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Arabs kill each other over Jewish land in Gaza as squatters move in - Fatah thugs pose as 'Moslem terrorists' - cars torched

November 20, 2005

Arabs Kill Gaza Youth in Battle over Gush Katif Land
16:23 Nov 20, '05
By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

A gunfight between Arabs over ownership of N'vei Dekalim land resulted in the death of a 17-year-old bystander Friday, as anarchy continued to spread throughout the Palestinian Authority (PA).

According to Reuters News Agency, the unidentified Arab teenager was killed in crossfire between PA police and an Arab clan in Khan Yunis, an Arab city next to the former Jewish community N'vei Dekalim whose residents were expelled last August.

After the killing, the youth's family members attacked the police station and torched offices and vehicles.

Earlier, two Gaza Arabs had been arrested an argument over land in the former N'vei Dekalim which they claimed was theirs and was invaded by Arab squatters. The detained men's relatives came to the police station to demand their release.

The PA has announced it will build public housing on most of the destroyed Gush Katif communities, but large numbers of squatters have moved in.

Armed mourners shot in the air during the funeral for the youth, despite a PA decree against displaying weapons in public.

Armed gangs continue to defy the ban and have attacked PA offices in Gaza, Judea and Samaria dozens of times. Members of the ruling Fatah party raided a government office this past week after charging officials with corruption. The Fatah attackers posed as Moslem terrorists, according to Reuters.

With the PA elections only two months away, local violence has increased, and two people, including a PA police officer, were injured in clashes in the Gaza area Friday. The Fatah party postponed primaries because of what they charged was attempted extortion by terrorist organizations.

In another development indicating increasing instability, PA Finance Minister Salam Fayyad, who campaigned for fiscal reforms, resigned Friday and said he is considering running in the elections.

The World Bank has criticized the PA for not following Fayyad's advice to cut back spending.

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