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Suspicious Kuwaiti Islamic Charities Donated Millions Of Euros To Salafist Mosques In Holland

October 2, 2017


Eighteen Islamic organizations in the Netherlands received about ten million Euros from suspicious Islamic charities in Kuwait, one of the Arab states in the Persian Gulf. This was revealed by Dutch newspaper NRC.Next in its September 5, 2107, issue. The article is largely based on data provided by the Kuwaiti government which now seek to control these charities more effectively– possibly under American pressure. But the total amount of donations from Kuwait even exceeds these official data.

One of the mosques which received money from a Kuwaiti charity called Revival of Islamic Heritage Society (RIH) is the Utrecht-based Salafist mosque al-Fitrah. This charity is listed as terrorist organization by the American government. In 2012, RIH financed the building of a new mosque to be used by Al-Fitrah. This donation was never reported to the city authorities, in fact the mosque's Board simply denied last year that they had received any money from Kuwait. And a judge ruled on August 31, 2017, that the mosque must find another building because of arrears of rent.

The current location in the Utrecht suburb of Overvecht is known as a highly problematic area with lots of deeply frustrated Moroccan first-, second- and third-generation immigrants. A serious Dutch investigation conducted by the respectable Verwey-Jonker Institute concluded in December last year that children are following lessons in the mosque and that those lessons turn out to be unfavorable for their performance at school and for their integration into society. These children are told, for example, that it is wrong for a man to shake hands with a woman.

In January 2016, the mosque invited the notorious British hate cleric Haithamal-Haddad who believes that "apostates", those who dare to say goodbye to Islam, must be put to death. And he describes Jews as pigs, "the devil's army."Another speaker at that event was "Sheikh Abu Souhayb Ahmad Salam," a hate cleric from Holland who refused to shake hands a former Dutch Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk because she was a woman. This incident occurred back in November 2004. He is the father of Suhayb Salam, the imam from the al-Fitrah mosque. Both are originally from Syria.

Dutch journalist Patrick Pouw followed as undercover reporter the Salafist lessons given by Suhayb Salaam in Utrecht. Suhayb's students were told to hate the unbelievers and burn Bibles. Don't report Muslims to the police and tax inspectors are thieves, Subhayb claims. He believes that polygamy is in line with the teachings of Islam or Sharia law. He also believes that Sharia law must be applied in punishments such as cutting off the hands of a thief and stoning women who committed adultery to death. He makes one reservation only, these punishments can only be applied when there is an "Islamic State," a "Caliphate."

It was back in 1995 and 1996 that a well informed government source warned me to take into account the suspicious activities of Islamic charities which finance militant groups. ("Just watch them!") I also learned from several reliable sources that the Muslim Brotherhood, Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida were using these charities as "front organizations." One of the charities was al-Haramain Islamic Foundation (AHIF), which was designated by the US Department of the Treasury "for having provided financial and material support to al-Qaida, as well as a wide range of designated terrorists and terrorist organizations." "Between 2002-2004, the United States designated thirteen AHF branch offices operating in Afghanistan, Albania, Bangladesh, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Comoros Islands, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, Netherlands, Pakistan, Somalia, Tanzania and the United States." "Despite these efforts, AHF leadership has attempted to reconstitute the operations of the organization, and parts of the organization have continued to operate."

Anti-Semitic Muslim Charities in the United States

It is only the tip of the iceberg. From Kuwait alone millions of Euros have been paid to Salafists in the Netherlands. Compulsory charity or "zakat" is one of the six pillars of Islam. But zakat has only too often been misused by terrorists,,jihadists and other militant Muslims, also in the United States, by the way – even though other Islamic relief efforts were genuine and sincere.

In this context Gregg Roman mentions Islamic Relief, "the largest Islamic charity in the Western world." "Its officials have dined at the White House, received awards from the British monarchy, and enjoyed millions of dollars of funding from Western governments, including from the United States."

"In 2015, the United Arab Emirates, a key ally of the United States, designated Islamic Relief as a terrorist organization because of its links to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. This ban followed similar accusations against the charity in Israel and Egypt. In 2016, it emerged that the international bank HSBC had closed down Islamic Relief accounts over terror financing fears." In Germany Islamic Relief is now under investigation for a "potential misuse of the aid money." And in Britain the British Charity Commission "was investigating the charity's decision to organize a tour with Yasir Qadhi, an extremist American preacher previously recorded telling his audience that killing homosexuals was part of his religion."

"Through all this, the US branch of Islamic Relief (IR-USA) remained relatively unscathed. But recently uncovered evidence of extreme, violent anti-Semitism expressed by senior IR-USA officials threatened to make the growing scandal a pan-Atlantic affair. IR-USA current chairman is Khaled Lamada, a prominent Egyptian-American and a public supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood." "Lamada had circulated videos that claim that the current leader of Egypt, President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi, is secretly Jewish and that he opposes the Muslim Brotherhood on the orders of the Jews," Gregg Roman writes in his excellent article on "Islamic Charity Linked to Extremism and Terror Still Gets USG Funding."

"Between 2015 and 2016," Gregg Roman continues, "IR-USA received $ 370,000 of taxpayer's money and it had enjoyed hundreds of thousands of dollars from prominent corporate and community foundations across the country."


Emerson Vermaat, MA (international law, Leiden University, the Netherlands) is an investigative reporter specialized in crime, terrorism and anti-Semitism.

His latest Dutch book is: "Terreuraanslagen door Radicale Moslims"("Terrorist Attacks by Radical Muslims"), Aspekt Publishers, Soesterberg, The Netherlands, 2017). He is also the author of the English study "Soviet Manipulation of Religious Circles, 1975-1986," partly based on personal observations at international religious/ecumenical and "peace" conferences in many parts of the world (Eastern and Western Europe, Africa, North, Central and South America, Australia). This book was published by Aspekt publishers in the Autumn of 2016 and also includes information on how the Communist former Soviet Union (USSR) tried to court as many Muslims as possible, even though the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in December 1979 was a temporary setback for the Russians and the Soviets.




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