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Muslim Council of Britain attacks UK and US-decries proposed banning of terror group - and warns infidels to "change their behaviour"

August 8, 2005

MIM: True to form the MCB Al Qaeda/Hamas front compares anti Muslim slurs with suicide bombers, decries the government's proposed banning of the terroist group Hizb ut Tahrir, and used the occasion of issuing a meaningless statement saying the bombers could not be regarded as martyrs to rail against the US for forbidding the entry of resident UK Islamofacist Zaki Badawi. The MCB's boilerplate 'condemnation of the terror attacks' explicitly fails to mention that the suicide bombers were fellow Muslims referring only to "those who carried out the attacks". Note that the idea that Muslim women who wear a hijab might be harassed elicits more outrage on the part of the MCB then the fact that UK citizens on their way to work were blown to pieces by hostile Muslims.

Muslim women

Mayor of London's human rights adviser Yasmin Qureshi has issued a statement of solidarity with Muslim women wearing the hijab. Her statement (4th August, 2005)notes "London is a diverse city and we are going to defend that diversity very robustly. Any Islamophobic attack should be dealt with by the police, who have said they will protect London's communities not only from the bombers but also from people who want to exploit the bombings to promote racism, Islamophobia and division. ‘It is a basic human right for a Muslim woman to choose to wear a hijab and this human right should be defended. We should not hand a victory to racists and Islamophobes who may seek to intimidate peaceful Muslims into changing their lawful behaviour. ‘The only people who should change their behaviour are those who seek to intimidate or attack Muslims'.
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Banning non-violent groups is not the solution
The MCB has issued a statement responding to the Prime Minister's planned measures to proscribe Hizbut Tahrir, in which Secretary General Iqbal Sacranie notes, ""The MCB holds no brief for Hizb ut-Tahrir – they are a group with whom the mainstream Muslim community has strong and well known disagreements concerning participation in our political process. However, banning Hizb ut-Tahrir is certainly not the solution and may well prove to be counterproductive. We understand that Hizb ut-Tahrir in the United Kingdom are an avowedly non-violent group. If there are groups that are thought to be contravening our laws, then they ought to be prosecuted in courts of law, not driven underground. Our democratic values need to be upheld, not undermined. In addition, we are seeking clarification from the government to ensure that expressions of support for people who are living under brutal military occupation is not to be outlawed. That would be completely unacceptable. Our faith of Islam commands us to speak out against injustice wherever it occurs. To prohibit support for oppressed peoples would make us complicit in the injustice and would have dire consequences for the upholding of international legality". The MCB recalls the admonition given by the Chief Justice Lord Woolf who stated that: ‘In defending democracy, we must not forget the need to observe the values which make democracy worth defending.'
5th August 2005, Press Release

In a statement issued on 5th August, the Mayor of London Ken Livingstone more...

Community events
London Muslim Centre, Whitechapel: Arabic Language & Shari'ah Studies conducted by the Al-Baseera Institute, September 2005-March 2006. Registration taking place now - contact [email protected]

Islamic scholars' Declaration: London bombers cannot be regarded martyrs

At a meeting at the Islamic Cultural Centre, London, (15th July)over forty leading mosque imams, muftis and ulama (Islamic scholars) representing all sections of Muslims in Britain made a public statement on the events of 7th July and responded to questions from the media. The statement, read out by Maulana Shahid Raza of the World Islamic Mission, noted that "there can never be any excuse for taking an innocent life. The Qur'an clearly declares that killing an innocent person was tantamount to killing all mankind and likewise saving a single life was as if one had saved the life of all mankind....this is both a principle and a command. We are firmly of the view that these killings had absolutely no sanction in Islam, nor is there any justification whatsoever in our noble religion for such evil actions. It is our understanding that those who carried out the bombings in London should in no sense be regarded as martyrs". The statement also called on the media to refrain from the character assassination of reputable scholars. Iqbal Sacranie, chairing the event, referred to the deplorable way US authorities had refused entry the previous day to Shaykh Zaki Badawi, a leading British Muslim scholar.
Click here for full text and list of signatories
Text in Urdu
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Feature Item
British Muslims Utterly Condemn Acts of Terror (Read Comments from General Public) Tue 12 Jul 2005
"We must and will be united in common determination that terror cannot succeed. It is now the duty of all us Britons to be vigilant and actively support efforts to bring those responsible to justice"
The Muslim Council of Britain utterly condemns today's indiscriminate acts of terror in London. These evil deeds make victims of us all. It is our humanity that must bring us shoulder to shoulder to condemn, to oppose and to overcome those who would spread fear, hatred and death.

Our sympathies and our prayers are with the victims, their families and friends. We extend our support and gratitude to the emergency services, the police and all the frontline services charged with our collective security.

"The evil people who planned and carried out these series of explosions in London this morning want to demoralize us as a nation and divide us as a people. All of us must unite in helping the police to capture these murderers. Yesterday we celebrated as Londoners, euphoric that our great city had secured the Olympic Games. Today we watch aghast as we witness a series of brutal attacks upon our capital city. We were together in our celebration, we must remain together in our time of crisis," said Sir Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary General of the MCB.

"We must and will be united in common determination that terror cannot succeed. It is now the duty of all us Britons to be vigilant and actively support efforts to bring those responsible to justice," he added.

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