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THEY MUST GO! Jihad Arson By Muslims In Israel Continues - "Wake Up!" "We Are At War!"

November 25, 2016

Former MK: We are at war

MK Dr. Michael Ben Ari says Israel is at war and must send disloyal Arabs who support terrorism to other countries.

Benny Toker, כ"ג בחשון תשע"ז, 11/24/2016

Former MK Dr. Michael Ben Ari (National Union) said that a war is currently being waged against Israel in an interview with Arutz Sheva.

"Whoever doesn't understand that we are at war, [when] these fires are destroying homes in Haifa and Carmel [is blind]." Dr. Ben Ari said. "These evil men are attempting to burn down the whole country. This war was planned. It was coordinated. And it has leaders."

"Our enemies wish to destroy us with fire and knives. We forget how during Operation Brothers Keeper when our three boys were kidnapped how Arab doctors and public officials celebrated [the kidnapping]. We kept our heads in the sand. This is our only country, and we have all of our enemies here. If they want to stay here they should declare loyalty and receive and the benefits [of citizenship] without national rights. If they want national rights they should go to the Arab countries."

He said that Israel should declare war on the enemy in its midst. "There is no difference between them and ISIS. They burn houses with children inside. They intend to slaughter the rest of us."

"Wake up!" he said. "Send them back to the Arab countries and stop this self-righteousness. Thank God we have not paid a bloody price in the Carmel, and I hope that it is over. But [we have to be aware of] the damage and the terror they wish to inflict on us. They want to turn the whole country into a wasteland."

Ben Ari included High Court Justice Salim Joubran in his call for disloyal Arabs to be sent to other countries. "I'm not against Arabs, but I am against enemies who are not loyal like Salim Joubran, who refused to sing Hatikvah. Send him to Syria. Ahmed Tibi and all the Arabs who vote for the Joint List, which say that Hezbollah is not a terrorist organization, are enemies. The Arabs who vote for the Likud are loyal. But the 450,000 who voted for the Joint List are not loyal and should go to another country. Send them to Denmark or to Arizona. Give them a free airplane ticket and send them to another country."

"It's not racism. It's a war of survival for the only country we have."

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