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Imam Omar Suleiman: Interfaith Dialogue 'Icon' Is Sharia Supremacist And A Virulent Islamist Jew Hater

Supporter Of Stonings And Amputations Gave Prayer Invocation In US Congress
March 20, 2020

Interfaith Dialogue 'Icon' Omar Suleiman: Sharia Supremacist, Islamic Jew-Hater

Another example of the dangerous willful blindness of our politicians and religious leaders.

Mon Mar 16, 2020

Andrew G. Bostom

Imam Omar Suleiman gave a U.S. Congressional invocation May 9, 2019, and just participated in a high profile "inter-faith dialogue" event Thursday March 5, 2020, at North Carolina State University, with J.D. Greear of the Southern Baptist Convention. Both the Democrats who invited him to "prayerfully" address Congress, and Mr. Greear, were willfully blind to the good Imam Suleiman's open espousal of Sharia supremacism, and traditionalist Islamic Jew-hatred.

Suleiman has defended Sharia's hadd punishments for adultery [stoning] and theft [amputation], advocated for both "societal Sharia" and a Caliphate, so that Sharia could "be applied in totality," and even defended Muslim concubinage and sex-slavery (and see this compilation of video clips, embedded below). He is also a virulent Muslim Jew-hater, who proudly lauds Islam's Antisemitic canon, in particular, the Koranic epithet (Koran 5:60) for Jews as "apes and pigs."

Suleiman's intense canonical Islamic Jew-hatred was elaborated at length during a 5-part, nearly 6-hour 2012 lecture series, "Lost Chronicles of Bani Israel," still available online (video extracts embedded below).

In prelude to his discussion of Allah's "very dramatic action" against a particular group of Jews—transforming them into apes and pigs [Koran 7:166, and 5:60]—Suleiman elucidates what characterizes most Jews—past as prologue—with Koranic indelibility:

"The majority of the people we are talking about obviously, to take lessons from them, we're not gonna focus on those few good people, few bright spots, but rather focus on mistakes that they [i.e., most of the Koranic Jews] make."

Suleiman then invokes two Koranic depictions [Koran 2:96 and 2:88], bolstered by an illustration from the canonical hadith [Bukhari Volume 4, Book 55 Prophets 615] which demonstrate their inveterate worldliness, "dunyā," and resultant deceit.

They had an unusual love for the life of this world and the head [source] of [their] every mistake is loving this life too much and hating death. So we find that all of the trickery [deceit], and all the mistakes that they [the Jews] made stem from their love of dunyā [earthly concerns]"

Referencing the Koranic narrative from sura 7 [7:1637:166] about the Jews deceitfully laying out nets to avoid "Allah's" prohibition against actually fishing on the Sabbath, and also citing Koran 5:60, Suleiman provides these details:

Allah says, 'We told them to become apes,' [7:166] Allah transformed them, this group of people that took that action into apes and pigs [5:60]…which means their external appearance became apes and pigs, and the idea here was that the people were trying to make Allah out to be a fool, but Allah instead transformed them into animals…The prophet [Muhammad] tells us that these people, which were a village, not the entire Bani Israel, this was a group of Bani Israel, that Allah, after he transformed them, they lived three days as an example to all other people. The older ones were transformed into pigs and the young ones into apes.

Following a brief excursus on why it is inaccurate to refer to contemporary Jews as "sons of apes and pigs," Suleiman references a hadith [cited by the great legist/philosopher Ibn Rushd, "Averroes", and here] which illustrates yet another example of Jewish deceit, and the appropriate response of Muhammad's youngest wife Aisha, who condemned her Jewish interlocutors as brethren of apes and pigs.

She [Aisha] called them brothers of apes and pigs—she didn't call them the sons.

This usage, "brothers of apes and pigs," Suleiman maintains, is appropriate for most Jews, given their inveterate Koranic predilection for deceit, endeavoring "to take Allah for a fool." Indeed, according to the earliest sacralized, pious Muslim biography of Muhammad by Ibn Ishaq just before subduing the Medinan Jewish tribe Banu Qurayza, Islam's prophet invoked this striking Koranic motif for the Jews debasement, addressing these Jews, with hateful disparagement, as "You brothers of apes." Ibn Ishaq's account further maintains that, upon their surrender, Muhammad himself beheaded between 600 to 900 of the adult Jewish males of the Banu Qurayza, and enslaved their wives and children.

Dehumanizing Koranic references to Jews as apes (or apes and pigs) were used explicitly for polemical incitement to large scale, annihilationist pogroms against dhimmi Jewish communities in Granada (within mythically "tolerant" Muslim Spain) during 1066, Baghdad and its environs, proliferating into Iran, at the end of the 13thcentury, and southern Morocco at the close of the 15th century. Echoing Muhammad—and Omar Suleiman—present era ad nauseum repetition of these Koranic epithets for incitement of Muslim Jew-hatred by three year-old Muslim children, to Sunni Islam's Papal equivalent Al-Azhar Grand Imam, has also included then Sudanese dictator Omar al-Bashir's vitriolic call for an annihilationist jihad against Israel during a speech delivered at the headquarters of the ruling Islamic party in Khartoum, broadcast live by Radio Monte Carlo on April 5, 2002:

Let us prepare ourselves for the decisive battle against the Jews, those apes, pigs, and worshippers of calves. This should be a decisive battle…There will be no peace with the Jews…This battle is the battle, and this jihad is the jihad.

Ultimately, Omar Suleiman's 2012 discourse on the Jews is blunt in directing his canonical Islamic Jew-hatred, especially the requisite "humiliation," at the state of Israel, and all Jews who support its right to exist.

"We ask Allah to humiliate this Israel, the way that Allah humiliated Bani Israel"

These unwarranted invitations extended to Imam Suleiman illustrate the ongoing, disgraceful failure of those politicians and religious leaders the disingenuous Suleiman engages. Simply put, such non-Muslim "leaders" are devoid of the intellectual honesty and courage required to identify the canonical Islam which animates Suleiman's Sharia supremacism and Jew-hatred, views which a vast expanse of the world's Muslims have been educated to share.

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