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Rasha Mubarak: Committee Woman For The Florida Young Democrats Memorializes Car-Ramming Terrorist

Pro Hamas Anti Semitic Mubarak Works With Omar And Tlaib - Is On Orlando Multicultural Affairs Committee
July 22, 2020

Democrat National Committeewoman Memorializes Dead Palestinian Car-Ramming Terrorist

The Democrat Party continues to ignore Rasha Mubarak's bigotry and fanaticism.

Mon Jul 20, 2020

Joe Kaufman

Joe Kaufman, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, is Chairman of the Joe Kaufman Security Initiative and the 2014, 2016 and 2018 Republican Nominee for U.S. House of Representatives (Florida-CD23).

Rasha Mubarak is a National Committeewoman for the Florida Young Democrats (FYD). This makes her a voice for the Democratic Party, and while it is not the largest voice, it is far from insignificant. When she says or does something, her behavior reflects on the Party. Beginning last month, Mubarak posted numerous memorials onto social media for Palestinian terrorist Ahmed Erekat, who was recently killed after ramming his car into an Israeli checkpoint, in an attempt to take others' lives. Malicious posts, such as these, are commonplace for Mubarak. How long is the Democratic Party going to continue to affiliate with this dangerous fanatic?

On June 23rd, Ahmed Erekat, the 27-year-old nephew of PLO Secretary General Saeb Erekat, attempted to run over a female Israeli border officer, at a checkpoint in the Palestinian village of Abu Dis, east of Jerusalem. Israeli officers proceeded to open fire on the terrorist, killing him. The family of Erekat cried foul – something that was predictable – claiming the Israeli officers had participated in a murder. Video footage released by Israeli authorities of the incident, though, clearly shows Erekat's vehicle suddenly change course, slamming into the officer, who was thrown backward with the impact and who miraculously survived with minimal injury.

Following the attack, Rasha Mubarak posted onto her Facebook and Twitter pages outrageous statements made by Ahmed's cousin Noura, calling the border officers "cowards" and labeling her cousin's death an "extrajudicial killing." Mubarak posted photos of Erekat, one of which had a drawing of his likeness surrounded by flowers with the message in both English and Arabic, "Justice for Ahmed." Mubarak said she was "devastated"; she too dishonestly branded Ahmed's death a murder. She wrote, "His family wants to bury their loved one – who was murdered by Israel's oppressive forces." She added an image of him with a call to boycott Tel Aviv University.

On June 30th, Mubarak posted a graphic onto her social media with the message, "IF YOU HAVE TO ANNEX IT, IT WASN'T YOURS TO BEGIN WITH." It, of course, alludes to the recent reports of Israel's plan to annex parts of the West Bank or Judea and Samaria, which many Jews consider the heart of the Jewish homeland. However, the image next to the message was not of the West Bank, but was of the entire state of Israel draped in a Palestinian checkered keffiyeh, suggesting that no part of the Jewish homeland was Israel's to begin with.

These posts – the memorializing of a car ramming terrorist and a message suggesting that Israel's claim to its homeland is illegitimate – are nothing out of the ordinary for Mubarak. Indeed, she has a long history of such contemptible behavior regarding Israel and Jews in general.

Time after time, when Israeli civilians have come under attack from Hamas rockets being launched at them from Gaza, Mubarak has used her social media to denounce any notion of Israel having a right to self-defense. In May 2019, she tweeted against former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, and the producer of The Ellen Show, Andy Lassner, for claiming Israel has such a right.

Mubarak has exhibited her own support for Hamas. At the end of the 2014 Israel-Gaza Conflict, along with photos of a jubilant Hamas, who had bizarrely just declared victory, Mubarak tweeted, "Thousands of people celebrating in the streets of Gaza for the victory. Alhamdulillah. #VictoryForGaza." Mubarak has promoted material from Hamas-related media, and she has personally been affiliated with the Hamas-linked groups CAIR and Islamic Relief.

Her extremism in demonizing and vilifying Israel has also veered into blatant attacks on the Jewish community, itself. In September 2013, Mubarak ridiculed Jews, after a report came out claiming Orthodox Jews had asked the Israeli government for "beard-friendly gas masks." The call for new masks was over legitimate concern that Syria might retaliate against Israel, following a US military intervention of Syria, and that normal masks do not accommodate a lot of facial hair. The US military has dealt with this same issue with its own bearded troops. About the report, which featured the side profile of an observant Jew with a long beard and side curls, Mubarak mockingly wrote, "Seriously? No seriously! Ufff… Lol…"

As well, Mubarak has organized anti-Israel events that have devolved into the worst of anti-Semitism, where Jews have been labeled "terrorists" and "baby killers."

Much of this – the social media postings and the radical activism – has taken place, while Mubarak was active in the Democratic Party. In fact, Mubarak has gotten the Democratic Party to co-sponsor her hate rallies. She, further, convinced then-Florida Young Democrats (FYD) President Jake Sanders to co-host a live-streamed video discussion about boycotting Israel. It is no doubt that the Democratic Party has condoned – to the point of even joining in on – Mubarak's extremist activities.

On June 24th, following the resignation of Seminole County Tax Collector Joel Greenberg, who was indicted for allegedly stalking a political opponent, FYD praised Mubarak for her speaking out against what the group called Greenberg's "Islamophobic, homophobic, anti-Palestinian, anti-immigrant, racist behavior and language." The group wrote, "Special thanks to FYD National Committeewoman Rasha Mubarak for standing in solidarity with those affected by his words and being an outspoken advocate." This was one day after Mubarak's memorializing of the car ramming terrorist, and it completely ignores Mubarak's own bigotry and fanaticism.

It is obvious that the Democratic Party Mubarak represents tolerates her conduct. To date, it has made zero effort to censure her or remove her from her position. What Democrats fail to understand, though, or are just unwilling to confront is that Mubarak and others like her only seek involvement in the Party in order to promote a radical Islamic agenda. Mubarak cares nothing for Democrats. She even tweeted that the national Democratic leadership was "racist," when they knelt in silence, following the death of George Floyd.

Mubarak is part of a growing cancer of anti-Semitism consuming the Democratic Party. It is time for those in the Democratic Party, who disagree with Mubarak's conduct, speak out and demand that the Party rid itself of the cancer from its roles.

Beila Rabinowitz, Director of Militant Islam Monitor, contributed to this report.

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