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TheTrans National Institute and the secular and religious Lebanese who love 'baby faced' terrorist Nasrallah 'a turbaned Che Guevara'

The Left loves Islamism : Official of Lebanese Communist party :
August 25, 2006

MIM: The myth of the secular and non Muslim Lebanese support for Israel against Hezbollah was spectacularly debunked by both Lebanese American citizens who went on television saying how great it was to be back in the USA while proclaiming Hezbollah as a benevolent social service organisation, This myth of Christian Lebanese support for Israel was disingenuously stated by Brigitte Gabrielle, a Lebanese Christian and self described ex anti semite, who , in a widely disseminated article, melodramatically repeated a statement by a group calling itself "Freedom for Lebanon" that Christian Lebanese were chafing a the bit to join forces with the Israelis to fight Hezbollah and that if Israel, would just 'open up Ben Gurion' they would find themselves side by side with Lebanese Christian comrades in arms.

On behalf of thousands of Lebanese, we ask you to open the doors of Tel Aviv's Ben-Gurion Airport to thousands of volunteers in the Diaspora willing to bear arms and liberate their homeland from [Islamic] fundamentalism. We ask you for support, facilitation and logistics in order to win this struggle and achieve together the same objectives: Peace and Security for Lebanon and Israel and our future generations to come.

A Gabrielles bombastic claims were refuted by reality, as both secular, Muslim, Christian and US born Lebanese in the have rallied around Nasrallah, as the 'baby faced' Lebanese leader who 'stood up to Israel' and has become 'a symbol of Lebanese pride' across the secular and religious divide.

Not surprisingly a glowing report about Lebanese support for Hezbollah appeared on the website of the Trans National Institute. A group more aptly named The Trans Nazi Institute for their support of radical Islam and virulent hatred of Israel and the Jews. The TNI also has an office in Holland and provided a haven for rogue CIA agent Philip Agee who was revealed the identity of fellow agents which resulted in their deaths. According to the Free Republic:

One thing that Freepers, and conservatives of all stripes, should keep an eye out for is anyone or anything associated with the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) and its sister organization, the Transnational Institute (TNI). These two hardcore Marxist groups seem to keep out of the public eye for the most part, but are probably the most influential U.S.-based groups among the radical left, and they're very much in bed with our nation's enemies. Confirmation of this latter fact comes, ironically enough, from TNI's own website*. Click on "Documents", and then click on the bottom document that comes up, from the Congressional record. This links to an excerpt from the proceedings of the House Judiciary Committee, on 22 September, 1976, in which Congressman Larry McDonald (D-GA) is giving this rundown of the TNI:

Tariq Ali, a Pakistani Trotskyite, is a fellow of the Transnational Institute. He has publicly advocated terrorism and is a member of the International Executive Committee of the terrorist Fourth International. He serves as a leader of the British section of the Fourth International, the International Marxist Group, which provides manpower and support to Saor Eire, a terrorist organization which is conducting kidnapings and murders in England and Ireland.

Robert 'Bo" Burlingham, a prominent functionary of IPS's Cambridge subsidiary, was indicted in a bombing conspiracy in 1972, but charges were dropped when his Weathermen co-defendants could not be apprehended. Burlingham said in 1974: I don't think an equitable, fair, free democratic world order is going to happen any other way than through violence.

Basker Vashee, a TNI fellow in Amsterdam, is a member of the national executive of the Marxist terrorist Zimbabwe African People's Union - ZAPU - which is supported by the Soviet bloc and which is waging a terror campaign against the civilian population of Rhodesia.

What's most interesting to note is that nowhere on the site does TNI even attempt to deny any of this information, or say anything that would cast doubt upon it. As such, their posting of it can only be considered an admission of its veracity.

Some additional information on the IPS, its affiliates, and its members and associates can be found in this archived 1977 Heritage Foundation report here.

MIM: The TNI not only has a soft spot for baby faced terrorists like Nasrallah. Another of their guiding lights, Basher Vaskee, was eulogised by TNI members with hyperbolic poetry. One of tthe patrons of the TNI was the wife of the now deceased European Bank President Wim Duisenberg who befriended Baker Vashee the head of the TNI, as well as other associates such as PFLP terrorist leader George Habash.

" Gretta Bedier de Nieuwenhuizen, as she was called at the time, had close ties with the Transnational Institute, based in Amsterdam. Member of the staff there was the Pakistani Eqbal Ahmad, who was suspected of terrorist activities. The TNI is a left-wing think-thank headed by Basker Vashee, an activist of the Rhodesian Marxist Liberation Front (ZAPU). Vashee counted Gretta amongst his best friends, as he stated more than once. His ZAPU fought a bloody war of independence in Africa against the regime of Ian Smith.

Before she married Duisenberg in August of 1987, Gretta was also a confidante of Philip Agee. This ex-CIA agent became public enemy #1 after he'd betrayed the identity of American secret agents in the Soviet Bloc. Some of them were them liquidated.

He lived in the TNI building on the Paulus Potterstraat in Amsterdam and was ultimately deported from this country. Before it came to that he asked Gretta to be a witness at his wedding with an American ballerina.

As a result of her colorful friends Mrs. Bedier de Praire came to the attention of the Secret Service when she had a relationship with Hans van Mierlo, who at the time was minister of Defense. Because he was responsible for all ongoing investigations of the military intelligence agencies in this country, the Americans were worried that information might leak to Agee and his buddies..."

MIM: About the Trans National Institute 1973 to 2005Since its inception, hundreds of progressive scholars and activists have been involved in TNI projects. This extensive international network is mobilised to find the most appropriate people to design and participate in study groups, international conferences, and the production and dissemination of research results. This generally takes the form of specifically targeted working and policy papers, as well as easy-to-read books, often translated into a number of languages.

At the heart of TNI lies the committed core of current fellows and advisors. They include journalists, independent researchers, and senior scholars from similar institutes in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern and Western Europe, Scandinavia and the USA.

TNI is constituted as a non-profit organisation registered in the Netherlands. TNI receives part of its institutional funding from the Samuel Rubin Foundation (New York) and otherwise is supported on a project by project basis by a range of funders, including church agencies, peace and environmental organisations, European foreign and development co-operation ministries, the European Commission and private foundations in the USA and Europe.

TNI Fellows
Samuel Rubin Young Fellowship Programme
Amsterdam staff


MIM: An excerpt from an installment in a 3 part series about a visit to Lebanon by a member of TNI who raves about Nasrallah as a symbol of Lebanese pride who appears to be admired by non Muslims and non Lebanese.

New Nasser?

The destruction of some 34 Israeli Merkava tanks in Friday's fighting, the death of some 19 Israeli soldiers-the highest so far in this month-long war--and the downing of an Israeli helicopter are cited as proof not only of a victory by the Hezbollah, around whom some 87 per cent of the Lebanese people, according to the polls, now seemed to have gotten behind in its resistance to Israel. Equally important, it becomes clear to us at the briefing that for Arabs, the successful resistance of a few hundred well-motivated and well trained Hezbollah guerrillas has ended the era of Arab humiliation by Israel's military might.

"It's really quite interesting and exciting", comments Seema Mustafa, the Indian journalist, "the way the Arab Street has come behind Hassan Nasrallah." Indeed, the man one Hezbollah representative at the briefing fondly refers to as "our baby faced" leader is achieving a status once reserved for Gamal Abdel Nasser, the Egyptian leader. This point was brought home to me by Taufik, the driver who ferried us from Damascus to Beirut, who said as he steered us through the detour around one of the bombed bridges earlier in the day, "I belong to no party except the one that can bring food to my family. But I really like this man Nasrallah. He has brought pride to all of us Lebanese."


MIM:The TNI's rave reviews of Hezbollah also give an insight into the leftist Islamist alliance as an official of the Communist Party is quoted as saying of Nasrallah There is our Arab Che Guevara…with a turban." Note that the propaganda piece makes mention of Hezbollah "Jihad for Construction" which points to the terrorist groups long standing influence in Lebanese political, social, and financial life of which it continues to be an integral part.

It has not only been Hezbollah's military prowess that has been on display but also its tremendous capacity to provide welfare services, in this instance for the country's displaced population. Indeed, in a country whose social services, especially for the poor, are very backward, Hezbollah's social infrastructure is a model of efficient modernity. It runs, for instance, 46 medical centers and a hospital. Its Jihad for Construction, which supervised the material and social infrastructure of South Lebanon in the 1990's, is now poised to manage an even more massive post-war reconstruction.

Also on display on both the local scene and the international stage have been the talented intellectuals and spokespersons of the Hezbollah, among who is Dr. Ali Fayyad, the head of the organization's Consultative Center for Studies and Documentation (CCSD), which has produced more than 300 reports on social, economic, political, and administrative issues.

An urbane intellectual, Dr. Ali explains to us that there were three main reasons for Hezbollah's victory. One was the employment of rockets to neutralize Israeli airpower and give Hezbollah an offensive air capability without airplanes. The second was the Hezbollah's use of guerrilla warfare, which stymied an Israeli Army used to fighting conventional Arab armies. Third was the Hezbollah fighter who is "not only a guerrilla trained in self reliance but is also filled with ideological conviction that he is on the right track."

Switching to another topic, Fayyad says that while Hezbollah's policies are "of course, determined principally by internal Lebanese considerations, we also consider the Palestinian struggle and international solidarity." It is this Arabic and internationalist perspective that has given Hezbollah a great deal of resonance throughout not only the Arab world but in other parts of the globe. Hezbollah leaders speak with admiration of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, and the admiration is said to be mutual.

Fayyad, a member of the Political Bureau, became one of the public faces of Hezbollah during the thirty day war, forcing him to switch cars and lodgings almost every night since it was assumed that he was a prime Israeli target.

Beirut in the evening of August 14 is a city filled with sorrow and pride, with the latter clearly dominant. Throughout the city, there are motorcades celebrating Hezbollah and its General Secretary Hassan Nasrallah. Everyone tunes in when Nasrallah comes on television at nine o'clock to announce what he considers a "tremendous strategic victory for Lebanon" and announces Hezbollah's preparedness to withdraw its fighters behind the Litani River.

As he speaks, a high official of the Lebanese Communist Party, perhaps the epitome of secular politics in Lebanon, says of the man who is the face of Islamic politics, "There is our Arab Che Guevara…with a turban.


MIM: Poetry on the death of Basher Vaskee from his terrorist supporting cronies at the TNI are an example of what the director of the another example of what the director of the Defilabrator website describes as :

Historical illiteracy, a stupendous dose of gullibility, a never-ending supply of idiocy, utter callousness towards the Jews of Israel and complete moral bankruptcy; these are the ingredients that make up our highly sophisticated European intellectuals. Truly revolting.

Saul Landau

I felt his passing
As loss of cells
Shreds of dna gasping
Falling onto liquid chasms

Not that the doctors
Made a mistake about
Contenital disorders bad lungs
But they had missed
Me and certainly others
Who comprised lost memories

Exiled banished away from
African soil worse than
Torture the acid evil
Odor of a world
Of Smiths and Jones

Drove his knuckle into
His rib cage drilling
so grief could escape
find a proper victim
who could not return
to familiar grass mountains
language colours of youth

in my kitchen chair
his nectar first erupted
a ruptured dam an
invisible shard puncturing membranes
of pent up sorrow

covered with patinas red
wine clouds of transient smoke
enveloping scenes of torture
when he had helped
some patriots who simply
wanted freedom from horror

what did doctors know
that he donated his
torture to medical science
offered charming radiating smiles
to cultured experts nodded
his head to one
Side to camouflage solitude
tried his best to
love the needy privileged
dilettantes who adored his
mask whofailed his
ests would not leave
him to ride his rosinante
on cold alien streets

lungs succumbed to loneliness
congenital sadness leaked from
brown pores projects undone
un-doable disrespected by collegues

an email from Amsterdam
a sudden throb blood
racing without finishlines
losing dots of memory
that morning Sheridan circle
sobbing in the lobby
now fear grips me
as if my limbs
had withered that piece
that only the noble
brown quijote had shared

he never enjoyed disciples
nor asked for services
his passing diminished me
I absorbed his lesson
desolation awaits us all

John Berger

Basker was like a bird.
A wading bird.
A bit like a bittern.
The proper name would only be found in the languages of that country he carried with him wherever he went.
For us in Amsterdam he was the Bird of Conscience.
We awaited his approval.
We couldn't seek it, because then he wouldn't give it.
We waited.
He saw everything from afar and close-up.
He never behaved like a judge.
He avoided these.
He watched.
He flew by night.
He was never a dupe.
And he either approved or he didn't.
Many people fell in love with him.
But his natural habitat was reed-beds ands solitude.
His song was an audible intake of breath followed by some long drawn-out name that could be heard miles away.
When he approved, what he offered was sky-blue.
When he didn't, you were in the usual everyday shit.
I don't know how he acquired this fine moral discernment.
Maybe it was the precipitate (crystaline) of he way he lived, for he was both fearless and defenseless.
Hence this touchstone of his unique purity.
From which we in our grubby ways, hugely benefitted

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