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Sharon taunts deportees "harm me not the soldiers" - Hamas tells Israel: "this is a precedent"

August 17, 2005

Sharon: "Harm me not the soldiers"

MIM: Sharon's taunt to the residents of Gaza to "harm him not the solders" brings to mind Rabin's retort, when he told them thatn"they can spin like propellers" after they protested against his government's arming terrorists and signing of the Oslo accords.

MIM: Hamas certainly won't do anything to harm Sharon - he has turned out to be the best friend they have ever had in Israel. Hamas leader Khaled Maschal proclaimed that the expulsion was the result of the resistance ", and as far as the Judaism is concerned - it was, Sharon and the secular Israeli's visceral aversion to having a Jewish state were the real reason behind evicting Jews from Gaza most of whom were religious and based their claim to the land on biblical sources. On the contrary, the government's obsesience to democracy and socialism ( a vestige of the Stalinism which was the ideology of many of the original pioneer's, who wanted to turn Israel into a Soviet satellite),has turned them into national socialists. The forced deportation of Jews en masse from their homes has had precedents in recent history in Stalinist Russia and Nazi Europe. PM Sharon: Blame Me, Not the Soldiers

Wednesday, August 17, 2005 / 12 Av 5765

( At a joint press conference with President Mosh Katzav this afternoon, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon called on the residents of Gush Katif to avoid harming the soldiers sent to carry out the expulsion from Gaza. Instead, Mr. Sharon took responsibility for the decision and said that protestors should focus on him rather than on the soldiers.

"Harm me," Prime Minister Sharon said, "don't harm the soldiers and police officers. I am responsible for this decision, which was my own. Don't blame them, but me."


13:45 Aug-17-05

Hamas: The Gaza Withdrawal is a Precedent

Wednesday, August 17, 2005 / 12 Av 5765

( Khaled Mash'al, a senior Hamas figure, said to day that the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza and Samaria is prelude, forced upon Israel thanks to Arab terrorism.

We are witness, Mash'al said, to a retreat "that serves as precedent.... We are talking about an Israeli retreat carried out as a result of the resistance."

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