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IQRA bookshop and government funded youth center was recruiting point for suicide bombers - IQRA also in the US

July 18, 2005

MIM: IQRA is a worldwide distributor of Islamic books and products and has an office in Chicago,Ilinois.

Killer used posh perfume in bomb
Ben English, London

ONE of the London terrorists bought more than $2000 worth of designer perfume as a deadly napalm-style ingredient in the bombs.

Just three days before the carnage, Jamaican-born Jermaine Lindsay bought dozens of bottles of scent that investigators believe were to make the bombs more flammable.

They included Jean Paul Gaultier, Fahrenheit, Emporio Armani and Boss brands -- all symbols of what Islamist extremists consider the height of Western decadence.

Investigators believe the perfumes were used to maximise the number of burns victims in the attacks, which killed at least 55 people, including Australian Sam Ly.

"The active ingredient in any perfume is alcohol," said terror expert Dr Andrew Silke.

"The effect would be more incendiary, like napalm, rather than highly explosive. It would create more fire and therefore more burn injuries."

The revelation came as an Islamic bookshop emerged as the recruitment headquarters for the extremists.

The Iqra Learning Centre in Beeston, Leeds -- home suburb of two of the bombers -- has been revealed as a breeding ground for Islamist militants and a staging point for the London terrorists.

Bookshop owner Mohammad Tafazil is said to have hosted talks by militant Muslims.

Tafazil, 38, allegedly has financial links to the nearby Hamara Youth Centre, used by bomber Mohammad Khan as a terror recruitment centre.

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This item is available on the Militant Islam Monitor website, at