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14 Self Proclaimed "Moderate Muslims" Celebrate 1 Year Of 'Muslim Reform Movement' Promoting Fallacy That Islam Is Peaceful

December 7, 2016

MIM: As we wrote in Dec 2015 -"14 Westernized Muslims out of a population of 1.5 billion worldwide have trumpeted the launch of a Muslim Reform Movement along with a much hyped declaration and press conference. This pathetic attempt at trying to convince non Muslims that Islam is really a religion of peace is negated by the 14 individuals who are signatories of the "Declaration" many of whom blatantly distort Islamic teachings to suit their agenda and others who have documented ties to Islamists. This information can be viewed below the declaration".

MIM:A year on and millions of infidel 'jizya" later the Muslim Reform Movement has nothing to show but more heavily funded Muslim ("Reformers") income creating organizations which the incestuous pairing of the 14 members has spawned. Jasser has his "American Islamic Forum For Democracy", Raza has her" Muslims Facing Tomorrow" group and Asra Nomani has "Sukun: A Project For Islamic Reform."

Not surprisingly many of the same people are on the boards or act as advisers to these and other "reformer" organisations. One of the most notorious is the UK and US based Quilliam Foundation comprised of self described "ex extremists".Usama Hasan (resident Imam on the payroll of the QF) is also a founding member of the Muslim Reform Movement. He is an Imam at the faux moderate Kuwaiti and UK government funded Islamist think tank Quilliam.

"(Imam Sheikh Dr) Usama Hasan is Head of Islamic Studies at Quilliam and was a founding advisor to the organisation in 2008. As a teenager Usama became a radical salafi activist and, whilst still a Cambridge undergraduate, briefly took part (1990-1) in the ‘Jihad' against Communist forces in Afghanistan. However following the 7/7 bombings in London, Usama took it upon himself to start campaigning against extremism and for religious reform within Muslim circles." The 2008 Quilliam Foundation "About Us" page is fraught with religious references and calls upon Muslims to" revive Western Islam",states that they and their "progeny" belong in the UK and lauds two radical clerics. It also says that Quilliam leaders remain "committed Muslims".Hasan is working together with the head of the OIC Ekmeledden Ihsanoglu. The OIC is the Organisation of Islamic Conference which became the Organisation of Islamic Council in 2011. The OIC is a radical Islamist organisation which seeks to impose sharia law on the West.

MIM: Usama Hasan once again revealed his Islamist supremacist mindset when he tweeted that "Our ummah is all humanity" to commemorate the one year farce that is the Muslim Reform Movement.

"The word Ummah refers to "the people" in Arabic, more specifically to Muslim people with a common ideology and culture. "Ummah" is also said in the Quran by Allah referring toMuslims. It is more commonly used in Islamic countries..."

((( Usama Hasan )))


1 yr since @TheMuslimReform ("Our ummah is all humanity"), CaseyReview found many in UK only loyal to "Muslim Ummah"…

9:21 AM - 5 Dec 2016

Pimping For The Profit

Mohamed Zuhdi Jasser, poster boy for "moderate Islam", has received millions in donations from non Muslims and many Jews and Jewish organizations and is a founder of the Muslim Reform Movement.

Muslim Phoenix Doctor Seeks to Save America and Islam from ISIS-Inspired Extremists

MIM: On December 6th Jasser wrote an article entitled: "The Muslim Reform Movement: Even more necessary a year in" Which begs the question as to what the MRM has been doing for the past year which saw dozens of bloody Muslim jihad attacks and proves that the MRM is as useless as it is ineffective. Worse still, the MRM promotes non Muslim complacency in the face of the Islamic threat by creating the illusion that Islam is compatible with democracy and disingenuously stating that the religion of Islam is not the problem,citing the canard that their "beautiful religion" has been "hijacked by extremists". One only need open a Koran to see that Islam calls for jihad against non Muslims and to kill "unbelievers". Rather than being the benign face of Islam The Muslim Reform Movement and Mohamed Zuhdi Jasser are dangerous snake oil salesmen peddling a non existent "moderate Islam" as a cure for the Koran mandated violence and hatred incumbent on all "good" Muslims in their interactions with infidels. This has proven to be a very lucrative scam which is only able to continue due to gullible non Muslims who are throwing millions at these Muslim charlatans. Were it not for these philanthropic non Muslims the Muslim Reform Movement and their ilk would soon be out of business.

Last paragraph :

"...We at the Muslim Reform Movement are aware that we are fighting an uphill if not generational battle, and we are not unfamiliar with tension and even controversy. We will continue our daily fight for universal human rights and against Islamism – and we ask you to join us. If you care about world peace, human rights, and the protection of pluralism and freedom, we ask you to share our declaration with your friends, family, colleagues and community members, both Muslim and non-Muslim, and to refer people to our presence online (check us out on Facebook and Twitter). We are a grassroots movement of committed, passionate volunteers fighting a massive movement fueled by petrodollars and a cult-like ideology. We need your support, and we welcome your fellowship. Join us across social media and tell us why you stand with Muslims who advocate hashtag #MyMuslimReform..."

MIM: The AIFD "resources" page contains this appeal for donations, which shows what a lucrative scam Muslim Reform really is.

" It is the one-year anniversary of the Muslim Reform Movement, founded days after the San Bernadino killings. Since then, we have had blood spilled from Nice to Dhaka, Ankara, Karachi, Lahore, Orlando and Brussels. Has enough blood spilled?

Please share this post if you believe in the values of peace, human rights, including women's rights, and secular governance, embraced by the Muslim Reform Movement and outlined in our Declaration, posted one year ago today on the front door of the Saudi mosque in Washington, D.C.

Join us on our Facebook page, Muslim Reform Movement, and Twitter @TheMuslimReform, and:
1) Tweet what MyMuslimReform means, looks like and sounds like to you. Do this on your own pages and profiles
2) Get your friends to tweet about what "supporting #MyMuslimReform" means, looks like and sounds like to them.
3) Please go to this link to ThunderClap share word of our movement:

Pictures, quotes, articles and comments are ALL great as long as you use the hashtag MyMuslimReform!"

MIM: Raheel Raza is another founder of the Muslim Reform Movement and is the president of Muslims Facing Tomorrow.

" Raheel Raza "Devout Moderate Muslim" Waging Jihad Through Taqiyya - Says That Islam Has Nothing To Do With Violence "

Raheel Raza is the founder and president of the innocuously named 'Muslims Facing Tomorrow'. She promotes herself as a "Diversity Consultant" and considers herself to be a devout Muslim.She is also one of 14 founding members of the 'Muslim Reform Movement' headed by faux moderate Zuhdi Jasser.

Her claim that "What I do is essentially "damage control." speaks volumes to the disingenuous campaign she is waging on behalf of Islam. She has co authored a publication to teach Muslim women how to manipulate the media (see below) and makes the rounds of gullible non Muslim news outlets and groups proclaiming her message that anyone who thinks Islam is violent is "uneducated" and has never seen the "image of an educated Muslim woman" like herself.

MIM: In a post 9/11 interview Raza equated Islamist suicide attackers with the "defenders of the Alamo"!

Raza wrote a book which is entitled " Their Jihad... Not my Jihad"- A Muslim Canadian Woman Speaks Out with a picture of Bin Laden and weapon toting terrorists on the cover which disingenuously purports that jihad can be a non violent struggle and that she is herself waging jihad by her actions.

"Distressed by the challenges facing Muslims living in North America, author Raheel Raza has engaged her own jihad in her adopted homeland."

"...The first theme is "Political Jihad - A Struggle for the soul of Islam". The second theme is "Gender Jihad - A Struggle for Women's Rights", while the last one is "Spiritual Jihad - A Struggle to Know Each Other"

Ms. Raheel Raza, Canada

MIM: On the "anniversary" of the founding of the Muslim Reform Movement Raza tweeted:

#mymuslimreform Happy one year of challenges and strengths. May we move ahead with truth justice and peace

3 days ago - Twitter

MIM: Raza wrote this "femislamist" poem lamenting how Muslims have been the real victims of 9/11 and are persecuted even in "the land of the free" where "windows are shattered" and "mosques desecrated".


I am the Muslim woman who came to this land Many moons ago I couldn't speak the language, I'd never seen snow I was alone and afraid with nowhere to go for help, for advice about my woes they scoffed at my head-scarf, my faith my accent and the colour of my skin – I felt forsaken Yet I weathered all this on my own I cried but I survived – thankful to be alive In this land of the free But are we ever truly free? Today I am a victim again –after the terror of 9/11 My windows shattered, my mosque desecrated It's ironical - but I am told this turmoil is created by the very people who wish to liberate me

MIM: Apologist Raza makes a moral equivalence between Israelis and "Palestinians" ignoring the fact that there is no conflict on the part of the Israelis and that all of the violence and hatred is one sided i.e. coming from the "Palestinians" who have vowed to kill all Jews and wipe Israel off the map. To Raza this "Palestinian" violence and implacable hatred are merely "faults".

"... When asked if she is pro-Israel, she answers honestly. "I'm not pro-Israel and I'm not pro-Palestinian. I love Israel with all of its flaws just as I love the Palestinians, despite their faults..."

MIM:Asra Nomani is a prominent member of the Muslim Reform Movement.

For a lengthy expose on Asra Nomani and her phony claims of moderation see:

"Asra Nomani - At Home with the Pak Jihad"

In At Home With the Taliban, a piece written for Salon magazine, we find her uncritical take on the brutal jihadist group, just a few weeks after 9/11. She even engages her host and his polygamous family in the exchange of trinkets.

"Nomani's mosque the Islamic Center of Morgantown lists their email address as the Muslim Student Association . The MSA is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood."

When Nomani attempted to "feminize" the mosque she called upon Islamist Louay Safi to mediate the dispute.Some of Nomani's detractors at the mosque insist they don't necessarily have a problem with her gender politics. Their problem is with her. "Asra is a loner," says Louay Safi, executive director of the Islamic Society of North America's Leadership Development Center in Plainfield, Ind., an umbrella organization for Islamic groups. Safi came to Morgantown in December at Nomani's request to mediate the dispute. Other women in the mosque he interviewed are also unhappy with the way the mosque is run, Safi says, but Nomani is far from finding a common front with them. "She does not have the experience of engaging the community, negotiating and trying to change things gradually. . . . She came to the community after a long time of being away and then immediately wants to change things overnight. . . . It's quite a conservative community."

MIM: Nomani also called upon The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) to help her in her efforts to push her feminist agenda on her local mosque.

"...Nomani took her complaints to outside organizations. One was WVU -- on the grounds that some of the offending preachers were students or faculty. Another was the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which investigates complaints of discrimination against Muslims.

Normally, CAIR does not intervene in intra-mosque disputes, said spokesman Ibrahim Hooper. But because this case has become so public, CAIR is investigating with an eye toward possible mediation..."

MIM: Femislamist Nomani cites this report on her website which refers to Saudi funded Muslim Brotherhood terror linked organizations including CAIR and ISNA to make her point regarding the ending of gender segregation in mosques.

"In a 2005 report on making mosques "women friendly," major U.S. Islamic organizations including the Islamic Society of North America, the Council on American-Islamic Relations and the Islamic Council of North America, acknowledged that mosque conditions are often "unjust and demeaning" to women."

MIM: In 2006 Nomani was a speaker at an event organised by The American Society for Muslim Advancement. ASMA is a false moderate organisation aligned with the Wahhabi funded Cordoba Institute. Ingrid Mattson the head of the Islamic Society of North America was also a speaker.

MIM: Nomani, who promotes herself as a champion of human rights,feminism and equality went on hajj to 'Kuffarrein' Mecca and like Jasser (see #6) appears to have had no problem being among millions of her coreligionists despite claims of receiving death threats for her activities.

Both she and Jasser have pretentiously touted their books as a struggle/battle "for the soul of Islam".

"....through the unique lens of the hajj. Interweaving reportage, political analysis, cultural history, and spiritual travelogue , this is a modern woman's jihad"..."

MIM:On the "resources" page of her website Nomani lists the books of two notorious Islamists (among others) who are actively promoting the implementation of sharia in the West and replacing the Constitution with the Koran. She also lists the dawa film "Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet" made by Muslim convert and frequent CAIR speakers Alexander Kronemer and Michael Wolfe as "recommended viewing".

Khaled Abou El Fadl

Faisel Abdul Rauf


Kronemer, Alexander and Michael Wolfe (producers), Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet (Kikim Media and Unity Productions Foundation 2002).

MIM: Also see:

The Muslim Reform Movement Plays Fantasy Islam

Welcome to a personal version of Islam that has nothing to do with Islam.

December 10, 2015

Dr. Stephen M. Kirby

Fantasy Islam: A game in which an audience of non-Muslims wish with all their hearts that Islam was a "Religion of Peace," and a Muslim strives to fulfill that wish by presenting a personal version of Islam that has little foundation in Islamic Doctrine.

In December 2015, a small group of "Muslim reformers" met in Washington DC to discuss the reform of Islam. They stated they were "Muslims who live in the 21st century" who were "in a battle for the soul of Islam." They proclaimed that they stood for "a respectful, merciful and inclusive interpretation of Islam." They called their meeting the Summit of Western Muslim Voices of Reform and named themselves the Muslim Reform Movement. On December 4, 2015, fourteen "founding authors" from this movement signed the Declaration for Muslim Reform, laying out their beliefs.

At the conclusion of the event, two participants posted a signed copy of this Declaration on the door of the Islamic Center of Washington DC (a la Martin Luther nailing his 95 Theses on the door of the Wittenberg Castle church in 1517). The document was quickly removed, and so far there has been little, if any, support for this reform movement from the greater Muslim-American community.

Here is the reason for that lack of support: the Preamble and Declaration are only two pages in length. But in those two pages these "founding authors" fundamentally rejected the commands of Allah in the Koran and the teachings of Muhammad in an effort to create their own Fantasy Islam that is more compatible with Western, Judeo-Christian values. Let's examine some parts of that Declaration for Muslim Reform.

We reject interpretations of Islam that call for any violence…

So starts out the second paragraph of the Preamble. But the commands of Allah in the Koran and the teachings of Muhammad are rife with violence.

The Koran commands Muslims specifically to kill non-Muslims (9:5), specifically to fight against Jews and Christians (9:29), and generally to fight against and be violent toward non-Muslims (e.g., 2:216, 4:74, 5:33, 8:12, 8:39, 8:57, 9:14, 9:73, 9:111, 9:123, 48:29, and 66:9).

Muhammad was proud that he had been made victorious through terror and fear (e.g. Sahih Al-Bukhari, No. 2977; and Sunan An-Nasa'i, No. 432). He even said, "My livelihood is under the shade of my spear" (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Book 56, Chapter 88). "Under the shade of my spear" means war plunder.

Muhammad is the standard of conduct for Muslims. Muhammad supervised the beheading of 600-900 captured Jewish males, including non-combatants, and over the years ordered individuals killed for criticizing Islam. Muhammad even ordered poets to be killed. The following is a portion of a letter written shortly after the Muslim conquest of Mecca in 630 AD. It was sent to a non-Muslim poet who used to satirize Muhammad, from the poet's brother:

Allah's Messenger killed some men in Makkah who used to satirize and harm him, and the poets who survived fled in all directions for their lives. So, if you want to save your skin, hasten to Allah's Messenger. He never kills those who come to him repenting. If you refuse to do as I say, it is up to you to try to save your skin by any means.

The Sealed Nectar, p. 521

Violence and Islam go hand-in-hand.

We reject bigotry, oppression and violence against all people based on any prejudice, including… sexual orientation…

We find this in A3 of the Declaration. But Muhammad cursed lesbians and gays (Sahih Al-Bukhari, No. 5886) and said that whoever is caught in a homosexual act should be killed (Tafsir Ibn Kathir, Vol. 2, p. 402).

We…consider all people equal…

This is found in B2 of the Declaration. Muhammad felt differently. He said that Jews and Christians were worth only half of a Muslim (Sunan Ibn Majah, No. 2644). He said that women were deficient in intelligence and religion (Sahih Al-Bukhari, No. 304), and that it took the freeing of two female slaves to equal the virtue of freeing one male slave (Jami' At-Tirmidhi, No. 1547). The Koran forbids Muslim women from marrying a non-Muslim (2:221), but a Muslim man can marry Jewish and Christian women (5:5). And the Koran states that Jews and Christians are among the worst of people (98:6), while Muslims are the best of people (98:7).

We support equal rights for women, including equal rights to inheritance, witness…

This is found in B3 of the Declaration. But this statement is a specific rejection of two verses in the Koran. 4:12 states that a woman only inherits one half of what a man would get, and this means that if there is more than one wife, all the wives will have to share that one-half portion. 2:282 states that in property matters it takes the testimony of two women to equal that of one man. Are these verses not the words of Allah?

Sharia is manmade.

This is an amazing claim made in C1 of the Declaration. In reality, Sharia Law is Islamic Sacred Law based on the commands of Allah found in the Koran and on the teachings and example of Muhammad, who spoke for Allah. Does the word blasphemy come to mind?

Every individual has the right to publicly express criticism of Islam.

This is another amazing claim, found in C2 of the Declaration. After all, in the Koran Allah states that Islam was perfected during the time of Muhammad (5:3). How then can something that is perfect be criticized? And there are many verses that specifically prohibit criticism of Islam, Allah, or Muhammad (e.g. 4:59, 4:115, 9:63, 33:36, 33:57, and 59:7).

Muhammad did not like criticism. For example, he personally ordered the killing of certain individuals who had criticized him or Islam (‘Amsa' Bint Marwan, Abu ‘Afak, Ka'b bin al-Ashraf, and Abu Rafi'). And he gave retroactive approval to the separate killings by Muslims of three individuals who had earlier criticized him or Islam.

Apostasy is not a crime.

This statement is in C3 of the Declaration. These reformers are rejecting 4:89 of the Koran which commands the killing of those who leave Islam. They are also rejecting specific statements from their prophet Muhammad, who stated that death was the penalty for those who left Islam (e.g. Sahih Al-Bukhari, Nos. 3017 and 6878; and Al-Muwatta of Imam Malik ibn Anas, 36.18.15, in which Muhammad specified death by beheading for apostasy).


In an effort to "reform" Islam, a small band of aspiring Muslim reformers met in the capital of a non-Muslim country, proclaimed themselves to be "founding authors" (why not go all the way and say Founding Fathers?), created a document that rejected Muhammad's Islam in favor of Western, Judeo-Christian values, and then followed the example of an earlier non-Muslim who wanted to "reform" his own non-Muslim religion.

If folks are serious about religious reform, one thinks they would like to maintain some connection to their own religious traditions as a basis for that reform. But the Muslim Reform Movement has apparently decided otherwise and seems more interested in establishing a connection with the non-Muslim Western world as the basis for their reform. Such is the luxury of playing Fantasy Islam. And this is the reason why there seems to be little, if any, support coming from the greater Muslim-American community for this small group of aspiring reformers. It is only attention from the non-Muslim world that will sustain the Muslim Reform Movement.

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