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Keith Ellison - MusIim Brotherhood Islamo-Fascist Operative Slated To Head DNC

November 24, 2016

Keith Ellison's Saudi Arabia Trip Included Meetings With Radical Cleric, Bank That Funds Suicide Bombings

Trip was funded by Muslim Brotherhood-tied organization

BY: Brent Scher Follow @brentscher

ADL ignores Ellison anti-Semitism, attacks pro-Israel Bannon Has ADL decided to go partisan - backing an overtly anti-Semitic Democrat and attacking a pro-Israel Trump appointee?

Morton A. Klein, ZOA President,

כ"ג בחשון תשע"ז, 11/24/2016

It seems that with each passing day, more information comes to light about the alarming anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, and extremist radical Islamist involvements and positions of Muslim U.S. Congressman Keith Ellison a/k/a Keith X. Ellison a/k/a Keith Hakim a/k/a Keith Ellison Muhammed (D-Minn.) - which should disqualify Ellison from heading the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for which he is the Senator Schumer-supported leading contender. Ethical issues have also come to the fore.

On Monday, we learned that the House of Representatives Ethics Committee had opened an investigation into Rep. Ellison (D., Minn.) after he failed to disclose that the Muslim American Society - a group that Muslim Brotherhood members founded to be the "overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S." - paid $13,350 for Ellison to visit Mecca, Saudi Arabia in 2008. (See "Muslim Brotherhood-Tied Group Paid for Keith Ellison to Visit Mecca in 2008: Group was founded as 'overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S.'," by Brent Scher, Washington Free Beacon, Nov. 21, 2016.) The Muslim Brotherhood is the "parent" organization of Hamas, al Qaeda and other terrorist entities. Egypt, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Russia, the UAE, and Kuwait have all designated the Muslim Brotherhood to be a terrorist organization.

Last week, my organization, the ZOA, published a release, urging that Ellison should not be appointed to head the DNC. Per the extensive sources cited in ZOA's release, Ellison's dangerous positions and involvements, have included the following:

Back in 2007, the ADL criticized Ellison's analogy of President Bush to Hitler.

However, the ADL is utterly silent about Ellison now when the leadership and direction of the Democratic party is at risk of falling into the hands of someone with a longstanding record of anti-Semitic, anti-Israel activities. Instead of calling out the real danger from Ellison, the ADL has been busy falsely accusing President-elect Trump's appointee Stephen Bannon of anti-Semitism.

ADL's failure to condemn Ellison's overwhelming record of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic activities displays rank partisanship, and is an abdication of the ADL's stated mission of combatting anti-Semitism.

The ZOA thus again urges the ADL to join us in speaking out against appointing Ellison to the extraordinarily powerful position of head of the DNC.

Morton A. Klein is the President of the Zionist Organization of America.


Keith Ellison Touts Support From Soros Jr.

November 24, 2016

Daniel Greenfield

The son of America's least favorite Bond Villain, who bought the Democrats a while back and seems reluctant to give up on his investment, is an odd choice for a "progressive" who claims to be independent. If you're putting an endorsement from Soros or one of his spawn on your site, that's as good as showing off your collar and leash.

But that's just what Keith Ellison's site does, touting the backing of Alex Soros.

Alex Soros is a guy with a lot of money because his father has a lot of money... often controversially gained. If the left walked the walk, it wouldn't let George Soros or any of his trustafarians in the door. But here's Keith Ellison touting the support of a guy whose progressive credential is daddy's money.

But Alex Soros is now the power behind Bend the Arc along with an anti-Israel activist. He authored an op-ed insisting that Jews don't really care about Israel. You can see why that would be music to Keith Ellison's ears. It's hard to know who hates Israel and Jews more, George Soros or Keith Ellison.

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