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Afshin Bahrampour: Muslim Sex Offender Arrested As Suspect In Chabad Synagogue Arson Fires In Las Vegas

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May 9, 2017

Arson suspected in Las Vegas synagogue fire

Multiple cars burned in fire at a Las Vegas Chabad synagogue.

No injuries reported.

Arutz Sheva Staff and JTA, י"ג באייר תשע"ז, 5/9/2017

Two fires at a Las Vegas Chabad building prompted an arson investigation by the Nevada city's fire department.

Three cars were set ablaze Monday night in the parking lot of Chabad of Southern Nevada, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported. Earlier the same evening, a trash can was set alight in a restroom inside the building. One vehicle was badly damaged, while the other two vehicles suffered minor damage.

No one was hurt in either incident.

An arrest was been made in the incident, the NBC affiliate News 3 reported Tuesday morning, citing a Las Vegas Fire Department spokesman, Tim Szymanski.

Arrest made in connection with arson fires at Chabad of Sn Nevada. Getting the details to issue a media release soon. Suspect at CCDC.

Tim Szymanski (@firepeio) May 9, 2017

The suspect has been identified as 47 year old Afshin Bahrampour, Fox5Vegas reported. He is being charged with with arson and burglary.

"Unfortunately, throughout the thousands of years of Jewish history, we've been targets of multiple attacks, attack after attack," Chabad Rabbi Levi Harlig told News 3. "God is with us and he protects us and the Jewish nation thrives. The Jewish nation is alive and we're getting better and were getting stronger."


MIM: Bahrampour has filed multiple lawsuits against the United States. The case below was dismissed. According to the case record it was:

"recommended that the court dismiss the plaintiff's complaint as frivolous. Specifically, Judge Ferenbach concluded that the Plaintiff's Complaint is "clearly baseless" as it relies on Biblical authorities to allege "that the United States of America and various government agencies have conspired to monitor and steal American citizens' brain waves through various programs like 'neutral remote monitoring' and 'signals intelligence network'.".."For example, Plaintiff states that "(t)he 'neutral remote monitoring',N.R.M. is audibly recognizable in the auditory cortex at 15 (hertz) and is a very mentally disturbing and distractionary [sic] PRESENCE. It interrupts my prayers as a Shia Muslim".(Id)....

Bahrampour v. United States - Casetext

Apr 14, 2017 ... Bahrampour v. United States ... AFSHIN BAHRAMPOUR, Plaintiff, v. UNITED
STATES OF ... It interrupts my prayer as a Shia Muslim." (Id.).


MIM: For a list and links to Bahrampour's frivolous lawsuits against government officials and agencies see:


MIM: In 1998 Afshin Bahrampour was registered as a sex offender for 2 counts of sodomy.

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