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Brussels burqa ban backfires when city ends up paying fines for Muslims women on welfare

August 26, 2005

City to pay woman's fine
for breach of burka ban

25 August 2005 Expatica News

BRUSSELS In the Limburg city of Maaseik the first fine for wearing an Islamic burka has been issued.

Police booked a young woman of Moroccan origin three weeks ago for wearing the all-concealing Islamic veil, newspaper 'De Standaard' reported on Thursday.

The woman will now be required to pay a EUR 125 fine, Maaseik Mayor Jan Creemers said on Wednesday.

Ironically, the city will probably end up paying the fine because the woman is receiving social security payments from the OCMW benefits office.

The woman will not be the only one fined however. Police have already booked four other women for the same crime.

The incidents may also lead to the
payment of fines, but Maaseik will also end up paying their fines because the women are on social security recipients also.

On 27 December last year, the Maaseik City Council approved the controversial and so-called 'burka decision'.

The decision banned the wearing of a burka a body-covering garment with veiled holes for the eyes and a niqab, a face veil covering the lower part of the face up to the eyes.

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This item is available on the Militant Islam Monitor website, at