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Muslim Stabbers Tell Victims "This Is For Allah" - Metropolitan Police Tell Citizens "Run - Hide - Tell"

London's Radical Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan Told Residents To Accept Terror Attacks As The Norm
June 4, 2017

"Terrorism attacks are part and parcel of living in a big city"

Sadiq Khan - London's radical Muslim mayor 10/22/2016

"Londoners will see an increased police presence today and over the course of the next few days. No reason to be alarmed."

Sadiq Khan 6/4/17

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"London Is About To Elect A Muslim Mayor Who Has Defended Islamists, 9/11 Terrorists, And Who Is Endorsed By Anti-Semites"

#Londonbridge #boroughmarket #vauxhall 3:46 PM - 3 Jun 2017 Twitter By: Metropolitan Police @metpoliceuk

Seven people have been killed and 48 injured, many of them stabbed, following a confirmed terrorist attack at two sites in London - London Bridge and Borough Market.

A total of 35 people remain in three London hospitals as of Sunday afternoon.

A van drove into pedestrians on the bridge and the three men stabbed people in both sites, with at least two eyewitnesses hearing them shouting: "This is for Allah".

The three attackers were shot and killed - dying within eight minutes of the first call, police said. Eight armed officers fired 50 rounds - "an unprecedented amount," according to Scotland Yard.

They believed all three were wearing suicide vests, which ultimately turned out to be fake.

Police said that they believe there are no more attackers on the run.

At 0025hrs 4/6/17 the incidents at #LondonBridge & #BoroughMarket were declared as terrorist incidents.

Metropolitan Police (@metpoliceuk) June 3, 2017

The incident at #Vauxhall is a stabbing and is not connect to the incidents at #LondonBridge & #BoroughMarket

Metropolitan Police (@metpoliceuk) June 3, 2017

The SAS was deployed to central London and a huge police presence remains in the area, on the banks of the Thames.

How did it start?

At 10.08pm police responded to a call about a white van ramming into five or six people on London Bridge.

The van veered off the road and drove into people on the pavement.

Paramedics were on the scene six minutes later, the London Ambulance Service said.

Van looks like a @Hertz 24/7 hourly rental van. #londonbridge #boroughmarket

Josef Dunne (@josef) June 3, 2017

Police are piecing together eyewitness accounts, and believe that three men got out of the van and started attacking people with knives.

An eyewitness, Eric, told the BBC that he heard shouts of "this is for Allah".

John Stokes, a bus tour guide, said that he and the driver counted eight people lying on the road.

The three men, wearing what seemed to be suicide vests, then ran down to Borough Market.

What happened in Borough Market?

The three men appear to have stabbed people at random in the market.

They rampaged through the area, entering the many pubs and restaurants to stab anyone in sight...


MIM: British PM lies to Britons in mealy mouthed statement - claims Islam IS compatible with Western values and that jihadist ideology which comes straight from the Koran is "a perversion of Islam".

"Theresa May, British prime minister, commenting on three recent jihadi attacks: "while the recent attacks are not connected by common networks, they are connected in one important sense. They are bound together by the single, evil ideology of Islamist extremism that preaches hatred, sows division, and promotes sectarianism. It is an ideology that claims our Western values of freedom, democracy and human rights are incompatible with the religion of Islam. It is an ideology that is a perversion of Islam and a perversion of the truth." (June 4, 2017)

Theresa May: We've been too tolerant of extremism

British PM Theresa May speaks about Saturday's terror attacks in London.

Chana Roberts 76/4/17

Speaking to press in light of Saturday's terror attack, British PM Theresa May said, "We can't pretend that things can continue as they are."

"Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and with their friends, families, and loved ones," May said. "This is the third terrorist attack Britain has experienced in the past three months."

"We believe we are experiencing a new trend in the threat we face, as terrorism breeds terrorism.

"We cannot, and must not, pretend that things can continue as they are. Things need to change, and they need to change in four important ways.

"While the recent attacks are not connected by common networks, they are connected in one important sense. They are bound together by the single evil ideology of Islamist extremism, that preaches hatred, sows division, and promotes sectarianism.

"It is an ideology that claims our Western values of freedom, democracy, and human rights are incompatible with the religion of Islam.... It is an ideology that is...a perversion of the truth.

"It cannot be defeated through military intervention alone. It will not be defeated by a permanent counter-terrorism operation.

"We cannot allow this ideology the safe space it needs to breed. Yet that is precisely what the internet, and the various companies that provide internet-based services, provide.

"We need to work with allied democratic governments to reach international agreements which regulate cyberspace.

"We must not forget about the safe spaces which continue to exist in the real world... It also means taking action here at home.

"There is, to be frank, far too much tolerance of extremism in our country... We need to become far more robust in identifying it and stamping it out across the public sector and across the society.

"As a country, our response must be what it has always been when confronted by violence: We must come together, we must pull together, and united, we will take on and defeat our enemies."

Seven people were killed in the terror attack, and 48 are currently hospitalized - some in life-threatening condition.


ISIS claims London attack

Islamic State claims responsibility for London Bridge attack in which seven were murdered.

Elad Benari 6/5/17

The Islamic State (ISIS) jihadist group on Sunday claimed responsibility for Saturday's attack on the London Bridge, reports The Associated Press.

The report cited the head of the SITE intelligence group, said that the claim of responsibility was made in the Amaq news agency which is affiliated with ISIS.

Seven people were murdered and dozens were injured in Saturday night's attack, which took place on London Bridge just after 10:00 p.m. when a van rammed into a number of pedestrians.

British police raided a number of apartments in east London following the attack, arresting 12 suspects in connection with it.

ISIS also claimed the recent terrorist attack in Manchester, which took place at the end of an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena.


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Run, Hide and Deny in London

Islamic terrorism has no religion even when it's shouting, "This is for Islam."

Daniel Greenfield June 5, 2017

"...There is no bravery or courage in denying reality. It's just another form of cowardice.

The champions of nightlife courage mock those who warn of Islamic terrorism for "giving in to fear". President Trump has been accused of "stoking fear" for calling for common sense migration reform in response to the attacks. Only fools and idiots aren't afraid of a serious threat. The hollow courage of holding up candles at a vigil or heading to a trendy nightlife spot is no match for the reality of terror.

Denial is always cowardice..."

"...Run, Hide and Tell. We've been running away for generations. The Jewish and Christian populations of the Middle East have mostly fled to America, Europe and Israel. Now there are no more places to hide.

We're swiftly running out of safe places. There are thousands of soldiers in the streets of London and Paris. German cities on New Year's Eve are no-go zones. There are thousands of potential terrorists under investigation in every state in the United States. Thousands more in the UK and Europe.

We can stand up to Islamic terror migration. Or hide under the tables and hope they don't notice us.

The Islamic terrorists are no longer just in Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan. They're here. They're outside the room. They're coming in with knives, guns and bombs. We're running out of places to hide. And there's nothing left to deny when the killers shout that they are murdering us for Islam and Allah..."


MIM: Muslims attacking French citizens in broad daylight and mocking them by dancing.

Video: Club-wielding migrants attacking French citizen. Luckily for him, he was a plainclothes police officer, and therefore armed.


Ramadan video from Spain: Muslim screaming "Allahu akbar" storms wedding, tries to assault priest


Ramadan in Australia: Muslim murders man, says "This is for ISIS and al-Qaeda," cops say terrorism "one line of inquiry"


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