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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > South Florida Muslims Promote Islamization Under Guise Of "Civic Engagement"

South Florida Muslims Promote Islamization Under Guise Of "Civic Engagement"

August 15, 2008

South Florida Muslims Promote Islamization Under Guise Of "Civic Engagement"


August 15, 2008 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - On August 10, a group of 28 South Florida Muslim leaders met at an event organized by the Council on American Islamic Relations [CAIR] aimed at "raising its profile" and finding, "ways to make their voices heard in local civic life." CAIR, a faux civil rights organization, operates as a mouthpiece for Hamas and was named last summer as an unindicted co-conspirator in the ongoing Holy Land Foundation Hamas funding prosecution.

CAIR officials called the summit "a pioneering effort" to help "better gauge our civic engagement." Civic engagement is a code word for Islamization and aims to promote Shari'a by pushing a Muslim agenda into the public arena.

CAIR shill Roland Foulkes, chairman of the Broward County Commission's "Diversity Advisory Council," was one of the speakers at the event. He urged participants to "raise their visibility," by volunteering for county and city boards, creating community newspapers, opposing "racial profiling" and applying for grants to facilitate running for office.

Haroon Sulaiman, chairman of the Muslim Community of Palm Beach County expressed a desire to inject an Islamocentric perspective into public affairs.

"These are our homes now. We are part of the local community and part of the Muslim community," said Sulaiman, who will attend the Sunday meeting. "Our children are growing up here. It is definitely a healthy move to get more involved."

Regarding the recent and controversial expansion plans of a local mosque, Altaf Ali, CAIR's executive director in Florida proclaimed:

"If our community was more engaged, if there was a commissioner who was a Muslim, there would have been fewer stereotypes there from lack of understanding." [source, http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/local/southflorida/sfl-flpmuslim0810pnaug10,0,4263668.story]

Plans to greatly increase the size of the Pompano mosque have met with heated opposition. Since the mosque is located in a predominantly African American area, community leaders such as Reverend O'Neal Dozier maintain that the intent of the mosque leaders is to in his words, "try to convert young black men."

Enticing less fortunate African Americans into contact with Muslims, using free food and other predatory practices, has long been a standard practice by Florida Islamist groups, bent on spreading Islam.

The summit was hailed as a first by CAIR implying that there will be more in the future. Such meetings are part of the strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood Project for the incremental Islamization of the West aimed at sabotaging those societies from within using a stealth jihad to infiltrate governmental, public, and civic institutions.

As these authors wrote in What You Should Know About CAIR, The Assault On Michael Savage And The Stealth Jihad

In pursuing this strategy CAIR is following a carefully crafted plan set forth by the Muslim Brotherhood in 1991, designed to destroy America and the West from within.

This plan was developed by the Muslim Brotherhood. It was first revealed in document which was seized in a raid in Virginia 15 years ago at the residence of some of the Holy Land Foundation defendants, and which serves today as a key piece of evidence in that ongoing case.

This document refers to what the Brotherhood calls the "Civilization Jihadist Process."

The developments promulgated by CAIR and other Islamist groups in South Florida bears watching as they are destined to become part of CAIR's tactical arsenal for implementing Shari'a. http://www.pipelinenews.org/index.cfm?page=sflaid=8.15.08%2Ehtm

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