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Islamic Terrorists ' Pigged Out' of Paradise

Oink if you blow up for Allah !
June 3, 2004

General Pershing was in charge of a U.S. garrison in the Philippines in 1911. It seems his soldiers were subjected to a series of terror attacks by Filipino Muslims. Pershing did not try to put together a "road map." Nor did he set up study groups to find out why the Muslims hated the Americans. Nor did he offer them a series of "good will gestures." Nor did he put up a giant wall to keep them out. Instead, he captured fifty of those Muslim terrorists. He then had them dig their own graves. He then tied all up to posts execution style. He then dipped fifty bullets in pig's blood. You see, Muslims murders may not have a problem with soaking their hands into Jewish blood but NO WAY do they want anything to do with the skin, blood or 'guts' of a pig. Should they be contaminated by any of these pig parts, they will go to Muslim Hell, not Muslim Paradise!

And so, on the count of three, all but one of those Paradise-seeking Islamists were shot dead! Their bodies were them wrapped in the skins of freshly-killed pigs and dropped into the giant hole. Above them were poured the entrails and other porcine remains. You may ask, "Why was one Muslim spared?" The answer is simple. This sole surviving Muslim was released and sent back to his fellow 'mujahedin' to report what he had just witnessed. For the next 42 years there was not a single Muslim attack!


Get the Picture?
We at will make the picture even clearer...


Slappin' the old pork to Arafat

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- Yasser Arafat -
Grand-daddy of International Terrorism. Only Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin have murdered more Jews! And that's why Europeans love him!

Slappin' the old pork to Abu Mazen!

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- Mahmoud Abbas (a.k.a. Abu Mazen) -
Simply a clean-shaven Yasser Arafat in a nice suit and surrounded by fewer flies! Unlike his boss, Arafat, Abbas was a moderate... meaning that he would only destroy Israel moderately!

Slappin' the old pork to Dahlan!

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- Mohammed Dahlan -
Head of P.A. Security Services in Gaza. Concerned far more with plotting the murder of Jewish school children than the "security" of anyone in Gaza!

Slappin' the old pork to Yassin! Sheikh Ahmed Yassin "Yassassinated" and "Yasinerated"

- Sheikh Ahmed Yassin -
The founder and spiritual leader of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas. His rabid sermons have inspired many a fine Arab-Muslim to blow himself/herself up for Allah. Now it's time to wrap THIS freak in bacon!

UPDATE: March 22, 2004
"Muslim Paradise"
Yassin got a very warm reception in that giant frying pan down below. Well-aimed IDF rockets made it all possible.

Actual Photos: Click Here

Adbel Azaz Rantisi all greased up and ready to go. Abdel Aziz Rantisi Assassinated

- Dr. Adbel Aziz Rantisi -
This Hamas thug has already had two "near death" experiences. One on September 10, 2003 and again three months later on September 6th. The "Three Strikes and You're Out" rule applies in baseball AND in war. Rantisi's bacon slab awaits him!

UPDATE: April 18, 2004
"Muslim Paradise"
Rantizi got a very warm reception in that giant frying pan down below. Well-aimed IDF rockets made it all possible.


Note: If the above Muslims were following what some call a "Religion of Peace,"
they would not be wrapped in bacon. We respect any and all Muslims who reject
the murder of Jews, Christians and other non-Muslims. In fact, there must be
at least 50-100 of them in the world! But, for Arab/Muslims who target Jews, nothing
is more deserving than a tight bacon wrap!

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The unwedded and pregnant suicide sow on the way to the mosque ....

"I am impure" - "I am impure"

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