unite the Umma. ASMA's own mission statement is a template for this "radical moderate" Islamist agenda.

The ASMA 2006 Young Leadership conference also proved what Dutch Islam expert Hans Jansen meant when he who wrote ""moderate Muslims too, strive after an Islamic society …" They intentionally make use of radicals to enforce their wishes


Last year ASMA held a conference in Denmark, and speakers included radical Islamists Dhabah Almontaser (the principal designate of the Khalil Gibran Islamic Academy ) and Feisal Abdul Rauf, "Founder and CEO of (ASMA Society) and the Imam of Masjid Al –Farah a mosque in New York City twelve blocks from Ground Zero". His wife Daisy Khan shares in his da'aw efforts and is the

"the Executive Director of ASMA Society "…and…"mentors young Muslims on the challenges of cultural assimilitation and reconciling Western and Muslim identity." and directs both the " Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow " program and the "Muslim Women LeadersՠForum".

Faux moderates like Irshad Manji who promotes a warm fuzzy called Ijtihad (a term also used by Islamists like Muqtedar Khan) also attended. Manji is on the ASMA Institutes list Muslim of Muslim Leaders of Tommorrow. The appearence of Manji who is regarded as a poster girl for a "kinder gentler Islam" is not surprising. On her website she includes a picture of her with faux moderate and Arafat lackey Sari Nusseibeh (who appeared praised the mother of a suicide bomber when he appeared with her and Hamas leader Khalid Maschal, Manji used to have a banner quote on her website about "intellectual honesty" from Edward Said - a vile anti semite who was once photographed hurling stones at IDF troops and proven liar. (She since changed it to one by Rumi "the love poet".

' After a trip to Israel financed by a Jewish group Manji who claims she is living in constant fear of her life was photographed in front of a Hezbollah outpost on the Lebanese border and interviewed a Hamas operative. She wrote a piece in which she lambasted Sharon and compared settlers to suicide bombers saying "there are extremists on both sides".

Other names on the Muslim leaders list are those of Reza Aslan the keynote speaker at CAIR's upcoming New York banquet and Azhar Uzman the head of "Allah Made Me Funny" who jokes about " blowing himself up in a Dunkin Donuts" and hijacking airplanes. Here is a list on the ASMA weblog :

Muslim Leaders of Today

MIM: The concept of Muslim leadership as the new da'wa us becoming more evident as Islamists join with "faux moderates" openly declare that their goals are to promote a Islam in the West and unite the Umma. The Islamist intent can be seen by this poem for Mohammed's Birthday which appears on the ASMA weblog next to the above listing of 'Muslim Leaders of Tommorrow' which proclaims "Muhammad as our role model". The poem is a clear reference to armed jihad and the submission of the Jews to Islam.

"I would be ashamed at the frown of Muhammad! The Sword of pure Haydar, the mighty Qu'ran are cornerstones of the strong faith of Muhammed.for he stood as master with Dhu'l -fiqar in every fight to the right of Muhammad. Since Ali's sword helped the mighty Qu'ran,Ali was the helper,no doubt for Muhammed. As Aaron to Moses so was Ali in rank. A partner in faith and close to Mohammed. On Doomsday both Moses and Aaron will kiss the mantel of Ali, the hem of Muhammad.

March 31, 2007

Milad an-Nabi

The birthday of Prophet Muhammad, our most blessed role model. From Nasir Khusraw:

Of Muhammad
I chose the Qur'an
and the faith of Muhammad,
for that is the choice
that was made by Muhammad.
I'm certain by faithfully
following these,
my certitude will
be like that of Muhammad.
My key for the heavens,
my guide to delight,
my fortified castle:
the faith of Muhammad!
Muhammad is sent as
God's prophet to us:
thus is the imprint
of the seal of Muhammad.
The faith, the Qur'an
they are fixed in my heart
just as they were fixed
in the heart of Muhammad.
My hope is to be
by the grace of the Lord
the lowliest one
in the folk of Muhammad.
In the ocean of faith
you see, the Qur'an
is the most precious pearl
in the hand of Muhammad.
As every king
has a treasure concealed,
thus is the Qur'an:
treasure trove of Muhammad!
Now look at the jewel
that sits on this treasure!
Whom do you consider
the trustee of Muhammad?
His followers find
yonder jewel of faith
from nobody else
but the sons of Muhammad.
Muhammad entrusted
his treasure and goods
to one person, worthy
and close to Muhammad.
Who was such a close
friend? He whose dear wife
was none but the darling
black-eyed, of Muhammad.
From this darling child
and that cousin appeared
Hasan and Husayn,
letters close to Muhammad.
I know certainly this:
Hasan and Husayn
are jasmine and rose
in both worlds, of Muhammad.
Where could such a rose
and such a jasmine appear
in both worlds but out
of the soil of Muhammad!
I don't dare select
any one among men
above these two sons,
lovely sons of Muhammad;
I don't dare select
anyone above them
I would be ashamed
of the frown of Muhammad!
The sword of pure Haydar,
the mighty Qur'an
are cornerstones of
the strong faith of Muhammad,
for he stood as master
and with Dhu'l-fiqar
in every fight
to the right of Muhammad.
Since Ali's sword helped
the mighty Qur'an;
Ali was the helper,
no doubt, for Muhammad.
As Aaron to Moses,
so was Ali in rank
A partner in faith
and close to Muhammad.
On Doomsday both Moses
and Aaron will kiss
the mantle of Ali,
the hem of Muhammad.
Muhammad's religion
resembled a thicket:
The lion: Ali,
in the woods of Muhammad.
Muhammad said: ‘Go,
and seek wisdom in China!'
I went to that China,
the land of Muhammad.
I heard from the heir
of the Prophet such words
which were like the honey,
so sweet, of Muhammad!

Nasir Khusraw
from Make a Shield from Wisdom
translated by Annemarie Schimmel

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A recent article by Dutch Islam specialist Hans Janssen explained

"moderate Muslims too, strive after an Islamic society in the Netherlands" They intentionally make use of radicals to enforce their wishes". According to Janssen "Dutch politicians and media are downplaying excesses of of multilcultural society and thereby increasing these , in the view of Islam expert Hans Janssen. The Netherlands should resist using non –peaceful means"

This ominous assessment highlights the ultimate aim of the ASMA society. To project a moderate, Westernised version of Islam which in reality puts an Islamist stamp on event the most seemingly innocuous and quintenssentially American or Western activities and uses legal Islamism to advance their agenda which leaves the West defenseless and a victim of it's own legal system where protected freedoms are used to attack the host culture from within.

As Dr.Daniel Pipes wrote in "How the West Could Lose"

Should Islamists get smart and avoid mass destruction, but instead stick to the lawful, political, non-violent route, and should their movement remain vital, it is difficult to see what will stop them.

Faisal Abdul Rauf A one man version of good cop –bad cop

Promoting Islamism under the guise of Islamic pluralism he believes that "jihad warfare was started by the West" and that instead of being the perpetrators of 9/11 it is Muslims who are the perpetualvictims

According to postings on Jihad Watch:

Rauf is imam of a mosque that is just 12 blocks from where the WTC center stood. He is also the imam of the Islamic Center of Long Island in Westbury, 835 Brush Hollow Road. Larry Cohler-Esses of the Daily News wrote about anti-Christian, anti-Jewish textbooks coming out of the Crescent School, same address as mosque. When pressed about the hateful content of the textbooks, "What Islam is All About", Rauf said the books should be changed. They haven't been to date. Yahiya Emerick is the publisher of the books and a teacher at the school. Ghazi Khankan of CAIR is also at this mosque, along with Faroque Khan, head of NY American Muslim Alliance and affiliated with Islamic Society of North America. This is the same mosque Congressman Peter King had cut ties with after 9/11 due to disparaging statements they made about all of us.

Rauf,who espouses the same ideology as the hijackers, was the Muslim cleric who spoke at the interfaith memorial for victims of the attacks which he blames on the West. He also heads the American Sufi Association as a front to draw attention from his radical Islamist activities. Many Islamist clerics in the West are using Sufism (which is considered a warm fuzzy interpretation of Islam) to hide their radical agendas. Like Rauf, they alternate between propagating the destruction of the West while presenting themselves as "peacemakers" who convince non Muslims that Islam is actually the "perfection" Judaism and Christianity i.e. becoming a convert is actually "reverting" to the "perfect version" of of one's former religion.

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch writes:

According to Abdul Rauf:

"American policies were an accessory to the crime that happened".and "Sept. 11 was not the result of a crisis within Islam" but because of "the humiliation which the Muslim world has experienced over the last century"

Faisel Abdul Rauf is the "Muslim Leaders of Tommorrow"/Cordoba Initiative" of which he is the architect is a Saudi funded da'wa enterprise being backed by the World Economic Forum/Islamic Dialouge project whose backers include radical Islamists including Faisal Al Turki and leftwing terror apologists like

Imam Feisal is also the architect of the Cordoba Initiative, an inter-religious blueprint for improving relations between the Muslim world and West & America.

Imam Feisal is a member of the World Economic Forum Council of 100 Leaders (Islamic West dialogue) and the Board of Trustees of the Islamic Center of New York.

MIM: The ASMA Society's press release on "the first anniversery of the London bombings" is a staple Islamist ploy (narcislamism) whereby terror acts are expressly used as "opportunities" to make a public condemnation of the attack as a PR stunt. In this case the bombings are a chance for "One hundred dynamic young Muslim leaders" to discuss the identity of Muslims in the the world and their relations with the West". Note how there is no mention made of the victims or the need to root out extremism. Its all about Muslims and their relationship to the West and the future of Islam. Also worth noting is how the PR about the bombings contains "a lighter note" about the appearence of the Azhar Usman whose repetoire consists of jokes about blowing himself up in a Dunkin Donuts and being seen as a potential hijacker.

Press Release

On the first anniversary of the London bombings:

Young Muslim Leaders Discuss Identity and Ways to Bridge Gap with West

One hundred dynamic young Muslim leaders from 15 countries will be meeting in

Copenhagen on 7 to 9 July to discuss the identity of Muslims in the world and their

relations with the West.

Coming from the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Denmark and other

countries, these diverse young Muslim leaders, varied in religiosity, ethnicity, culture and

individual politics will discuss key issues such as Muslim integration in the West,

struggles surrounding identity, marginalization of immigrant communities and Islamic

reaction to secularism.

Scheduled on the first anniversary of the London bombings, The Muslim Leaders of

Tomorrow (MLT) forum emerges amidst a tense global environment when many around

the world feel there is a historic need for dialogue and debate on issues of religion and

identity, especially as it pertains to the enormous challenges faced by them.

The MLT forum seeks to meet an urgent need for a constructive movement amongst

young Muslims to reject and marginalize extremism. The MLT aims to bring together

diverse Muslim voices to strategize and work toward this goal while communicating this

message widely. The purpose in doing so is also to put forth a leadership committed to

fostering healthy Muslim identities and to have these leaders work together as change

agents in their respective communities.

Among the participants are prominent Western Muslim scholars such as Imam Feisal

Abdul Rauf, author of What's Right with Islam who will moderate a very special to-bewatched-

out-for roundtable entitled "Imam's Circle". The Imam's Circle will be

comprised of young Imams from Italy, Denmark, UK, and US who will candidly debate

the challenge living Islamically in secular society. Other special event include: the

unveiling of acclaimed Turkish cartoonist Salih Memecan's cartoons in response to the

Danish cartoons. Also, on the lighter side, Azhar Usman, a popular Muslim comedian,

will be performing at the conference .

About The Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow Forum

The American Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA) and the Cordoba Initiative have

organized the MLT forum to address the acrimony and mutual mistrust that have now

permeated the deepest levels of both Western and Muslim societies.

The MLT forum aims to address issues such as:

• What is Islam and how is it perceived as part of identity?

• When is religion transformative and when is religiosity a reflection of insecure


• What do Muslims as a collective body mean to you? Do you think that Muslims

need to be unified and what would it mean to be unified?

• What breeds alienation in Muslim communities?

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