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June 15, 2004

Until' now the Shukrijumah family took top billing showing faked surprise and shock at the accusations against their loved one "dirty bomber wanabee" Adnan.whose prior run in with authorities involved biting his sister.

To his sister, Adnan El Shukrijumah was a joker, always cracking people up. When their father was away from their Broward County home, he became a benevolent father figure, chaperoning his five siblings on trips to the beach.

"He was never serious or angry," said Aidah El Shukrijumah, 20, who just graduated from Broward Community College.

U.S. officials say the oldest brother is one of the most wanted terrorists in the world, a top al-Qaida operative plotting a new wave of attacks on America

The family acknowledges that Adnan had a quick temper.

"He never really had a childhood," his mother said. "Sometimes I blame that for his quick temper. But we all have tempers in this family."

On Oct. 12, 1997, neighbors telephoned Miramar police about a commotion at the family's house.

The younger siblings "locked themselves in the bedrooms to protect themselves from their brother," Officer David Goetz wrote. The report said Adnan told officers "he had come home and found clothes laying all over the place so he hit them."

His 13-year-old sister Aida had a bite wound on her arm, and another sister was hit in the face, the police report says.

The mother "conveyed to me that her son being male, he was expected to carry the role of disciplinarian," Goetz wrote.

Aida, now 18, said the entire incident was overblown. "My brother is not mean or abusive."

In 1999, Adnan organized garage sales and car washes to raise money for Muslim refugees of the war in Bosnia. "I remember him telling me once that he felt like those people were his family too," his mother said.

At the time, his family said, neither they nor Adnan were aware that the charity they supported -- Global Relief Fund -- was allegedly involved in funding terrorist organizations.

Mohamed Abdi-Karan, Abdi's brother says, "I've never seen anything that says terrorist across his forehead or anything. That's what made me surprised when they accused him of being a terrorist."

"Maybe they promised him a better life or something something that is outrageous. Nothing can make you kill somebody or blow up a building or anything like that unless you are seriously ill or been brainwashed by sick people," says family member Jamilla Hansen.

Family members say Abdi hasn't left the country in the last five years, that he has been a devoted husband, father and business owner. They say they are hoping this is all a huge mistake on 10TV has learned more about the man accused of being b

"I know my son. He's not a terrorist. He would not be blowing up any place. He's not that kind of person," the interpreter said for Hassan, a native of Somalia.

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Abdi's mother says her son was about peace and worked hard to raise money for his family.

"He was was a very caring person, a family person. (he) Just worked for us and supported all the family. And he's not that kind of person."

is mall-bombing plot.

His mother says she doesn't have the money to hire an attorney. She is hoping the local Somali community will offer financial help.

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