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Sound Vision = Fun with Fundamentalism for Kids : " To acheive the best of this world and of the world to come "

Sound Vision travel tips :Skip the moral depravity of the Magic Kingdom to help build a mosque in Bosnia
by MIM
July 30, 2004

MIM: :Life imitates ‘art' in this world and the world to come...

Sound Vision is one of North America's largest Muslim companies and markets products and propaganda which support a Militant Islamist 'weltaanshauung'.

The videos and vacation tips below are a few examples of how the Islamist 'parallel universe' is being marketed today and begs the question as to how a generation of children raised on the concept of 'life in the world to come' , who are being taught that "Animals are Muslims too " will react as adults when they come face to face with the infidel manifestations of humanity who refuse to "revert" to Islam.

.The poster below which shows the September 11th attacks on New York, with the caption "America and American Muslims Under Attack" answers this question and reveals that for Islamists, only Muslims,( or potential converts), fall under the category of 'humanity'.

Once again, Zaki, Faisal and Jamal are off on their zany adventures across the globe. Relying on their faith and wits they come to aid of everyone they encounter. Their quest for the "Ummah Badge" takes them to Pakistan first, where they confront a wacky scientist bent on world domination. In Siberia, the Ashbal come to aid of an injured Brother Hasan and must face the mysterious snow beast. In Malaysia, a young boy loses his elephant and turns to the scouts for help. Finally, in Spain, they are immersed in the splendor of what was once Muslim Andulusian, learn of a shocking truth.

MIM : Note the song "Animals Are Muslims Too" and that the elephant in the video cover above is wearing a kufi while the scouts and their leader appear to be bare headed .The group seems to be exiting the mosque in the background and are standing atop what resembles a map of Africa.


Product description from the Sound Vision website:

"From the ancient Muslim ports of Mombassa, Kenya and the Comoro Islands to Harare, Zimbabwe and Sofala, Mozambique, the Muslim Scouts are on the march again! With the help of their young African peers, like Al-Hafidh Ahmed Mazrui and Salih Bamba, they learn to "trust in Allah and do their best".

In this episode, they stop animal poachers, help a scientist save his research, rescue a shipwrecked sailor, solve the mystery of the stolen gold and learn about the important work of the African Islamic Wildlife Association (AIWA).

With four great songs, ("Scouts in Africa" "Animals are Muslim Too," "Trust in Allah and Do Your Best", and "The 'Traveling Scouts") and great animation, children are bound to be watching this video every Saturday morning and beyond.


The ‘Sound Vision' mission statement :

"Our Vision for Children
Sound Vision would like to see our children achieve their full potential as dynamic and creative individuals who are comfortable with themselves and their environment. By absorbing the noble virtues of Islam in their formative years, our children will, Insha Allah, not only be better Muslims and better citizens, they would also strive to achieve the best of this world and the best of the world to come".


"The Vision of Sound Vision
The attitudes and behavior of men and women today are shaped and molded by the media whose ideals and images, by and large, are non-Islamic. Sound Vision aims to produce content with Islamic ideals and images for all current and future media. Sound Vision would like to lead the Ummah in the field of communication, Insha Allah."


MIM: Sound Vision documents what Islam has done for humanity with 3 video cassette package.Not only do the videos show Islamic history they are also intended to:

"dispel the myth that Muslims never had anything to offer except violence and oppression of women ..."

Click to view a larger image
Islamic History Pack
Produced by Abdul Malik Mujahid
Directed by Jawad Jafry
Learn more about your what your amazing Muslim ancestors from all over the world did for humanity with this pack of three great videos!
Publisher: Sound Vision
Suitable Age: 13 - Adults
Format: VHS (NTSC)

"This pack of videos is great not just to learn more about Muslims' great contributions to humanity, but also do dispel the myth that Muslims never have had anything to offer except violence and the oppression of women, a false, age-old stereotype that continues to follow the faith of over one billion human beings on this planet."


MIM: For those Muslims unable to deal with the "moral dilemma" posed by the Disney World, Sound Vision presents a ‘Magical Misery Tour' alternative which includes trips to Kosovo and Bosnia which appear to be ‘just the ticket' for those who want "the best of this world and the world to come" or until the Magic Kingdom becomes the Magic Khalifate.


"For a number of families, going on vacation seems to bring to mind one main location: Disneyworld.

But what many seem to have not noticed is that the expensive trip to Disney (count the hotel stay, the fee for the amusement park itself, candy and food in the park, etc.) is not all it's cracked up to be. Many parents go to the park thinking Disney represents good clean family fun. That may have been the case a number of years ago, but not anymore. To see why, please see the article, The Truth about the Disney Company.

But it's not just the moral dilemma that going to Disney poses. There's also the financial aspect. In the same amount of money it takes to take a trip to Disney with the family, you can go somewhere else, in many cases for less cost and with a clearer conscience. Here are some ideas:"

1. Visit Muslim Spain

Do Muslims have a history in Europe? Yes and Spain is where much of it happened. Go to Spain and check out the premier Muslim historical cities: Cordoba and Alhambra, for instance. Visit the great mosque, check out the palaces. Take lots of pictures and record an audio travelogue. If you want great cuisine and hospitality, this is the place to go. Look for and pray in the local mosques and meet your Spanish brothers and sisters. You may also want to visit Gibraltar, where the Muslim leader Tariq bin Ziyad landed. Spain is a popular vacation spot for the Europeans, so reservation and planning is important.

2. Visit Turkey

Turkey was the home of the last great Muslim Empire, the Ottoman Caliphate. This is a country of Islamic monuments. You can find the grave of the Prophet's (peace and blessings be upon him)'s Companion Abu Ayyub Ansari, may Allah be pleased with him. The great poet Jalaluddin Rumi is buried here as well. Visit Istanbul and its blue mosque, meet the people. Great bazaars to shop in. When you say Salam to these people, they really show their brotherhood. Go to the cities and smaller villages and meet your brothers and sisters. Turkey is very busy during summer and like Spain, many European and American tourists visit the country. So plan early. A trip to Turkey, if planned properly, will be far cheaper than a visit to Disneyworld.

3. Go to England

Do you know where one of the top English translators of the Quran, Abdullah Yusuf Ali, lived and died? Do you know where poet of Islam Muhammad Iqbal spent part of his life?

The answer: England. Anyone who thinks there is no Muslim history in England is wrong. Muslims have at least a century of history in this country of the former colonial empire. You can go to Trafalgar square, and while others go about their business, you can find Muslims doing Dawa (inviting others to Islam). You can also visit Hyde Park; the famed public soapbox, and deliver your own lecture about anything in life. Also check out the British Museum which features Islamic art, manuscripts and items of historical significance to Muslims. This museum probably has more artifacts of Muslim history than many Muslim countries themselves because of Britain's colonial legacy.

4. Head up to the North and pray in an icy mosque

Is the summer heat already getting you down? Looking for a way to cool off outside of turning up the air conditioner or fan? Then you can head north, not up to Canada, but further, all the way up to the Arctic. They do pray, (they did not have a Masjid of their own at the time), and they do have Halal meat which is flown up from Seattle. Meet people who are not easily found on Main Street America anymore. It will an be adventurous and exciting learning experience.And don't worry, you won't be the only Muslim there. According to Islamic Horizons magazine (September/October 1996 issue) there are Muslims in Fairbanks, Alaska, for instance.

5. Connect with nature

Are you tired of the urban landscape or bored of suburbia? If so, you need to reconnect with nature. One great place to do this in the United States is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina and Tennessee. Not only can you go hiking, but you can also sign up for the park's white water rafting. The Sierra Club has many things to offer in this area.

6. Follow the trail of tears

Are you a history buff? If so you can learn more about Native American history while you follow the Trail of Tears. This is a national historical trail that runs in Missouri. The history is as follows: between 1830 and 1850, close to 100,000 Native Americans living between Michigan, Louisiana and Florida were forced to move westward after the American government either forced treaties on them to get out or used brutal force against those who resisted this. Muslims can see similar trails of tears of the Ummah in other parts of the world today. Kosova being just one example. These trails are situated in some of the most beautiful mountainous greenery in America.

7. Visit Chicago

Are you one of those people who finds big cities exciting? Why not visit Chicago? Not only will you find the tallest building in the world (the Sears Tower, which was the work a Muslim architect, you can check out the famous Devon Ave., home of a number of Muslim stores [and Sound Vision's too]. Chicago has about 80 places for Friday prayers, eight Muslim schools and a lot more.

8. Check out the Underground Railroad

Do you think the railroad is just an outdated mode of transport? Well, that was not the case for the close to 50,000 African-Americans who escaped slavery through the Underground Railroad between the 1830s and the 1870s. The railroad was their way of fleeing the slavery white European settlers had shackled them into, and they traveled from parts of the US all the way up to Canada. Today, in St. Louis, Missouri, you can be part of a tour of some of the Underground Railroad sites and see how slaves tried to escape the oppression. In all, there are 38 sites related to the Underground Railroad in the US.

9. See Central Asia

Want to see where Imam Bukhari, the famed scholar who put together the most authentic collection of Hadith was from? Then you have got to go to Central Asia. It may seem far, but can you believe that it is possibly also cheaper than Disneyworld, thanks to the currency exchange rate? Also, Central Asia is where new Muslim republics are emerging following the fall of communism in the last decade.

10. Help build a Masjid in Kosova

How many Masjids were there in Kosova before the war? Serbs in Kosova destroyed about 200 Masjids. And now, with the rebuilding of the country taking place, help is needed to build these mosques. If you decide to go to Europe, try to get to Kosova and help our brothers and sisters rebuild this part of Muslim society. You can also check out this video about the Orphan Masjids of Kosova.

11. Visit Bosnia

Remember Bosnia? The country so many Muslims and other people with heart worldwide rallied in support of during the three-year long genocide which ended in 1995? Well, if you're in Europe, why not see how our brothers and sisters there are doing? How has life improved or changed for them since the end of the war?

12. Head East

Do you think the Muslim world ends in eastern South Asia? It doesn't. Did you know there are probably about 150 million Muslims in China? Muslim food in China is very popular with non-Muslim Chinese. One of the languages on Chinese currency is written in Arabic script. Not only will you get to see the culture and people who invented bureaucracy in the world and built theWall of China, you will also be visiting the country with the largest population in the world. If you have some extra money, head out to China. Bring extra copies of the Quran as a gift for your brothers and sisters there.

13. Visit the Old Country

For an article about this, please see an article about this.

14. Go to the beach, but....

What could be more beautiful than the spray of the ocean, cool sand under your feet and beautiful scenery? Heading out to the beach is a great place to go sometime during your vacation. But don't forget to do the Jihad of the eyes when you go.

15. Go for Umrah

Many Muslims save their holidays and vacation time to go for Umra. Some also combine it with a trip to another location. If you do plan to visit Makkah and Madinah, do see our Umra guide and remember Sound Vision and its team in your Dua (supplication).


MIM :Besides offering childrens videos and vacation tips Sound Vision also provides form letters for mosques to send out in the event of a terror attack or beheading. The picture below from their website illustrates the warped Islamist 'weltaanshauung' that Muslims were the real victims of 9/11.

Sound Visions view of the 9/11 attacks and form letter of 'condemnation' warns infidels not "to be too hasty" or "rush to judgement' the next time around...

MIM:The opportunity of a terrorist attack to recruit potential converts, is not lost on Sound Vision.The prelude to the 'attack condemnation form letter' suggests that if members of the media want to visit a mosque and Islamic school after such an event one should "welcome them."

These videotapes would also make an "ideal gift" for local infidels.

Islam: A Closer Look (30 Dawa Pack)
Ideal gift for Libraries, your local City Council, Police & Fire Dept., Public Schools, etc. *** 30 VIDEO DAWA PACK ***


MIM:As an Islamist community service, Sound Vision provides versatile instant press releases in the event of a terror attack or beheading:

Dr. Daniel Pipes comments on the "boilerplate statements"

Boilerplate for Denouncing Terrorism I recently wrote an analysis exposing "CAIR's Phony Petition" in which I concluded that its Not-in-the-Name-of-Islam effort "seeks to clean up Islam's image without doing anything of substance."

Well, it gets even worse. Sound Vision, a project of the radical Bridgeview Mosque outside Chicago, has produced "A sample statement/resolution of condemnation" for use with the media when Islamist terrorism once again rears its ugly head. Sound Vision helpfully suggests that "Your Islamic center can adopt, rewrite and issue the following statement to your local media." It also advises users to "replace ‘Muslims of America' with the Muslim community of your city" and "type this or your modified version on your Masjid or Islamic center's letterhead." It even explains that to fax the press release to the news desk of local media outlets you can "find the fax numbers in your yellow or white pages."

Then follows the meaningless boilerplate statement. (July 30, 2004)


A sample statement/resolution of condemnation

Your Islamic center can adopt, rewrite and issue the following statement to your local media.

Please replace "Muslims of America" with the Muslim community of your city. Type this or your modified version on your Masjid or Islamic center's letterhead.

Fax this to the news desk of your local media outlets (newspapers, radio and television). You can Find the fax numbers in your yellow or white pages.

Do add the name of a contact person and a cell number on which that person can be reached. This person should be able to speak on your community's behalf as a spokesperson.

If the media is interested in visiting your Masjid, Islamic center or school, welcome them.

Sample statement:

The Muslims of America join their fellow Americans today in condemning these dastardly acts of terrorism and share the grief and sorrow of the nation. Our hearts go out to the friends and families of those who are victims of this despicable tragedy.

Obviously this seems a well-planned and well-coordinated act of terrorism and we are confident that the law enforcement authorities will soon discover the identity of perpetrators responsible for this contemptible act and bring them to task with the full force of the law.

At this moment of confusion, uncertainty and naturally highly charged emotions, we earnestly appeal to the media not to rush to judgment, as was done in the wake of the April 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. Let the response of our nation be mature and thoughtful. This is a moment of prayer and unity not of hasty reaction.

We pray to God to give strength to all of those who have suffered during this catastrophe.

Click here for another sample statement


MIM: This statement starts off with a de rigeur 'condemnation' of terrorist attacks and then devotes 2 out of the 4 paragraphs expressing concern for Muslims and 'sincerely hopes' that what it calls 'violent acts of revenge' (against Muslims) "will not be repeated in the aftermath of the recent terrorist attacks". (!)


Another statement of condemnation you can use

The Muslims of [write name of your city] unequivocally and strongly condemn any and all terrorist action against innocent civilians here in America, and abroad. These coordinated and concerted attacks in New York, Washington, DC and Pennsylvania are a tragedy for the entire nation. We extend our most heartfelt condolences to the victims of the nightmarish terror of September 11th, and to their families.

American Muslims remembering the events immediately following the 1995 attack on the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City, are naturally concerned for their safety as well

In the first few days after the incident, the American Muslim community was under attack from almost all sides, as the perpetrators were originally thought to be Middle Eastern terrorists. We sincerely hope that violent attacks of revenge against American Muslim schoolchildren, women clothed in Islamic attire, Muslim-owned businesses, mosques and Islamic centers - which did occur in the days after the Oklahoma City bombing - will not be repeated in the aftermath of the recent terrorist attacks.

It is important for the nation to remain calm in the face of tragedy.
All citizens must unite to condemn this terrorist action and extend their condolences to the victims and to those who lost loved ones in this tragedy.


This letter is on the SV website as:"Sample press release for mosques to condemn the murder of Paul Johnson- NEW"

MIM:Press release from Sound Vision in the event of a beheading can be adjusted accordingly:

Sample Press Release

By Sound Vision staff writer

Use your Islamic organization's official letterhead and adjust the information to suit your city's needs. Here is a sample you can use:


Ali Smith
Islamic Center of Abcd
987 Townsend Court
Abcd, IL 60607
Phone: 312-555-5555

Islamic Center of Abcd condemns murder of American hostage Paul Johnson in Saudi Arabia

Abcd, IL – June 19, 2004 – Members of the Islamic Center of Chicago strongly condemned the murder of American hostage Paul Johnson in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia at the hands of terrorists.

The 1,000-member mosque's president, Bilal Saleem, called the slaying an "affront to Islam."

"We condemn the murder of Paul Johnson in the strongest terms," Saleem said. "Mr. Johnson's killing is an affront to Islam and to Muslims in America and abroad. It is in no way a reflection of Islamic teachings, which advise Muslims to preserve and protect life."

Saleem added that he and his congregation offer their sincerest condolences and prayers to Mr. Johnson's family at this time of great sorrow and distress.

For information:

Contact: info@

Phone: 312-555-5555



9/11 provided Muslims with an unprecedented opportunity to propagate Islam in the schools by claiming their was a need for American students to be educated about "the religion of peace" so that they will not "be angry with or afraid of ...innocent Muslim children at at school."

Note that the letter uses the terror attacks as an excuse to project the image of Muslims as the victims of 9/11 and their is not one word of repudiation or condemnation or the atrocities themselves .

Even more obscene is that the letter being used to exploit terrorism as a chance to proselytise Islam under the cynical pretext : "If I can be of any assistance in this important anti racism education please let me know".


Please send this letter, making necessary adjustments, to your child's school principal. May Allah keep all children safe and healthy so they can make this world a better place.

Dear Principal,

I am writing to you out of concern for the safety of all of the children in our school. As a parent I am deeply shocked and saddend by the recent terrorist action in New York and Washington and I am worried about possible misunderstandings about the faith of Islam and the American Muslim community. Sadly, there have been many reported incidents of bullying and harrassment of Arab and/or Muslim students of different ethnic backgrounds in schools across the country.

Islam is a religion of peace and Muslims do not support violent actions. Please help your students to talk about the media images and discussions they are seeing and hearing so that they will not be afraid of, or angry with innocent Muslim, Middle Eastern or South Asian students at school.

If I can be of any assistance with this important anti-racism education please let me know. You can contact me at (give your daytime phone number).


(your name)


MIM:A glimpse into the Islamist mindset being passed from parents to children can be had by reading an interview with Ahmed Murad,the Sound Vision website designer and technician . Murad reveals that his parents own Islamist activism was instrumental in his decision to turn his back on his profession and career as a scientist to work full time to "share the future of Islam in North America".


Br. Ahmed Murad is Sound Vision's Multimedia Development Manager. He is the brains behind many of our products and the smooth functioning of Sound Vision's website. In this interview, we probe the mind of this brother who has not just technical talent, but a personal commitment to pleasing Allah and serving Muslims as well.

SV: What exactly is your role at Sound Vision and what kind of projects have you been involved with at Sound Vision?

AM: I develop multimedia programs at Sound Vision. I am also currently acting as webmaster for Sound Vision's website and most of the technical programming for it. I have somehow been involved in all of the multimedia computer programs that Sound Vision has produced.

SV: Why did you decide to get involved with Islamic media? Is it connected to your educational background?

AM: My formal training has been as a scientist with a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Washington State University. I worked in my profession as a research scientist studying DNA repair mechanisms until 1995.

Most of my technical skills in computer programming and multimedia developments are self-taught. Basically, I dislike working with 'black boxes,' whether it is computer or anything else. So when I first purchased my own computer in 1987, I decided to learn everything about it and how to program it.

It is a continuous process and I am still trying to keep up with the technology as it moves ahead in leaps and bounds.

Using these skills in the service of Islam came without any thinking in the context of my life-long desire to live a purposeful life as a Muslim. Everything I do has to fall under this overall goal of life. The way I learn new technology is to pick a useful project and then take it to completion, rather than first learning the tools and then thinking about what I can do with it. I did the same thing when I was learning computer.

I have been involved in doing things for Sound Vision on a volunteer basis since its very beginning. In 1995, an offer was made to me by [Sound Vision president Br. Abdul Malik] Mujahid to join Sound Vision on a full-time basis.

It was not an easy decision to leave my formal profession and financial stability of working as a scientist in the growing field of molecular biology. But, my desire to spend most of my time directly working for Islam and contributing my share to the future of Islam in North America, prompted me to accept this offer.

Having lived in the West for 23 years, I feel that it is my duty to give something back. I do not have any regrets for doing so, knowing well that it will be almost impossible for me to go back to being a scientist again."

SV: Your father, the late Khurram Murad, was an influential author and Islamic activist. How has he influenced you personally and professionally?

AM: Personally, whatever I am, and to whatever extent I have been able to develop a sense of purpose and meaning in life, I contribute that to my parents, both my father and my mother.

My father is, of course, more well-known, but my mother also has an equal part in it, if not more. They shaped and molded my life without ever dictating what I must do. The real gratitude is of course to Allah, but everything He gave me was through my parents..."

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