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Portrait Of A Despotic Islamo - Fascist : Turkish President Erdogan

June 8, 2016


May 9, 2016 – Amersfoort, NL – - It is not very well known but Adolf Hitler and some other high ranking Nazis (notably Heinrich Himmler, Alfred Rosenberg and Joseph Goebbels) preferred Islam to Christianity. It was on March 31, 1942, that Hitler said, in the presence of Nazi party secretary Martin Bormann:

"On the political and sentimental level, there's no obstacle to an alliance between Turkey and the (German) Reich. By reason of her attachment to Islam, Turkey has a completely clear-cut religious policy. The same is not true of Bulgaria, which since it practices the Greek Orthodox religion, finds in it new reasons to feel friendly towards Russia."

Hitler strongly admired Turkey and even preferred the Turks to his formal ally, the Slavonic Bulgarians. This is why he appointed the seasoned German politician Franz von Papen, a former German chancellor, as his ambassador to Turkey. Just a few days before the German invasion of the Soviet Union, a German-Turkish Non-Aggression Pact was signed in the Turkish capital of Ankara. And when the Nazis attacked Russia on June 22, 1941, the then Turkish President Ismet Inönü was thrilled. Later that year, Turkish officers were sent to the German-Russian front to witness what was happening there. (They did not participate in the fighting, though, because Turkey was formally a neutral power.) Turkey declared war on Germany just a few months before the German army capitulated. Otherwise, Turkey would have been prevented from joining the United Nations as a member.

Recep Tayyib Erdoğan of the Islamist "Justice and Development Party" (AKP) is now President of Turkey. He is an admirer of the anti-Semitic Muslim Brotherhood and a staunch supporter of Hamas, a terrorist organization. He seeks a new Turkish sultanate, that means the restoration of the former Ottoman Empire. "Turkish presidents have limited authority, but Erdoğan is seeking to change the constitution and give himself sweeping powers," says Stephen Kinzer (America Al-Jazeera opinions). Kinzer, a visiting scholar at the Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University, rightly refers to Erdoğan as "the sultan-in-waiting."

Erdoğan hates secular Turks, the Jews and the Kurds. It was between 1924 and 1938 that Kemal Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey, made an attempt to modernize Turkey by abolishing the veil for women and introducing a constitution where the words Islam and Allah (God) were totally absent. But Atatürk failed, eventually. The Turkish countryside remained backward, it was impossible to stop marriages between relatives – the so-called cousin couples, quite common in Turkey, by the way. Honor killings are also not very exceptional, also among Turkish migrants in Europe.

What is worse, however, is the fact that the arrogant Turkish ruler Erdoğan and his evil friends are now directly interfering in the affairs of European countries – through Turkish immigrants living there as well as through powerful and ruthless Turkish migrant trafficking maffias. They are also demanding visa-free travel for all Turks to the European Union. Too many of these Turks are radical Muslims.

About 70 percent of the Dutch Turks voted for Erdoğan in the latest election. They were allowed to vote because they also possess Turkish passports. Moreover, Erdoğan's AKP-party "advised" Turkish immigrants in Europe to vote for Erdoğan and his ilk. Janny Groen from the Dutch newspaper "De Volkskrant" reported on April 30, 2016, that Turkish opponents of Erdoğan in the Netherlands have been intimidated. "This applies to Alevis, Kurds, leftist and secular Turks and followers of Fethullah Gülen." (The Alevis represent a relatively moderate mystical Shia branch of Islam; most of them live in Turkey, but they can also be found in Europe.)

Janny Groen:

"Ayhan Erbudak, chairman of the Alevi Society of Amersfoort (an old town in the heart of the Netherlands, V.), wrote offensive things about Erdoğan on his Facebook page. He has now been indicted by the Turkish state and left for Turkey two weeks ago in order to answer to a judge."

In April 2016 the Turkish consulate in Rotterdam sent a highly controversial e-mail to a number of Turkish organizations in the Netherlands requesting them "to report any insults they hear about the Turkish president (Erdoğan), Turkey and the Turkish people." (The consulate later lamely claimed that this e-mail was "a misunderstanding.")

This e-mail was sent after Erdoğan complained about the German comedian Jan Böhmermann who said in his TV show that the Turkish president "fucks goats and suppresses minorities, kicks Kurds, hits Christians, and watches child pornography." (I wouldn't use the word "goat fucker" myself.) Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel even allowed Erdoğan to lodge an official complaint in her country. Merkel and the European Union are being blackmailed by the Turks. They need them curb the unprecedented flow of refugees. Erdoğan, however, is an anti-Semitic Islamo-Fascist who cannot be trusted at all.

Dutch Turkish columnist Ebru Umar intimidated by Turkish authorities

Ebru Umar is a courageous Dutch Turkish columnist. She was a friend of Theo van Gogh who was murdered in November 2004 by Mohammed Bouyeri, a Dutch Moroccan terrorist in Amsterdam. Ebru Umar claims that squealing on others and betraying them to the Turkish government is utterly wrong. "This is what the Nazis did when they occupied the Netherlands during the Second World War," she says. There was an official party of Nazi collaborators in Holland, the "National Socialist Party" or NSB. In an interview with the Dutch newspaper "Algemeen Dagblad" Umar criticizes today's "NSB-Turks who are the long arm of Erdoğan." "Nothing has changed in Holland in the last ten years. The integration (of immigrants) has failed. The children of the immigrants are ticking time bombs."

Umar has two apartments, one in the Turkish coastal town of Kusadasi and one in Amsterdam. After she posted tweets that were critical of Erdoğan, she was arrested in Kusadasi on April 23, 2016. Her arrest caused a political row in Holland. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte called his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu demanding Ebru's release. "She was then released but not allowed to leave Turkey. On April 24, 2016, her house in Amsterdam was burglarized and vandalized" (Wikipedia). Her laptop had been stolen and an Erdoğan admirer had witten the word "Whore" ("Hoer" in Dutch) on a wall inside the apartment.

Back in April 2006, two Dutch Moroccan youths attacked Ebru Umar near her Amsterdam apartment, pounding her in the face. And in 2005, Amsterdam mayor Job Cohen, a politically correct Socialist, even told her: "You don't have to live here, if you don't like it." (One of Cohen's predecessors, Ed van Thijn, even refused to arrest a Turkish mafia boss in Amsterdam because arresting that criminal might upset the Turkish community.)

It is not very different in Germany and Belgium. We already mentioned the case of that German comedian Jan Böhmermann. Erdoğan visited Germany in 2014 and addressed a huge crowd of fanatical followers in Cologne. Sixty percent of the German Turks voted for Erdoğan. The Dutch TV program "Nieuwsuur" recenty described how the long arm of Erdoğan extends its grasp in Germany. They interviewed Sevim Dagdelen, a Turkish German member of parliament who belongs to the leftist party "Die Linke." Dagdelen claims that she got a letter from a Turkish ministry reminding her that she is also a Turkish national who has to take into account Turkish interests and viewpoints. She ignored that letter. "Erdoğan is a despot," she told Nieuwsuur. She also said that she frequently receives death threats from AKP followers in Germany and "lots of hate mail."

Most Turkish mosques Europe are state controlled. So are the Turkish imams of those mosques, they are state officials. Moreover, the Turkish mafia in Holland and Germany is extremely powerful. Police reports claim that Turkish criminals even infiltrated political parties. The Federal Crime Agency (BKA) in Germany and former German prosecutor Egbert Bülles in report that crime is rampant among Turkish immigrants.

Turkish court releases dangerous IS-terrorists

In Turkey itself about two thousand journalists have been arrested because of their opposition to Erdoğan. Some of those journalists reported on the links between Erdoğan and organized crime. Others were arrested because they exposed so-called "state-secrets." Can Dünbar, editor-in-chief of the Turkish opposition paper "Cumhürriyet" and the newspaper's Ankara bureau chief Erdem Gül were arrested in November 2015 after they published a report on Turkish trucks loaded with arms destined for Syrian rebels, a secret operation of the Turkish Intelligence Agency MIT. When the two journalists had to appear in court on May 6, 2015, a man fired bullets at them – just in front of the court house. The shooter called Dünbar a traitor. The bullets missed their target and the shooter was quickly arrested. That same day, though, the court in Istanbul sentenced Dünbar and Gül to five years plus ten months for divulging state secrets. Ahmet Davutoglu announced on May 5, 2016, that he had to step down as Prime Minister. "It wasn't my decision," he said. He clashed with Erdoğan's hardline policies. The magalomanical Turkish president, who lives in a huge newly built palace, believes that all of his opponents are terrorists and refuses to meet EU demands to review Turkey's wide ranging anti-terrorism legislation.

On the other hand, some extremely dangerous Muslim terrorists have been freed by Turkish courts. As Burak Bekdil, a well informed and courageous Turkish columnist for the "Hürriyet Daily" and a Fellow at the Middle East Forum, comments on April 28, 2016: "On March 24, a Turkish court released seven members of IS (="Islamic State in Syria and Iraq", V.), including the commander of the jihadists' operations on Turkish soil." "The release of terror suspects came in sharp contrast with another court decision that ruled for a trial, but while under detention, for four academics who had signed a petition calling for peace in Turkey's Kurdish dispute. Unlike the IS militants, the academics remain behind bars."

Erdoğan now wants to extend his presidential powers in order to get rid of as many Kurds as possible. It should be noted, that the most effective opponents of ISIS are the Kurds. It should further be noted that the Kurdish part of Nothern Iraq is virtually the only area in the Middle East where Jews are relatively safe. (As a remarkable Dutch book, "Het Verdriet van Koerdistan," published in 2014, points out.)

Let me quote from another excellent column written by Burak Bekdil: "European leaders will need better diplomatic skills in their increasingly difficult balancing act between the reflections of Erdoğan's autocracy in their own countries and their need for Turkey's help in containing the continent's worst ever refugee crisis. The trouble is, the more Erdoğan realizes that his blackmailing works, the more willing he will be to export his poor democratic culture into Europe. Merkel has set the wrong precedent and given the pricking sultan what he wants."

Emerson Vermaat is an investigative reporter in the Netherlands. Website: .

His latest book, "Hitler en de Arabieren" ("Hitler and the Arabs") is due for publication later this month. There are also chapters in that book on Nazi relations with Iran and Turkey.


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