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Utah Mayor Rocky Anderson denies jihad in mall shootings aids and abets Al Qaeda by bashing US government in time of war

March 23, 2007

Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson Giving Aid & Comfort To Al-Qaeda

March 22, 2007 - San Francisco, CA - - Salt Lake City's publicity seeking mayor, Rocky Anderson has a seemingly insatiable appetite for the spotlight.

Along the way Anderson has made himself a multicultural tool of the left appearing at anti-troop rallies, advocating that the United States abandon the war against terror and demanding the impeachment of President Bush.

Anderson has been in the lead, allegedly pressuring law enforcement and Salt Lake City public officials into denying that Sulejman Talovic's February 12 murder spree at the Trolley Square shopping center [killing 5] undoubtably was what it appeared to be, an act of Islamic jihad [see Sulejman Talovic's Salt Lake City Murder Spree Was An Act Of Jihad].

Anderson has stated that "The president has disgraced our armed forces and our nation by prosecuting an illegal war in Iraq" and that the President is, "the most dangerous President the country's ever had" who has precipitated an "incredible moral crisis."

Actually it is Anderson who is dangerous, kow-towing to radical Muslim interests and ignoring obvious evidence of an Islamist attack in his own city.

Considering that Anderson is not a Mormon and is pro-abortion to the extreme degree of having served as a Planned Parenthood attorney, one might question why someone of his ilk could have gotten elected in what might be America's reddest state. Perhaps the explanation lies in the old dictum that all politics is local and a smart campaign will almost always trump a poorly conceived one, irrespective of the issues.

Regardless, Anderson's style of Berkeley politics grates heavily on traditional citizens of Utah, with Jeff Hartley the director of the Utah State GOP has said that Anderson's near seditious yammering "emboldens the enemy" calling his language "incredibly inflammatory." [source]

If Anderson's political opponents are skilled enough [a big if considering the current lack of testosterone within the GOP] they should be able to legitimately draw the link between his lifelong goofy multicultural progressivism and the presence of an entrenched and ungrateful minority of Balkan Muslim refugees from whose loins the Trolley Street jihad sprang.

Accountability is a bitch Mr. Mayor.

This item is available on the Militant Islam Monitor website, at