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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Text of remarks made at New Jersey "Jihad" mosque open house by Congressman Andrews, Assemblyman Connors,Mayor Gural, FBI

Text of remarks made at New Jersey "Jihad" mosque open house by Congressman Andrews, Assemblyman Connors,Mayor Gural, FBI

June 12, 2007

MIM: Transcripts of the remarks made by Congressman Rob Andrews (D), Assemblyman and Deputy SpeakerJack Connors (D), Palmyra Mayor John Gural and an FBI agent are below. The dhimmitude shown by the politicians is astounding. Rob Andrews addressed the gathering in the name of Congress, while Assemblyman Connors gushed about how wonderful Muslims were and how humbled and grateful he was to be at the mosque while waxing lyrical about his Muslim campaign manager who had the same sense of humor "like him". Not to be outdone Palmyra Mayor expressed his feelings of unworthiness, insisted he did "not have a prejudiced bone in his body" and apologised for his ignorance and not having "any Muslim friends". (One wonders if he does know any Seventh Day Adventists, Mormons, or Sikhs and if not, plans to compensate for his presumed ignorance of their religions)

The dhimmitude shown by the politicians made them appear one step away from kneeling down and taking the Shahadah. The trustees of the Islamic Center of South Jersey must have been gloating at the deference shown to them and Islam.

For a look at the ideological agenda of the Islamic Center of South Jersey see: see:"New Jersey Jihad Mosque Trustees Change Story, Now Say Duka Brothers "Were Angry and Frustrated by Iraq and Afghanistan" http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/2960

MIM: Background information on the open house at the Islamic Center of South Jersey:

Islamic Center of South Jersey promotes Jihad at peace open house

On Friday May 18th the Islamic Center of South Jersey in Palmyra ,which had been the spiritual home of jihadi wannabes Dritan "Anthony" Duka and his brothers Shain and Eljvir held an "open house" which was billed as intending to convey " a message of peace and tolerance" but succeeded in revealing their fundamentalist agenda instead.

The event was a choreographed PR and da'wa exercise taken straight out of the North American Imam Federation [NAIF] handbook which explains that Muslims should view terror related incidents and events as an opportunity to do da'wa i.e. proselytize non Muslims.

Islam is now almost constantly on the news, and Imams must be capable of dealing effectively with the media. ..Communication should not be limited to responding to misconceptions, but Imams should also take advantage of opportunities to highlight activities in local mosques and the contribution of Muslims to local communities."

... Given the unfortunate state of the world. it is likely that during each week there will be an opportunity to condemn extremism and violence. .."Access entire NAIF conference handbook, in .pdf file format here.


According to the manual Imams must be "encourage people" to "observe Islamic acts of worship" . The open house was the ideal da'wa occasion,with and the prayers were held in the middle of the event so that the captive audience had no choice but to watch what was for many their first Islamic prayer service. http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/2554

The trustees of the ICSJ's efforts to distance themselves from the terrorists bordered on the comical portraying Muslims as the real victims of the plot. This angle was played up by ICSJ head trustee Ismail Badat and his wife Naseem who told the press that although she knew of no bias incidents " We want to defuse any tensions"adding "But we are very upset. You cannot tell what could happen".

The Council on American Islamic Relations ,a Saudi funded front group for Hamas, is further proof of the center's radical Islamist agenda . CAIR upped the ante and announced that" we feel there is a backlash" adding "we hope our fellow citizens wont equate Islam with terrorism based on the action of the defendants". CAIR's statement is also intended a veiled warning that any non Muslim who makes a remark to Muslims which is deemed hostile will be targetted with a bias lawsuit . Afsheen Shamsi, their NJ spokewoman cited the case of "a man who reportedly yelled racial slurs at a woman on her way to the Laundromat." who will likely be the target of a CAIR generated bias legal complaint.

CAIR's appearance at the ICSJ is further proof of the center's promotion of the radical Islamist ideology.

At the event the disclaimer issued by Ismail Badat of ICSJ [which was endorsed by the Zia Rahman who heads the Muslim American Community Association of Voohees [MANA] [whose planned mosque was met with opposition by residents in 2004 who warned it would become a hub of terrorism] was another example of the absurd transparency of Islamist obsfuscation whereby Muslim assurances that Jihad had nothing to do with violence or Islam was negated by the message in the literature from the radical Islamist group ICNA which was being proffered to visitors at the same venue.

· "We, the Islamic Center of South Jersey of Palmyra and the members of the Muslim American Community Association of Voorhees, condemn in the strongest of terms the alleged plot that was to be carried out at Fort Dix," he said.

· http://www.phillyburbs.com/pb-dyn/news/112-05192007-1349284.html

What was not added was that the group condemns the plot only because any type of jihadist violence can mean a setback for legal Islamists. As Dr. Daniel Pipes pointed out in his piece "How terrorism obstructs radical Islam".

Radical Islam has two distinct wings - one violent and illegal, the other lawful and political - and they exist in tension with each other. The lawful strategy has proven itself effective, but the violent approach gets in its way…terrorism obstructs the quiet work of political Islamism. In tranquil times, organizations like… the Council on American-Islamic Relations effectively go about their business, promoting their agenda to make Islam "dominant" and imposing dhimmitude (whereby non-Muslims accept Islamic superiority and Muslim privilege). Westerners generally respond like slowly boiled frogs are supposed to, not noticing a thing. http://www.danielpipes.org/article/2888

Both Badat and Rahman know that the future reception of a newly planned "Anjuman –I-Fakri mosque in Cherry Hill hangs in the balance and their desperation to distance themselves from the jihadists has included statements which implied that the Duka brothers were not Muslims at all – and they would have the public believe that there is more of a likehood them being extra"terror"estrial then having anything to do with Islamic beliefs. Here is an example of the two boilerplate statements made by New Jersey Muslim spokespeople after the terror arrests. Forty eight hours after Rahman and the spokewoman for the planned mosque Farhat Biviji had partied with Cherry Hill Mayor Platt after he broke ground for anew mosque, they issued nearly identical soundbytes. http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/2891

Farhat Biviji: "My heart sank when we heard of these horrible men who claimed to be Muslims. They are testing us all. Testing our ability to retain that tolerance. I pray that they have not damaged the goodwill of our community." http://www.spokesmanreview.com/nation_world/story.asp?ID=188931

Rahman: "…The news is a setback for all communities across the nation…"When you hear this kind of story, it's heartbreaking," Rahman said. "I frankly cannot understand why anyone would do that." Adding that he was "disappointed" that "Islam which is grounded in peace" was "distorted" by people "people claiming themselves to be Muslims." http://www.delawareonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070508/NEWS/70508072

Which raises the question if Muslims who get arrested for plotting or carrying out terrorist attacks are not re "just claiming themselves to be Muslims" would revert to their Muslim status if they are released without charge or aquitted. This question was also raised at the open house event by one man who queried": "What are you doing to root out extremists?"

The mendacity of the claim made by Rafey Habib a trustee at the center who is also a professor at Rutgers University that "jihad means the …struggle is against oneself — to be a good person" was doubly deceitful.

Habib can hardly claim to be unaware of the true meaning of jihad since as recently as last month fellow Rutgers associate Mazen Mokhtar (a frequent Muslim Student Association speaker) who is also the Imam at the Al Huda Masjid in New Brunswick New Jersey was recently jailed on tax evasion charges, but had been charged by law enforcement with running mirror websites for Al Qaeda and run by UK terrorist was linked to Babar Ahmed a thwarted UK bomb plotter."who operated a Web site that called on Muslims to engage in violent acts of jihad. Mokhtar maintained two mirror sites after Ahmed's were shut down in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

Mokhtar was also active in the Islamic Circle of North America [ICNA]. According to court papers Mokhtar was intent on recruiting fighters for jihad by "saying he operated a Web site that called on Muslims to engage in violent acts as part of a jihad. The site gave instructions on how to donate to terror groups and obtain visas to travel to Afghanistan to fight for the Taliban.

After the 9/11 attacks, Ahmad's Web site was shut down, but he allegedly continued to operate it through "mirror sites," including two maintained by Mokhtar.

Ironically while Habib's was regaling the audience with tales of a Zen like jihad evidence to the contrary was in plain sight of the audience. The books and pamphlets being proferred to the audience promoted a message which had more in common with the motives of the Duka brothers and echoed Eljvir Duka's statement that "In the end, when it comes to defending your religion, when someone attacks your religion, your way of life, you go jihad" http://ipcommunications.tmcnet.com/news/2007/05/09/286250.htm

One book titled "Towards Understand Islam" by Jamaat –e-Islaami ideologue Abul A'la Mawdudi, was billed as being "beneficial to Muslims and non Muslims alike" adding that "To Muslim youths and adults it serves as a reminder of their fundamental obligations.."

In a chapter headlined "Jihad" we read that :

"Jihad is part of the overall defense of Islam. Jihad means to struggle to the utmost of one's capacity. A man who exerts himself physically or mentally or spends his wealth in the cause of God is engaged in jihad. But in the language of Divine Law this word is used specifically for the war that is waged solely in the name of God against those who perpetrate oppression against the enemies of Islam. This surpreme sacrifice is the responsibility of all Muslims. If however a section of the Muslims offers themselves for participating in jihad the whole community is absolved from responsibility. But if no one comes forward everyone is held guilty .This concessions vanishes for the citizens of an Islamic state when it is attacked by a non –Muslim power. In that case everyone must come forward to for jihad.

If the country that is attacked does not have enough strength to fight back then it is the duty of the neighboring Muslim countries to offer help. If even they fail then the Muslims of the whole world must fight the common enemy .In all these cases then jihad is just as much a primary duty as are daily prayers and fasting.One who avoids it is a sinner. His every claim to being a Muslim in doubtful…" [ICNA/Message Publications Towards an Understanding of Islam pg. 124]

Mawdudi's assertion that avoiding jihad makes one's "claim" to being Muslim "doubtful" is in stark contrast to the PR message being fed to the media by Ismail Badat, Zia Rahman and Farhjat Biviji that the Duka brothers terrorist plot has nothing to do with Islam because they are only "claiming to be Muslims".

In addition to promoting jihad ICNA promotes the extremist view that terrorism is a legitimate response to "oppression" In a pamphlet entitled "What does Islam say about Terrorism?" The message is that there are many non Muslim terrorists and is a thinly veiled indictment of Western governments:

" The word terrorism came into wide usage only a few decades ago …It's perpetrators do not fit any stereotype…The frustrated employee who kills his colleagues or the oppressed citizen of an occupied land who vents his anger blowing up school buses are terrorists who provoke our anger and revulsion…Ironically however,the politician who uses age old ethnic animosities to consolidate his position,the head of state who orders carpet bombings of entire cities, the exalted councils that choke millions of civilians to death by wielding the insidious weapon of sanctions , are rarely punished for their crimes against humanity."

In a recent article titled "Helping Hand to Hamas" Joe Kaufman explained that :

The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) was founded in 1971, via the Muslim Students Association (MSA), as an umbrella group for South Asian-oriented mosques and Islamic centers. It also contains a youth division called Young Muslims (YM), a multimedia division called Sound Vision, a web information center called Why Islam, a magazine called The Message International, and charities which go by the names ICNA Relief and Helping Hand.

When ICNA was created, it was to act as the American counterpart to the Muslim Brotherhood of Pakistan, Jamaat-e-Islami (JI). http://frontpagemag.com/Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=28316

The Islamic Center of South Jersey's open house event was an Islamist da'wa exercise and a smokescreen aimed at hiding their radicalist Islamist agenda and preempting scrutiny by inviting the public into their mosque as a calculated method of damage control and da'wa.

Politicians like U. S. Rep .Rob Andrews who gushed;

I'm very proud to be here and I'm very proud that this center is in our community," "We're here tonight because this is a place where peace is taught. We are united by a common desire that the peaceful practices that we heard tonight be truly a practice, not just an aspiration." http://www.courierpostonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070519/NEWS01/705190368/1006

played right into the ICSJ and ICNA's hands and acted as "dupes for da'wa". http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/1527

Instead of taking the scripted words of the New Jersey Muslim leaders at face value the politicians, and law enforcement personal present should be reading between the lines of the ICNA literature being offered by ICNA, scrutinize the center's website Islamist links and conduct an investigation to determine who and what at the ICSJ could have set the Duka's on the road to jihad at Ft. Dix.


MIM: Remarks by FBI agent.

I just want to say thank you for inviting us here this evening. On behalf of the FBI. I want to say thank you to the members of CAIR our distinquised guests and each and every one of you who are assembled here this evening.One of the things I want to say is in this great country of ours one of the things that makes it great is its diversity and with the diversity comes differences and the differences can be seen here tonight. Not only do we have youwith have old with have different facets of religions and religious backgrounds

With those differences come stereotypes come misconceptions and one of the things that I can do on behalf of the FBI is to offer some options. One of the things that we can do we cannot overcome those differences if we do not communicate. Now it is easy to be cynical and sit amongst ourselves and talk amongst ourselves and our own ethnic groups. But what can we do to talk amongst each other to solve whats going on,One of the options I would offer is that the FBI has a Multi cultural Awareness Committee MCAC that meets up to two times at court if you are really serious about change I would encourage each and every one of you to contact the FBI office and to become a member or a part of the MCAC in order to affect change. So thank you for allowing us to be here this evening.

Senator Robert Menendez could not attend and sent this letter waxing lyrical about promoting multi kulti and that people had to fight against "discrimination and hatred". Indicative of the confusion is that he implies that both discrimination and hatred are being directed against Muslims when in fact it was the Duka brothers who wanted to kill as many non Muslims as possible and the ICOSJ which incites hatred with their jihad pamphlets,books and website links to Al Qaeda writings. http://menendez.senate.gov/

Dear Friends,

Thank you for inviting me to the Council of American Islamic Relations and the Islamic Center of South Jersey's first detailed town meeting. Unfortunately prior engagements preclude me from being with you all tonight. The events that have taken place over the previous weeks have had a sobering effect on our region and our nation. As you are aware six men living in southern New Jersey devised a plan to attack Fort Dix in what they believed to be the name of Islam. We are all very thankful for the good work of the FBI local and state police and other law enforcement in efficiently thwarting what seems to have been a potentially deadly plot. Your response to promote tolerance and understanding is admirable. It is important that the Arab American and Muslim American communities continue to actively engage other religious, political and community groups, to encourage and learning within our nations multi cultural and multi ethnic society.

While we may practice different religions we are all united by a common humanity. It is only by sharing our histories our beliefs and our cultures that we can surely break down stereotypes and fight back against ignorance. America was built on a foundation of religious tolerance. Based upon this premise we have created an open and accepting society that holds its strength in its diversity. It is important that we all dedicate ourselves to breaking down barriers of communication and fighting against discrimination and hatred.

Salaam Aleikum may peace be with all of you.


Robert Menendez United States Senator


MIM:Remarks by Congressman Rob Andrews D-1st of Haddon Heights, at Islamic Center of South Jersey Open House: May18th 2007

Thank you. Thank you very much. On behalf of the one hundredth and tenth Congress of the United States of America I bring you a message of humility ,thanksgiving and hopefulness. Im humbled as your friend and (unclear) to be invited to this special place tonight to be with my neighbors and friends. And I count it as a personal priviledge to be with so many friends from over the years and to be with you on such an important occasion. I'm thankful that we are gathered here tonight as neighbors, as fellow Americans,and fellow citizens of the world. There are so many places in our world where we could not have a gathering like this in a room where people trace their roots to every continent on the face of the earth, trace their faith to every faith known to man and woman in the world, every ethnicity. We couldn't gather and have a peaceful and joyous discussion as we will tonight. I am very thankful for that. And I am thankful for this center and for facilitating such an opportunity tonight. I am very proud to be here. I am very proud that this center is in our community. Not only for the men and women and the families that have built it and who give it life but for the neighbors who sustain it Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist, I am proud that this is facility has a welcome place in our neighborhood and our hearts. I am thankful that we have law enforcement personeel in our country although not perfect, no one is perfect, even members of Congress.That are law enforcement personeel defending people not based on where they worship but on their duty as sworn officers of the law.

And I express my thanksgiving to the local police for the great job that they do and I know the mayor supports them completely. The FBI US attorneys, investigators for the vigilant work they do for all of us in the community. I am thankful for the men and women who wear the uniform of the United States of America's military. Who come from every walk of life and every faith. And I am thankful that that their lives are being safeguarded not only with our law enforcement rules but with our prayers and with our aspirations. And I acknowledge the fact that those who wear the uniform of this country come from every faith, come from every ethnicity,and are united by a common love for and a devotion to our country. And I am thankful that there is a legal system in our country where there is a presumption of innocence and I acknowledge that presumption tonight.

We are gathered here not out of a conclusion about what has happened but out of a conviction that people understand what has not happened. I know you are here tonight because this is a place where peace,not violence is taught and practiced. I know we are here tonight because this is a vital part of the American community, not an enemy of nor opponent to the American community. I am thankful we live in a country where the rule of law prevails over any prejudice and any passion of the moment. We are not perfect althought that is our objective. And I am hopeful that tonight we will be able this evening to have a beginning for some and a continuation for others in the education process. As our speaker so eloquently expressed already tonight that we are united by love for our country not divided by our differences as to how we worship or were are families came from.

We are united by a common desire that the peaceful practices that we heard about tonight become our aspirations and that will be true of every aspect of every community, No American should ever be subjected to discrimination, hatred or violence because of how he or she worships or where his or her family came from. But every American has the responsibility to speak up against hatred and violence from wherever it emanates even if it emanates from one who is from our own ethnic or religious community. I think that the speakers tonight have spoken powerfully and eloquently of their love for our country and their devotion to peace. Their devotion to be sure that the words of their sacred religious texts that they quoted are not simply words but convictions that are part of their daily lives and Im inspired by what I heard from our speakers tonight but not surprised.

I am gratified by what I heard tonight but not at all not at all unexpected what we heard tonight.Less then 24 hours ago I was doing the job that you actually pay me to do in Washington standing on the floor in the House of Representatives, and the podium before which we speak has carved into the phrase E Plurbius Unum. It is a carving that I look at every day when I am priviledged to serve in the United States of America. And it is more then just a carving on a piece of podium.Its an expression of why we are here tonight. E Plurbus Unum means out of many one. There are few places on the face of the earth as diverse as the United States of America. It is the secret to our success that we have always been a place where people of different ethnicities and backgrounds come and try and contribute. It would be the cause of our failure should we ever turn our backs on that tradition. We share our out of many one pain as well as progress. When an American solder dies the sacred texts of the Hindus and Buddhists are read as is the Jewish Torah as is the Christian Bible as is the holy Koran of the Muslim faith. We are united in our pain but we are are also united in our prospects and our aspirations.

I don't want to leave this place tonight without feeling a sense of hope and optimism that our darkest passions that sometimes dominate our discussions are the exceptions in America not the rule.The rule is cooperation love for ones neighbor and devotion to ones country. I am humbled to be a part of tonight's discussion and I thank you and each and every one of my neighbors for taking part.

MIM:Mayor of Palmyra John Gural remarks at Islamic Center of South Jersey Open House May 18th 2007 http://www.boroughofpalmyra.com/index.php?page=Mayor_and_Borough_Council

Thank you very much. We have a big crowd is here this evening Id like to thank everybody for coming coming here for and attending this important event. I would be less then truthful if I didn't say that I wasn't afraid and I think many people are. We see on the news every evening the atrocities that are committed overseas and our heart goes out to the men and women who protect our country and lay down their lives every night. We have a fine police department here in Palmyra who do the very same thing.Including that we have excellent law enforcement personel at the federal level the FBI who Ive been in contact with and they are doing everything in their power to enact justice in this particular case which ladies and gentlemen doesn't have anything at all to do with this mosque. As you've heard from previous that those men chose to worship here does not mean that everybody associated with this mosque is in any way associated with those men.

The Constititution the First Amendment provides freedom of speech, religion, press, and assembly quite obviously all of those civil liberties are being exercised here this evening. The preamble to the Constitution also states that "We the People of the United States in order to a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure and tranquility, promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and for all posterity. What those words mean to me in one aspect ladies and gentlemen is that nothing is more important then the national security of this country and in my particular case the health and welfare of the residents in the borough of Palmyra. And I believe that everybody in authority is doing everything they can to ensure the health and welfare and the protection of our residents both here and on a large scale.

It's a difficult time to raise a family and as I said at the top of my statements I am afraid. But a lot of my fears are based in ignorance. I do not consider myself a prejudiced person in the least I believe I don't have a prejudiced bone in my body but I don't have any Muslim friends. It's ignorance ladies and gentlemen I think many times that created divisiveness and ignorance in my particular case could not be any more obvious,this evening because I am wearing one black and one grey sock. Palmyra represents the epitome of small town America. Our children go door to door on Halloween we have block parties. I have lived here my whole life and the gentlemen I am with have lived here longer then that. We really represent whats best about America I think. This will allow me to talk about diversity. And its quite a diverse community. We're a progressive community,we're a tolerant community and I could not be prouder if I were mayor of diversity (unclear) or Paris France,and it's a great place to live. I am happy and grateful for the people who live in this community who Ive had the opportunity to befriend and serve and I think that moving forward we will all have a greater understanding of what it means to be a part of the community learn to live together and do whats right for the greater good of the community as whole.

Again I want to thank everybody and take the opportunity for being here this evening.


MIM: Remarks by State Assemblyman Jack Conners, D-7th of Pennsauken


Assemblyman Jack ConnersAssemblyman Jack Conners

Number one peace be with you. (unclear) Ladies and gentlemen around this time in the year 2005, I was a candidate for public office and in the process I had to hire a manager and as fate would happen a young man came forward and I'm a little embarrassed thats he's standing in the back back there there smiling I think. A young man came forward Raiyan Syed standing in the back there and Raiyan applied for the position as manager of my campaign. We never discussed religion, we had no reason to discuss it, Raiyan wanted to participate in the American process of getting someone elected to public office and we talked about what I wanted to do and how he would help me do it and as time marched on I hired Raiyan as my campaign manager back in the year 2005 and he did a great job and I knew that Raiyan would disappear every now and then on Friday afternoons I think he would come to the mosque to worship. I didn't know that till some time later on .I guess the point Im trying to make is that, I didn't know that he was a Muslim I didn't know that he came here and worshipped.

It never occurred to me and as time marched on as we began to talk and we got to know each other I found out about his family, he found out about my family. I found out that this Irish Catholic American citizen that Raiyan and I this Muslim American had the same sense of humor we had the same interests even though there was a considerable age disparity. And I bring this up because I think its important that as we go forward here in America that we must learn to get along and we cant look at someone and we cant sit in a bus or sit in a room and look at someone and decide that you don't like them because we of the way they look.

Ladies and gentlemen we all have families we all have people that we love as I do and as Raiyan does and I consider that very important and to Raiyan's honor I managed to get elected, that's another point.

Ladies and Gentlemen it is important that we get along I find this whole process tonight of bringing people from the community of sitting here of talking of getting to know each other.Mayor Gural talked about not having a friend ,not having a Muslim friend and Ill be very honest I have one Muslim friend its Raiyan's and we meet ,we probably meet , like at this point we meet every three months we have breakfast and I know Raiyan and his family are from Bangladesh there are so many things Ive learned and you can learn so many things from each other from talking to Muslim Americans.

Ladies and gentlemen no matter whatever religion you are its important we get along and as the Congressman said this is America and we must get along so I am honored to be here, I am honored to participate in this discussion and certainly as a member of the New Jersey legislature I want to see more of this, I want to see this happen across the state and I want to see this happen across the country because it is so so very important because one person or more then one person who goes off and does something –it could have been from any other religion it could have represented any other religion in America and should everyone be painted with that broadbrush?

Ladies and gentlemen no, that would be so very wrong and it is so very wrong you are a great people I thank you for this opportunity to come in this mosque I probably never would have been inhere unless Raiyan brought me or I came here tonight so thank you so much for having me for having all of us and for having this very informational forum tonight.

Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen.


MIM: The links page of the Islamic Center of South Jersey http://www.islamiccenterofsouthjersey.org/information/other/main.html


MIM: The websites which are linked to by the Islamic Center of South Jersey are all hardcore radical sites with cross which contain information or cross links to the Al Qaeda sites such as Islam Awakening and Qoqaz . Below are some excerpts from the information which is to be found on the ICOSJ recommended websites. The jihadist propaganda being disseminated via the sites shows were the Duka brother's may have received their religous inspiration for the Fort Dix Plot.

Islami City - http://www.islamicity.com

Q:308 Jihad: Basic definition of

A:308: Jihad could be a simple action, such as standing firm in defense of the cause of Islam. This may require speaking out in public, against ignoring Islamic principles, and writing articles or publishing books. It may also take the form of reminding people of their Islamic duties and motivating them to conduct their lives according to Islam. Its top and most noble form is to fight the enemies of Islam in battle in order to foil their attempts to smother the call of Islam.http://www.islamicity.com/dialogue/Q308.HTM

ISNA - http://www.isna.net/

According to counter terrorism expert Steven Emerson, ISNA's popular annual conventions, attended by thousands of Muslims, serve as gathering places for some Islamic extremists to raise money and share ideas. He states, "I think ISNA has been an umbrella, also a promoter of groups that have been involved in terrorism."

Last week ISNA was cited as an unindicted co-conspirator by the US government prosecution of those associated with the Holy Land Foundation's scheme to fund Hamas [source http://www.pipelinenews.org/images/2007-05-29-US%20v%20HLF-ListCoConspirators.pdf]

Salafi Publications - http://www.salafipublications.com

The website of Salafi publications contains a page headlined "The Salafee position on Terrorism Suicide bombings and Hijackings."

One of the texts listed provides an answer to this question and response:

Q. What is the ruling regarding acts of jihaad by means of suicide, such as attaching explosives to a car and storming the enemy, whereby he knows without a doubt that he shall die as a result of this action?

A. This type of suicide is well known and widespread amongst the people, so it is upon the person to ask the people of knowledge (scholars) regarding it, until the right guidance for him is differentiated from the error. http://www.salafipublications.com/sps/

Another essay is titled Daw'ah another Form of Jihad"

"Shaykh" Abdul-Maalik Ramadaanee begins by mentioning that "Da'wah is one of the main doors to Jihaad." He then reviews the rulings surrounding Jihaad and regulations regarding killing the Kufaar. (non Muslims.

[Note: one of the reported conversations between a government informant and the Duka brothers, revealed their intent to receive a "fatwa" [religious ruling] to gain approval of their mission]


This is a hardcore radical site which is no longer accessible from the link indicating that it may have been taken down. Previously the site featured essays which included, "The Treachery of the Jews" "The Menace of the Jews" "The true nature of the enmity between the Muslims and the Jews."

In an archived essay on jihad written by Muhammed Bin Saalih Al Uthaimeen, he writes sumarizes his essay as follows:

1) The obligation of being sincere in intention, words and actions and how to attain this.

2) Jihaad is of two kinds:

i. Against ones base-desires.
ii. Against the enemies of Islaam.

3) The enemies of Islaam are lying in wait for us.

4) How the enemies of Islaam are corrupting our faith, intellect and morals.

5) The enmity of the Jews towards the Muslims and their evil characteristics.

6) The trend of the Jews in murdering Prophets and their antagonism towards the religion of Islaam and the Messenger of Allaah, sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam.

7) The necessity of preparing to fight the Jews and all other enemies of Islaam.

8) Reasons of victory are:

i. Sincerity.
ii. Piety and patience.
iii. Humility and reliance on Allaah.
iv. Use of state-of-the-art technology.

In an essay "The Menace of the Jews" we read that:


1) Jews are a source of evil and enmity against them is part of our faith.

2) The Jews war against the Muslims is a religious one.

3) Nationalism has not and can never bring any benefit to the Muslims.

4) Our war against the Jews can only be conducted according to the principles of Islaam.

5) The reasons why Salaah Ad-Deen was able to defeat the crusaders.

6) The miserable predicament of contemporary Muslims and the role of the sick-hearted Muslims and hypocrites in calling for peace settlements.

7) The Jews never keep their covenants and our war against them is continuous.

8) The evil role of the Jews in Madeenah, their plots against Muslims and the stance of the Prophet sallallaahu ?alaihi wa sallam towards them.

The Jews, who are the nation of pigs and monkeys, are nothing but a source of evil, corruption, tribulation and war.


A talk by Ali Al-Tamimi in 1993 titled : "Muslims in America in the face of accusations of "Fundamentalism" and "Terrorism" was transcribed on the website. He says that it is a "topic of immense personal interest". It's not surprising to note that twelve years later Al Timimi himself was sentenced to life imprisonment on terrorism charges.

Quran and Sunnah http://www.qss.org

About Al-Qur'an was-Sunnah Society

al-Qur'an was Sunnah Society is one of the notable Islaamic organizations in North America. It is distinguished by a clear and firm Manhaj (methodology), the Manhaj of the Righteous Salaf (the Righteous Early Muslims, may Allah be pleased with them): the Companions (RA) of the Prophet (SAW) and their true followers. The goal of al-Qur'an was Sunnah Society is to invite people to Islaam, to help them understand it, practice it, and purify themselves with it, all in accordance with the blessed Manhaj of the Salaf...

  1. Present realistic Islamic solutions to contemporary problems, and strive to resume a true Islamic way of life and to establish a true Islamic society.

We call upon all Muslims to support us in carrying out this noble trust which will surely elevate and honor them and spread the eternal message of Islam all over the earth. Allah (T) has promised this, and his promise is surly true: "He it is who has sent forth His Messenger with [the task of spreading] guidance and the religion of truth, in order to make it prevail over all [false] religion, however hateful this may be to those who ascribe divinity to aught but Allah" [As-Saff (61) 9]. http://www.qss.org/aboutus.html


The goal of ICNA shall be to seek the pleasure of Allah (SWT) through the struggle of Iqamat-ud-Deen (establishment of the Islamic system of life) as spelled out in the Qur'an and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

To invite mankind to submit to the Creator by using all means of communications.

To motivate Muslims to perform their duty of being witnesses unto mankind by their words and deeds.

To organize those who agree to work for this cause in the discipline of ICNA.

To offer educational and training opportunities to increase Islamic knowledge, to enhance character, and to develop skills for all those who are associated with ICNA.

To oppose immorality and oppression in all forms, and support efforts for civil liberties and socio-economic justice in the society.

To strengthen the bond of humanity by serving all those in need anywhere in the world, with special focus on our neighborhood across North America.

To cooperate with other organizations for the implementation of this program and unity in the ummah.



Islamway Under attack

Islamway.com has come under attack from the Canadian chapter of the B'nai B'rith Jewish organization, better known as the Anti-Defamation League. The ADL generated a story reported in the Ottawa National Post today (http://www.nationalpost.com/news/national/story.html?f=/stories/20010816/648534.html) alleging that Islamway.com website is "used to recruit Islamic terrorists" and "calls on Muslims to train for holy war at paramilitary camps run by mujahedin fighters in Afghanistan." ........ Continue

The story links Islamway.com to the case of Ahmed Ressam, an Algerian living in Montreal, who was arrested on the Canadian border with Washington state carrying explosives. The report states: "Terrorist organizations have been making increasing use of the Internet to further their violent agendas. They use computers to communicate, spread propaganda, fundraise and organize operations. Canada may be becoming a base for such cyber-terrorism because of its technological advancement, refugee policies, diverse immigrant population and weak counter-terrorism laws."

No representative from Islamway.com or the Islamic Assembly of North America was contacted for comment, and the only quote in the story is from the executive vice-president of the B'nai B'rith organization in Canada, saying "It is a very frightening thought that there is a Web site situated in Canada that is recruiting for people to participate in jihad."

The entire story is based upon a posting by a private individual on Islamway's English language discussion board, in the context of an ongoing dialogue between two individuals. There are over 28,000 postings on the discussion board, with more than 34,000 visitors to the page everyday, and over 4,000 active members. Islamway is in no way responsible for the content of postings by private individuals, anymore than CNN.com or Yahoo! are responsible for the postings found on the discussion boards on their sites.

The B'nai B'rith met with Canadian authorities today to take action against Islamway. A reporter from an Ottawa television station conveyed to Islamway staff that the Canadian authorities have dismissed the issue as baseless, and B'nai B'rith has refused any further comment.

We urge all members and supporters of Islamway to forward the included letter to the editor of the National Post, criticizing the paper for its negligent approach to this story; relaying, without any investigation, charges made by the highly subjective B'nai B'rith organization against Islamway, and not seeking any contact or interview with the staff of Islamway itself.

We cannot allow these kinds of attempts to restrict our da'awah and slander our website. Please support Islamway's effort to correct this situation. http://english.islamway.com/bindex.php?section=article&id=110

Fatwa Online: www.fatwaonline.org

A page of 28 Fatwa's headlined " Worship/Jihad/Terrorism/Suicide Bombings" includes:

Regarding Suicide Bombings

Concerning Suicide Bombings

Don't Abuse the Concept of Jihaad

Attacking the enemy by blowing oneself up in a car

Committing Suicide

Hijacking planes and kidnapping


Excerpts from a long essay titled "The Sister's Role In Jihad"

The Prophet (peace be upon him) is reported to have said:

"Anybody amongst you who notices a 'munkar' ( a violation of Allah's command), should correct it with his own hands, and if he is unable to do so, he should prohibit the same with his tongue; if he is unable even to do this, he should at least consider it as bad in his heart; this is the lowest degree of faith." [Muslim].

It follows from the hadith that correcting a violation of Allah's Command by hand is the best way. Now let us ask ourselves: What is the greatest violation of Allah's Command? The answer is simple according to the Qur'ân: Disbelief in Allâh and/or Associating others with Allâh. And what is the best method of putting a check on this violation by hand? The answer, again, is clear: Jihâd fi sabeelillah (fighting in the path of Allâh). Numerous verses of the Qur'ân and many traditions from the Prophet (peace be upon him) make this point clear beyond any doubt.

Thus, it follows that women and men are supporters of one another in the important obligation of Jihâd in accordance with the spirit of the Qur'ân and Prophetic traditions.

And when Jihâd is Fard 'Ayn (an individual obligation like praying and fasting - where one person's engaging in it does not lift the responsibility from all others), as it is at the present time due to the domination of the enemy on several Muslim lands, the obligation to participate in Jihâd is upon both Muslim men and women...http://www.sunnahonline.com/ilm/jihaad/0007.htm

Learning to Use Weapons is from the Way of the Salafby Shaykh Dr. Abdulah Azzam ash -Shahid Extract from Nida'ul -Islam vol,5 issue 23

Translated by Abu Zayd


...The Companions use to praise al-Quwwah and compete in the field of honour and jihâd; 'Urwah al-Bâriqî use to have seventy horses ready for jihâd...

The hadîth, "Verily, indeed al-Quwwah is firing" reflects the evidence and miraculous nature of Prophethood, as the large part of recent wars are established by firing, from bullets to cannons to rockets....http://www.sunnahonline.com/ilm/jihaad/0005.htm

Excerpt from "Why the Jews were cursed"

When I was in high school, studying in journalism class, our teacher had placed on the wall a statement that I spent many days contemplating. It simply said, "Freedom of the press (speech) belongs to those that own the press!" Who owns the press? Well, you can believe me when I say that it is not the god fearing beloved of Allâh.

It is this same press that molds and programs the aqeedah of a huge section of our Ummah. Many of our brothers and sisters are illiterate to the words of Allâh and the guidance of Rasul Allâh - sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam, so it is with little doubt that their ideas are subconsciously molded by what Seinfeld tells them at 8 pm every Wednesday evening.

It is this same brother or sister that asks the question, "I don't understand why the Jews were cursed. Seinfeld is funny. What did he do?"

This khutbah is our media and insha' Allâh we shall learn in these few moments only samples of what carried the Jews to evoke Allâh's anger. http://www.sunnahonline.com/ilm/jihaad/0006.htm

The Termination of Israel; A Qur'aanic fact -Shaky Abu al-Waleed al-Ansari Translated by Abu al-Waleed al -Hamawi

As for the glad tidings of the Sunnah which were articulated by the trusted and the trustworthy Muhammad sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam, Ibn Umar radiallaahu 'anhu narrates that the Prophet sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam said: "The Dajjal (anti-Christ) will appear behind the city, then Allah will exploit the Muslims to kill his followers, so that the Jew would hide under a tree or (behind) a stone, and that tree or stone will say to the Muslim: 'There is a Jew (hiding behind me)! Kill him' " [Reported by Imam Ahmad in his Musnad]....

The above mentioned sacred verses and narrations indicate that this Ummah has been promised victory and consolidation when it abides by the prerequisite causative means, ie. when it arms itself with steeds of war and prepares itself to fight for the Cause of Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala. Thereafter, the State of the Jews will perish. http://www.sunnahonline.com/ilm/jihaad/0001.htm

Muslim Community Support Services:



Legal Support:

Since September 2001 we have made great efforts to protect the rights of Muslims in United Sates and to help those who were detained by the government. We work with a number of attorneys all over the country to help provide legal support, arrange for bail money and pay for other legal costs.

Financial Assistance:

We provide financial assistance to the affected Muslims brothers and sisters by paying for the unforeseen and unexpected expenses, like overdue rental payments, utility bills etc. which may occur sometimes.

Workshops / Seminars:

We arrange educational seminars and workshops to inform, educate and prepare Muslim communities in dealing with new socio-political developments in the country. These programs also serve to raise awareness amongst Muslims about their rights and responsibilities towards each other and the society at large.


We provide Islamic literature to various educational institutions, organizations, detention facilities, etc. as needed and when requested.

Social Services:

We serve to co-ordinate for foster-care and adoption of Muslim children by Muslim families, arrange for arbitration of business dispute between Muslim-owned businesses and mediate marital and family disputes under the Islamic laws.

Medical Assistance:

Our organization is working to establish medical clinics in parts of the country to provide medical care to those who need it the most. We can also assist in providing medical assistance in emergency situations by utilizing the physicians in our network around the country.

Donor Match:

A new and innovative idea in Islamic organizations, we serve to match Muslim donors with projects of their choice. This is done by identifying projects in Muslims communities which need funding and listing them in our newsletter and website, thereby allowing the donors to select and interact with the recipients and know exactly how their donations are being utilized. This allows quicker availability and better utilization of resources for worthy projects.

MIM: The Al -Istiqaamah magazine published this editiorial which tells Muslims that everyone can chose their death whether by jihad or being "cowards who seek to cling to this vile life".

The righteous will die; And the wicked will die. The warriors who fight jihâd will die; And those who sit at home will die. Those who busy themselves with correct beliefs will die; And those who treat people as their slaves will die. The brave who reject injustice will die; And the cowards who seek to cling to this vile life will die. The people of lofty-goals and ambitions will die; And the wretched who live for cheap enjoyment will die." 4

"Every soul shall taste death." [Âl-'Imrân 3:185].


the Name of Allâh, the Most Merciful, the Bestower of Mercy


Dhul-Hijjah 1416H / May 1996CE

Issue No.1

Living to Die or Dying to Live!


"Death is a harsh and fearful reality faced by everyone who lives. No one has the power to avoid it, nor does anyone around a dying person have the ability to prevent it. It is something that happens every moment and is something encountered by the young and the old, the rich and the poor, the strong and the weak. They are all the same in that they have no plan, nor any means of escaping it, no means of intercession, no way to prevent it, nor to delay it." 1 Allâh - the Most High - says:

"Say: Indeed, the death from which you flee will surely meet you, then you will be sent back to Allâh, the All-Knower of the unseen and the seen. And He will then tell you what you used to do." [Sûrah al-Jumu'ah 62:8].

"Every soul shall taste death. And We shall make a trial of you with evil and with good, and to Us will you be returned." [Sûrah al-Anbiyâ 21:34-35].

Indeed it is death: "which causes fear in the souls, and with it one's actions are sealed, and what comes after is even more fearful and fear-inducing. For is there a place one can flee to in order to escape from the constrictions suffered in the grave? What will our reply be when we are questioned in the grave? Indeed, not a single one of us knows where we will end up. Will it be Paradise whose width is like the heavens and the earth, or shall it be the Fire whose fuel is of men and stones?" 2

Ibrâhîm ibn Adham (d.160H) - rahimahullâh - said, when he was asked about the verse: "Call upon Me and I will respond to you." [Sûrah Ghâfir 40:60] They said: We call upon Allâh, but He does nor respond to us. So he said:

"You know Allâh; yet you do not obey Him. You recite the Qur'ân; yet you do not act according to it. You know Shaytân; yet you continue agreeing with him. You claim to love Allâh's Messenger 'alayhis-salâm; yet you abandon his Sunnah (guidance and way). You claim to love Paradise, yet you do not work for it. You claim to fear the Fire; yet you do not stop sinning. You say, Indeed death is true; yet you have not prepared for it. You busy yourselves with the faults of others; yet you do not look at your own faults. You eat the sustenance that Allâh provides for you; yet you are not grateful to Him. And you bury your dead; yet you have not heeded its lesson." 3

So this - O noble reader - is the reality which must be firmly established in one's heart; the reality that life in this world is limited and has an appointed end, and that this end will surely come ...

"The righteous will die; And the wicked will die. The warriors who fight jihâd will die; And those who sit at home will die. Those who busy themselves with correct beliefs will die; And those who treat people as their slaves will die. The brave who reject injustice will die; And the cowards who seek to cling to this vile life will die. The people of lofty-goals and ambitions will die; And the wretched who live for cheap enjoyment will die." 4

"Every soul shall taste death." [Âl-'Imrân 3:185].

"So keep in mind the point of death, and of one's passing on to the next life, and the number of sins that one has committed and the small amount of good that one has done. Think of the good that you would earnestly like to do at that time - then bring that forward and do it today. And think of all those things which you would desire to clear yourself of- then clear yourself from them now."5

1. Al-Mawt (p.9) of Shaykh 'Alî Hasan al-Halabî.
2. As-Salât wa Atharahu fî Ziyâdatil-Îmân (p.10) of Shaykh Husayn al-Awâishah.
3. Al-Hâfidh Ibn Rajab related it in al-Khushû' fis-Salâh (p.62).
4. Al-Mawt (p.10).
5. Al-Mawt (p.16).


MIM: The Al- Istaaqamaah website linked to via Sunnaonline which is on the ICOSJ links page explains that:

Paradise, a burning flame that was in the hearts of our Salafus-Saalih (Pious Predecessors), a flame that spurred them to aim for the highest examples of velour in jihaad and sacrifice.


In the Name of Allaah, the Most Merciful, the Bestower of Mercy


Safar 1417H / July 1996

Issue No.2

The Yearning of the Pious for

Describing Paradise, Allaah - the Most High - said:

"Indeed Allaah will enter those who believe and do righteous and correct actions into Paradise, beneath which rivers flow. Wherein they will be adorned with bracelets of gold and pearls and their garments will be made of silk." [Soorah al-Hajj 24:23].

"Indeed the pious and obedient ones will be in Paradise, amongst gardens and water-springs. It will be said to them: Enter! In peace and safety. And We shall remove from their hearts any ill-feeling, so they will be like brothers, facing each other on thrones. No sense of hardship shall touch them, and they will be of those who never leave." [Soorah al-Hijr 15:45-46].

"Paradise, that precious sanctity to which, throughout the ages, the Believers run towards.

Paradise, a burning flame that was in the hearts of our Salafus-Saalih (Pious Predecessors), a flame that spurred them to aim for the highest examples of velour in jihaad and sacrifice.

Paradise, that noble goal which aspiring eyes are fixed towards and which yearning souls long for, in all times and in all places. They find worldly afflictions agreeable to them for the sake of achieving Paradise. Indeed, to enter into it and remain in it is considered the greatest goal for the Believers, and it is a hope which is kept in view throughout life's journey. How often has Paradise been the incentive and a motivation for goodness and truth, despite the dangers, afflictions and thorns that lie along the path - even if it involves certain death.

This was the case in the days of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam, as Anas radiallaahu 'anhu related: Once Allaah's Messenger sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam and his Companions proceeded towards Badr and arrived there before the disbelievers of Makkah. When the disbelievers arrived Allaah's Messenger sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam said: "None of you should proceed ahead of me in anything." The disbelievers then advanced towards us and Allaah's Messenger sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam said: "Rise-up to enter Paradise, whose width is equal to the heavens and the earth."

Umayr ibn al-Humaam al-Ansaaree radiallaahu 'anhu said: O Messenger of Allaah ! Is Paradise equal in width to the heavens and the earth? He said: "Yes!" Umayr then exclaimed words of astonishment and excitement, so Allaah's Messenger sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam asked him: "What made you say these words of astonishment and excitement?" He replied: O Messenger of Allaah ! Nothing but the desire to be amongst its inhabitants. Allaah's Messeneger sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam then said, "Indeed, you are surely from amongst its inhabitants." So 'Umayr then took some dates from his bag and began to eat them. Then he said: If I were to live until I have eaten all the dates, then indeed this life would be too long. He threw away the remaining dates which were with him and he fought until he was killed. 1

This was also the stance taken in later times:

Abu Moosaa al-Ash'aree radiallaahu 'anhu, whilst in the presence of his enemy, narrated: Allaah's Messenger sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam said: "Indeed, the gates of Paradise are beneath the shade of swords." A man who was in a shabby condition got up and said: Abu Moosaa! did you hear this from the Messenger of Allaah sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam? So he said: Yes! He returned to his friend and said: I bid you salaam (a farewell greeting of peace). Then he broke the sheath of his sword, threw it away, then rushed into the thick of the enemy and fought them until he was slain. 2,3

Imaam ash-Shaafi'ee (d.204H) - rahimahullaah -said:

"O my soul! It is not, except a few days of patience;
As if the extent were but a few dreams.
O my soul! Pass quickly on through this world;
And leave it, for indeed life lies ahead of it."

1. Related by Muslim (no.1901).
2. Related by Muslim (no.1902) and at-Tirmidhee (no.1659).
3. From the book: Jannah (pp.5-6) of Shaykh 'Alee Hasan al-Halabee.
4. Related by Ibn Rajab in Fadl 'Ilmus-Salaf (p.63).

MIM:For more about Islamic Center of South Jersey see:

Plotters of Fort Dix terror attack identified one may have filed rejected claim for asylum in UKhttp://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/2871

"Islamist leaders in NJ: Terrorist plotters "claiming to be Muslims" - Do they revert to real Muslim status if acquitted or released?http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/2896

"NJ Muslims: Terror plots against non Muslims "would do long term damage to us if this keeps happening" "gives us a black eye"http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/2905

"NJ mosque explains terrorists "used to pray here-nothing else" - jihad means "to be a better person"http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/2915

"Islamic Center of South Jersey talks peace at staged open house preaches jihad in books and pamphlets"http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/2924

"Fort Dix jihad plot shows existence of "White Al Qaeda" Kosovo as international terror hub"http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/2940

"Islamic Center of South Jersey trustee Badat changes story - Duka brothers showed "aggravation and frustration over Iraq and Afghanistan"http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/2953

"New Jersey Jihad Mosque Trustees Change Story, Now Say Duka Brothers "Were Angry and Frustrated by Iraq and Afghanistan"http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/2960

"Give us your tired -your poor- your jihadi masses - Fort Dix terror plotter lived on base as Albanian refugee in 1999"


"Paintball "often played" "unusual activity" and" recent school dropouts" in Cherry Hill jihadi home point to martyrdom intent http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/2876

"Muslim terror plotters "hiding in plain sight neighbors and relatives "shocked" by arrests of "bunch of regular guys" kin involved" http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/2877

"Clerk asked to copy jihad video foils terror plot - "shocked" neighbors failed to report home paintball practice and talk of religion"http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/2879

"FBI "Homegrown terror plot "brand new form of terrorism" operating under the radar "more dangerous then known group"http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/2880

"Jihadi neighbors "never saw it coming" paintball, animals in yard, women sent away-kids yanked from school -"just a regular family"http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/2884

"Cherry Hill jihadis worshipped and did roof work at Philly's Al Aqsa mosque"http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/2885

"Mayor Bernie Platt Of Cherry Hill breaks ground with local Muslims "thank God, we're going to have a mosque"http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/2891

"Relative : Jihadis loved America because "they gave their roofing companies patriotic names" but doesnt mention the Arabic ones"http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/2892

"Marwan Kreidie: State Civil Service chairman and Rendell appointee moonlights as spokesman for Al Aqsa mosque and terror plotters" [Arab American Development Corp office housed in mosque).


"FBI identifies four more suspects in Fort Dix Terror case not enough evidence to charge them"http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/2899

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