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Zvi Yehezkeli: Top Military Analyst & Islam Expert "American Pressure Is Making Us Bleed" - "We Must Wake Up Now"

'No Kill' War Demands: 'Humanitarian Actions' To Save Muslims Become Death Traps For Israeli Soldiers
December 14, 2023

Analyst: 'American pressure is making us bleed'

Analyst Zvi Yehezkeli says that the key to victory will be allowing the war to be led by the younger generation and lower ranks of the IDF.

Military analyst Zvi Yehezkeli told Radio 103FM about the recent incident in which several IDF soldiers were killed fighting in Gaza.

"I met the soldiers who had been injured yesterday in the hospital, and I want to ask: 'Are we really doing enough?' They were born perhaps 20 years ago, and have experienced only crisis, never the dream. They already see Palestinians as an enemy, something we did not see before, and something that their commanders still don't," Yehezkeli stated

"The commanders still struggle with the fantasies of Judea and Samaria, the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, and all manner of military catchphrases. They do not see the situation as it is," he explained.

"I think that if we gave this generation a real chance at leading the army, we would not see this war, we would see a far more serious one. Why leave any building standing? Clearly, they were rigged with traps during the ceasefire," he continued.

"We know that Hamas is not afraid of anything. They do not wear uniforms and go dressed as civilians. What does Biden want? That we lose more soldiers? I simply don't understand. Look how the Palestinians are so proud online about how many states they have convinced to support the ceasefire. Do we want them to decide for us? This is sickening, and there is nothing to be done. We send in infantry as opposed to destroying the houses, except most of the houses now hold only terrorists, no civilians. So what is the problem with destroying them?"

Later he stated: "I see us falling slowly into the Hamas trap. HamAas has left terrorists, rigged buildings with traps, and presents you with questions of humanitarian action. This is Sinwar's plan. We have an army of heroes, but we are not using our real power. All of our senior leadership is still using the conceptualization from before the war, and you can't get rid of it."

According to Yehezkeli, international pressure is affecting the campaign. "Consider the IDF of the past weeks, with great accomplishments and communication with the populace. We are suddenly slowing down. What happened to us? It is not only the United States of America but also Europe. Hamas was waiting for this. Now the whole world and Qatar will stand against us. Hamas terrorists with uniforms? They don't have any. They dress as civilians and draw weapons at the first opportunity. They trapped all these areas during the ceasefire, and we are going according to their plan and not according to our own. The more time passes, the more we miss here, and we must wake up now," he stated.

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"I always wish, when I speak with soldiers of any rank, that they be allowed to work. If they were allowed to do as they pleased, they would produce results. I think that Hamas today is building on the weakness caused by hardship and crisis and the spider web theory of Nasrallah. They know what they are doing, and here we need to wake up. Pressure from the United States of America is making us bleed, period. Hamas is counting on us having limits," he concluded.

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