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Dangerous ISIS Jihadist From Syria Recognized By Fellow Countrymen In Holland

December 11, 2017


A 31-year-old Syrian ISIS jihadist was recognized by fellow Syrians in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, the liberal Dutch newspaper "De Volksrant" reported last month. It was on September 14, 2017, that they noticed how the Syrian jihadist attended a conference in the Amsterdam conference center "De Balie." These Syrians belonged to the anti-ISIS group "Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently." A film on their activities in Raqqa, the former so-called capital of ISIS in Syria, was shown in "De Balie." This film showed atrocities and war crimes committed by ISIS in Raqqa. Members of the group "Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silenty" used small hidden cameras when they were still in Raqqa. ISIS jihadists have sworn to kill anyone who was involved in this courageous group.

But right now in the heart of Amsterdam some Syrian refugees from Raqqa recognized a Syrian war criminal from Tabqa (Raqqa province) who had apparently managed to escape to Holland. When this Syrian ISIS jihadist noticed that he had been recognized by people who knew him he quickly disappeared. There is reason to believe that many other dangerous ISIS jihadists have fled to Western Europe and are now planning to commit terrorist attacks.Nearly 25,00 West European (!) ISIS jihadists returned to Europe and they also pose a very serious security threat, because it is simply impossible to monitor all of them. It is not known how many Syrian war criminals and terrorists decided to apply for asylum in Europe, but there could be thousands of them.

De Volksrant further reported that the Dutch General Security and Intelligence Service has been monitoring the Syrian jihadist from Raqqa province for several months and that he used a fake name when he entered the Netherlands. He is believed to be a high level ISIS member. Yet, he suddenly showed up at this conference in Amsterdam. Why wasn't he arrested? Perhaps the security service and the police need more evidence or they want to trace all his other contacts.But the Syrians who recognized him in Amsterdam now fear for their own lives.Several opponents of ISIS who belonged to the group "Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently" have already been killed in Turkey.

Anti-semitic attack in Amsterdam

Too many Muslims are short-tempered. After American president Donald Trump belatedly announced that the United States would transfer the Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, an aggressive and angry Palestinian, shouting "Allahu Akbar" ("Allah is Great"), smashed the window of the Jewish HaCarmel Glatt Kosher restaurant in Amsterdam. He wore a Palestinian keffiyeh and had a Palestinan flag and a baseball bat. Then he entered the restaurant took an Israeli flag away.

Two police officers were present all the time, but they didn't do anything before the Palestinian man was outside again. It is amazing that they allowed him to smash that window with his baseball bat. It was only then that they decided to arrest him. Because he obviously resisted arrest, police had to use pepperspray.Police say that 29-year-old perpetrator had a residence permit in the Netherlands. Dutch Jews believe it was an anti-Semitic attack. Sami Bar-on, the owner of the restaurant was angry. "They can't chase me away," he said. He was used to verbal abuse and insults, but "this the first time in twenty years that someone smashed the window of my restaurant."

Rob Hoogland, who writes excellent columns in "De Telegraaf," a leading newspaper in the Netherlands, rightly observes that "this kind of scum isconsumed by hatred against the Jews, yet he abuses our hospitality because he received a temporary residence permit." Too many foreign criminals go unpunished, Hoogland writes. Police in Holland just cannot cope with the ever more powerful and ruthless Turkish drug mafia.

"Multicultural crime"

This refers to an important article witten by Koen Voskuil in the Dutch daily newspaper "Algemeen Dagblad" and published on Friday December 8, 2017.Voskuil writes that the police do not have enough manpower to monitor Turkish heroin traffickers. (Turkish criminals in Turkey make heroin from opium which is imported from Iran and Afghanistan.) Turkish traffickers in Holland are very well armed and do not hesitate to kill people at random. "We are losing the war on drugs," a police investigator claims. Last February, police confiscated 1,130 kilos of heroine. But they also discovered that the Turkish mafia could not find1,300 kilos of cocaine, which somehow got lost. This led to an extremely violent reaction by Turkish criminals in Holland.

Liberals often defend the noble idea of "multiculturalism" and the so-called"peaceful nature of Islam." But they do not seem to realize that "multicultura lcrime" resulted in numerous mafia style killings in Britain, Sweden, Holland,Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Greece.

Emerson Vermaat is an investigative reporter specialized in crime and terrorism.



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