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Broward School Board's Robin Bartleman & Commissioner Yvette Colburne Partner With Terror Group To Bash ICE

Al Qaeda Linked ICNA Exploits School Kids To Propagandize For Open Borders
September 9, 2019


School Board's Robin Bartleman and Commissioner Yvette Colbourne shill for ICNA and exploit kids for votes.

September 2, 2019 Joe Kaufman

Muslim extremist groups love politicians speaking at their events. It grants the groups legitimacy and provides the groups the cover they need to continue their nefarious activities. All too many politicians are willing to prostitute themselves and give their personal stamps of endorsement to these groups, if they feel it translates into votes. This past month, two of those politicians from South Florida, Broward County School Board member Robin Bartleman and Miramar Commissioner Yvette Colbourne, did just that. They allowed themselves to be used by groups associated with terror, while exploiting children in the process.

On August 26th, ICNA Relief, the main charitable division of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), set up gazebos bearing its group name, outside the Miramar Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) substation. The event, titled ‘UNITED FOR MIGRANTS,' was masked as one promoting education for children, where kids posed for a camera, as they were handed cheap backpacks and flimsy books. In reality, though, the event was created to malign law enforcement and the defense of America's borders, and it featured those who wish to abolish ICE. One speaker at the event was activist Laurie Woodward García of Broward for Progress, a group that promotes material offensively comparing ICE facilities to concentration camps.

Also speaking at the event was Broward School Board member and current candidate for Florida State Representative Robin Bartleman, whose likeness and title prominently appear on flyers for the event. Bartleman stated to Woodward Garcia and the few others there listening to her, "[A]ll of our principals are trained. They know that ICE should not be coming on school property to take our kids." Note: According to a representative from the ICE Operational Command Center in Miami, ICE does not and will not enter school property.

Following the event, Bartleman wrote on her Facebook candidate page, "I can't understand why they refuse to treat our migrant community humanely." She then praised Woodward García and ended it with "A big thank you to our Muslim Community, including Mishka Ahmad, Friends of Humanity International, ICNA Relief, and South Florida Muslim Federation for organizing this event."

Miramar Commissioner Yvette Colbourne, who, like Bartleman, has her likeness and title appear on a flyer for the event, did a video for ICNA days prior to the event. On the video, Colbourne praised and thanked ICNA and stated to the group, "Very happy to partner with you."

Questions: Do Robin Bartleman and Yvette Colbourne understand fully the backgrounds of the groups who co-sponsored the Miramar event and whom they have willfully "partnered" with? And do they realize that the materials that were given to the children, who showed up with their parents to take them, and the children themselves, were merely props for ‘photo ops' to assist the organizations' radical cause and promote their Islamist agenda?

ICNA was founded in September 1968 as the American affiliate of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), South Asia's largest Islamist group. JI's militant wing, Hizbul Mujahideen (HM), owned the Pakistani compound where Osama bin Laden resided and was killed in. ICNA has been linked to terrorist financing and has promoted various terrorist groups online, including Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda and the Taliban. ICNA's former Secretary General, Ashrafuzzaman Khan, was sentenced to death for his role in the murder of 18 individuals as a death squad leader during Bangladesh's 1971 War of Independence. In July 2014, ICNA co-sponsored a pro-Hamas rally in downtown Miami, where rally goers chanted, "We are Hamas" and "Let's go Hamas."

Attending the Miramar event was Secretary of the Florida chapter of ICNA and Chief Operating Officer of ICNA Relief USA, Abdul Rauf Khan. Khan has used social media to promote: anti-Jewish Nation of Islam (NOI) leader Louis Farrakhan, Egypt's banned Muslim Brotherhood, anti-gay propaganda, and how music is forbidden in Islam. Khan has been photographed wearing Muslim Brotherhood garb, himself. In November 2015, he posted a video on his Facebook page glorifying a member of Hezbollah as a "hero." And in July 2014, Khan posted a link on Facebook to an anti-Semitic video labeling comedian talk show host Bill Maher, "Zionist Jew Bill Maher."

US and Pakistan-based Friends of Humanity International Inc (FHII) is the brainchild of Mohammed Javed Quereshi. Quereshi, who posed for a number of photos with Bartleman, was the Manager of the Taco Bell where "Dirty Bomber" Jose Padilla worked, before Padilla met with al-Qaeda leaders and plotted to set off a radiological bomb in the US. According to Padilla, Quereshi gave him his first Quran and invited him to attend mosque. Following Padilla's conversion to Islam, the two would see each other at different radical mosques, including one that, at the time, Quereshi was a Director of, the Islamic Foundation of South Florida (IFSF).

The South Florida Muslim Federation (SFMF) was founded in April 2017 as an umbrella group for most if not all of the radical Muslim organizations located in South Florida. This includes entities linked to international terrorism. SFMF's Executive Director, Nezar Hamze, was previously a leader for the Hamas-related Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which is currently an SFMF member organization. The SFMF Public Relations Director, Wilfredo Ruiz, is also from CAIR. Recently, SFMF parted ways with its Facebook Manager, Abdurahman al-Ghani, who had used social media to refer to Jews as "demonic" and gays as "evil."

Whether as unwitting dupes or cynical manipulators of children, Broward School Board member Robin Bartleman and Miramar Commissioner Yvette Coleman gave these groups the legitimacy and cover they were looking for, while putting our community and national security at risk by attempting to discredit and weaken ICE's ability to function effectively. Conversely, ICNA, FHII and SFMF gave the two ‘useful idiots' what they desire – potential votes. Both parties shamelessly used children to achieve their self-serving goals.

The Miramar anti-ICE event was yet another example of leftist politicians aligning themselves with Islamists to further their political ambitions, while helping to undermine the very communities and country whose interests they falsely claim to represent.

Beila Rabinowitz, Director of Militant Islam Monitor, contributed to this report.

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